The Forest Spirit. Part 2

The continuous assault on Kate’s flower finally made her unconscious at the 45 minute mark. But those vines did not cease. Even when she’s unconscious, those vines keep on terrorizing her sweet spot. She may not feel it, but her flower naturally and involuntarily will still give out those sweet reward to those hungry vines.

The place was once quiet down. No sound at all. The groggy Kate soon come to as once again the pungent smell is sniffed by her.

“How are you now?” smirked the Forest Spirit.

Kate replied with a cold murderous stare at it.

“Hmm…I’m guessing…sore?”

That’s right. The pounding Kate took was just too much. Even there was no penetration, the multiple orgasm exhausted her grooves. Kate began to feel the heat slowly growing, expanding from the source. And then, there was pain. The beating she took was too much for her innocence to take.

Feeling angry, Kate had every of her instinct to lunge on the oak and burned it down. But there were not source of fire, nor the restrains one her limbs would allow that.

“Well, I guess you’ve rested enough. Time for you to pay your bet.” said the oak.

“No…wait! I’m still sore.” Kate complains as she trying to stall her payment.

“Hmm…you are right. It’s red and deliciously swelled down there. But you know what, that’s the whole point.” smirked the oak.

“NO! STOP! Don’t!” protest Kate.

However, her protest fall on deaf ears, as the oak stick out 3 thin vines to approach her. 2 vines push into the opening just enough to get a good grip. And they split her obedient lips apart, which cause Kate to scream in pain. Ignoring Kate discomfort, the third vine stick out just outside the exposed opening of Kate’s flower. Knowing very well that the third one would punch into her flower…

“No. Please! Not now.” cried Kate.

“Where’s the fighter in you now? Hmm….Don’t worry, this…is just the beginning. Hehehe…”

Immediately, the third one sink into her hole, disappearing into birth canal. Because it’s thin, it bypassed the hymen without damaging it.

“Don’t worry, I’m careful not to break you hymen…..At least not with something so thin. Hahaha!!!”

Confused and hurt, Kate bend her head down to stare at the thin vine moving in and out, but not very quickly, as though it is trying to adjust itself. Seconds later, the vine halted. Kate immediately arch her back as the thin vine is now watering her flower. Feeding her with an unknown, yet warm and filling fluid. Extra fluid flows out of her.

“It’s aphrodisiac and lubricant. I’m making you ready to take me.”

The effect was almost immediate as Kate felt a surge of needs concentrating on her flower. She want her flower to be forced to bloom again. She don’t know why but the aphrodisiac is working very well.

“Noo…pleasseee… more!” said the already shivering Kate.

“Time for your main course.” said the Oak.

The restrains pop out, moving Kate nearer to the tree.  Kate struggled to move back, away from the evil tree. She very well knew what the oak wants. It wants to plant its seeds in the sanctuary behind the already wet folds of her, plant the seeds in her womb.

The movement finally came to a halt. Multiple vein come out from the oak and begins to wrap Kate. Wrapping her thighs, her stomach, her waist, her shoulders. And then she is rotated until she’s lying flat down, with her sweet flower facing the tree.

“This will keep you in place. The process is somewhat… agonizing. I hope you are ready. Even if you aren’t, i don’t really care.”

From the bottom of the tree, a thick log rise up and positioned itself right between her legs. It’s a branch. The branch is somewhat smooth, but still, it was big. At least a baseball bat thickness with a bit of untrimmed wood marks. Kate, even under the spell of its aphrodisiac, was shocked by the utter size. It won’t fit inside her. Her flower would simply break if that thing goes in.


“Are you ready?” asked the oak.

“No no! Please. Stop.” pleaded the completely bounded Kate.

“Oh? Well here goes nothing” asked again the oak.


Additional fluid flow out from Kate, sliding down on her anus, before dripping on the ground. The branch began to approach the immobilized Kate as she trying to struggle her flower away from the humongous log. But her efforts were in vain. Clearly there is nothing she could do but to watch as the thick log ravish her innocence, forcefully submerge itself into her.

Kate’s hymen was like an ant to an elephant. It broke apart as soon as the log begins it’s occupation.

“NOOOO!!!” yelled Kate.

Her legs were forced open to welcome the monster inside of her. She wanted to try to close her legs again, but as soon as she does that, few more vines comes to reinforce the restrains. There is no way she is closing that leg. The oak will never allow her to close. It will force her to open for the rest of her life. Open to welcome all the vines, logs, and seeds that the oak wanted to stuff pass her flower.

Finally, the log reached Kate’s cervix. Knowing the end point, a pre-programmed movement immediately pull the log out and slam it back in at full speed. Kate clench her teeth, toes, and fingers, trying to hold herself from insanity. The ramming log made the effect of her aphrodisiac more powerful. Eventually, her flower could no longer take the massive pounding and bring itself to a sweet bloom of orgasm, wetting the log even more, assisting the logs movement. Her inside literally became friction-less, allowing the log to reach terminal speed. Before she could recover from the orgasm, another feeling building up again, and once again, her flower gave in and release another powerful orgasm.

The log made Kate came almost 5 times before finally pouring hot fluid into her belly. The thickness of the log fills her hole that not even one drop of the fluid drip out. Kate’s flower swallowed everything completely. Her stomach obviously grew a bit larger due to the fluids. The log did not came out. It still embedded in Kate.

“Now you have my seman in you, now it’s time to put in the seeds.”

“What!”…Kate was shocked as she thought the fluid was the seed.

She struggle, trying to get loose as she don’t know what is waiting for her womb. More vines came to tie her down. Then, the log inside her extends out a thinner rod. It was painful. At least a two inches thick pole forcefully pushed through her cervix. Kate shuddered. And then, the nightmare came. One by one, thick round bulge formed at the end of the branch. The budge was thicker that the baseball bat size log, and if that thing is going in, it will be like reverse pregnancy. Three were lining up just outside of her flower. Without hesitation, the first one began to move slowly into her still tight opening. However, the budge was just too big to simply fit. It would never fit. But the oak knows better.

The budge move back slightly, and pulsate into Kate’s flower. Kate arch as the pulsate increases in frequency. The strong log relentlessly keep pushing the bulge. Several moments later, the bulge passes through Kate’s flower, causing her to bleed. But that was just the first part. The budge still needs to pass the cervix. She soon felt the tight pressure as thought something is pressing her cervix. The same trick is used. However, as the bulge pulsate in and out, it acts like a thicker log ramming and deflowering the already deflowered flower. Strangely, Kate’s body responded in a huge orgasm. And then plessure turns into sharp pain when the budge finally got through the cervix, into her womb.

The two other went in slightly easier as Kate’s flower was already widen by the torment of the initial bulge. But still, all those bulge made Kate came every time it wanted to go through the cervix. Was it design in such a way every orgasm would allow the body to relax the cervix? Maybe that explains the pulsation.

“This is my gift to you. Endless pleasure.” said the oak.

Kate did not respond as she’s already drown in the pain and pleasure confusion she had at the same time.

“It will grow into what i call the watering can. Once fully grown, it will make you automatically come every minute.” explained further by the oak. But Kate was too damage to listen.

“It will constantly feed you with aphrodisiac 10 times stronger than i gave just now. You won’t be able to hold your orgasms in now. You will be my livestock now. Hahaha…”

The seeds will turn into self sustaining aphrodisiac producer, and it will constantly moves and vibrates, and Kate’s fate is already destined. The restrains draw her back to the wall, with her hands and legs spread. Thicker vines began to cover her body to ensure she’s warm, everywhere is covered except her flower, which is totally expose so that it can spray it’s nectar every minute to the oak.

What will be Kate’s fate?

-Read Chapter 3-


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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