The Forest Spirit. Part 1

As the day nearing it’s end, Kate, who works in a bar decided to call it a day. She was supposed to work till the next morning. But the next morning she had something to settle, and requested to be released from work sooner.

The slender, brown haired, roughly about 5″4 decided to hail a cab. But cabs were hard to find during these hours in these secluded streets, and the only way she knew was to go to the main street across the small park.

The girl, age about 20, walked through the park to get to the main road. It was summer, so her clothing were light and wearing the bar’s black miniskirt. Perhaps the short skirt would draw in more customers, hence all the female employees were required to wear such skirts. The skirt hung on her waist covered about a few inches of her thigh, nothing more.

Without any doubts, Kate strolled into the small park to get to the other side. But she didn’t know about the rumor about a monster that dwell within the boundaries of that park, and is active when at night on every 11th day of the month. Nor did she know about the 6 missing girls that the towns suffered during the past 5 years, that were the source of the rumor in the first place.And incidentally, that day was the 11th of the month.

While Kate walked past a small post located in the park, she felt a chill went down to her spine. Maybe is the wind, she thought. Feeling a little bit creep out, she began to hasten her pace. Before she knew it, fog started to cloud her sight. It was so thick that not even the park’s street lamps were able to shine through. But somehow, there was still one lamp dimly penetrating the thick white fog. Unknowingly, Kate decided to use that lamp as a guide and followed it.

She walked about 2 minutes and soon, she realized, the light could not be reached. Every step taken to draw herself nearer, the light somehow remained as far as it was. She’s now officially lost in the fog. She quickly took out  her smartphone that has a pre-installed GPS to locate herself.

To her surprise, there was no signal reception. The thick fog, not an ordinary fog, capable of blocking cell signal as well. Realizing how deep in trouble she was, she began to panic and ran as fast as possible following the walkway that barely visible. But not for long, breathing became harder for her. Her head began to swing, and everything seems to be moving circularly. Finally, she found herself lying on the ground and pure bright light started to fill her eyes. She blacked out.

A pungent smell woke Kate up, bringing her back to consciousness. She tried to cover her nose with her hands, but only to find her hands tied apart with thick coarse vines. Not only her hands, but her legs too, also tied apart. She began to struggle for freedom.

“Help! Anybody! Help Me!!” she yelled into the dark void.

However, the only reply she got was her own echo bouncing back to her. She took a look around her and her restrains as well, trying to find a way to escape. Analyzing the vines, she realized that it was impossible for her to break them apart. Each vine was about 2 inches thick, entangled with more vines that forms the wall that she was tied to.

Her eyes began to accustom with the darkness that allowed her to view further. The pungent smell faded away, covered by the shock that struck her when she saw a few girls, like herself, tied onto the wall of vines. The only difference between her and them was that they were all naked, and with their stomach a bit bulged. Those girls were looked heavily drugged, with their eyes barely opened.

“Oh, you have awake.” said a coarse cold voice.

Kate quickly turned to the source of the voice. There were two red lights slight apart one another, floating about 3 feet high. She then squinted her eyes to try to make out what it was. To her surprise, it was an old oak, WITH eyes!!!

“So, you are the sacrifice. Not bad.” said the oak.

“What sacrifice!? What are you? Where am I?”

“You are in my lair. And I am the Forest Spirit that take care of the town’s crop.”

“What the?”

“I guess your people never told you. Then i shall elaborate.” calmly said the oak.

“I don’t want your explanation. I want get the hell away from here!” yelled Kate angrily.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, I have to feed on a specific type of fluid in order to make the town prosper. And you, are my meal.”

“Let me go! You have them right. 6 of them, you haven’t even eat them yet. Don’t eat me! I taste bad.” Kate looked at those girls.

“Hahaha.” laughed the oak. “Who says anything about eating you? And besides, I’ve already had them for lunch.”

Kate was dumbfound. She glared at the oak with confusion.

“My appetite grew larger since the farm expanded. Well, I need energy to maintain them. I needed a special fluid that only you can provide.”

“What fluid?” Kate asked in fear.

“The fluid that drips from the opening between your legs.”

Kate’s eyes widened in disbelief. She can’t believe in what she heard. The fluid that drips from her most private part?

“You don’t mean …my piss do you?”

“Hahaha. I don’t personally like piss, but I can manage it. What I do like is more special. More difficult to acquire and requires more work than simply making you drink water.”

“No…” Kate mumbled in disbelief. “Not that!”

Then a sudden surge of consciousness slapped her in the face. She remembered about the things she heard when she was in the bar just now. She recalled that the the town mayor was in the bar that time. He talked to the bar tender, my boss, something about how long will she satisfy ‘him’. And to realized that the things that she needs to do tonight was to meet the mayor in his office, which would made her to take the cab and to pass the park.

It was a set up all along. She was the sacrifice. Kate…was the sacrifice. It all made sense now. She struggled and yelled for help immediately after realizing the truth, but she was already too late.

“It’s no point yelling. Better safe the energy of your mouth for something else. Hahaha.”

A vine dropped down from the oak tree, and snaked across the dusty floor towards Kate. Kate struggled even harder when she saw the snaking vine, but her efforts were futile. There’s no way she could break those thick restrains.

“NO! Don’t come any closer.”

Despite of Kate’s protest, the vine continues its path. Soon, the vine reached her lips. It’s clear that the oak wants Kate to suck them. But Kate refuses. Denying access of the vine from going into her.

“A stubborn one.” complained the oak. “I don’t get why you resist me. I’ve already got you trapped. All I’m doing now is actually a courtesy. A proper manner to treat you. To foreplay with you before I start.”

Kate glared at the oak with -I want to kill you- stare.

“You know, with your legs held up like this, there is another lips of yours that will open up obediently, that will not protest… will not move away and will stay there to welcome all my vines. And i have many vines.”

The threat alarmed Kate, and she soon remembered that her legs were held wide apart by those restrains. Preventing her from closing the opening between her legs. Her most precious part was stripped of its most basic defense, and left exposed completely to the mercy of the oak. The only defense she has was the pink cotton panties she’s wearing but she know better, those panties won’t stand a chance against those vines.

Soon, another vine snaked through the dusty plains end moved under her. Kate shook her head to protest as she cannot open her mouth, not if she wanted to let in that vine that stationed right between her pressed lips. Ignoring the protest, the vine curled into her panties, and tore it apart effortlessly, exposing her bare, shaved, pink, healthy folds.

“Here is the catch to make thing interesting.” said the oak.

Kate remained in silence and stared at the vine near her mouth. Knowing that she won’t open her mouth as long as that thing is still there, the Forest Spirit withdrew its vine. Seizing the opportunity, Kate spurted “What catch!?”

“If you can survive me without an orgasm for 10 minutes, I shall free you from this place.” offered the oak.

“What is I don’t?” inquired Kate.

“Then I will impregnate you with my seeds, and you will be my cook for the rest of your life. Just like them.”

Kate is a virgin and never touched herself, she never had an orgasm. But she know what exactly it means.

“I will win. You just see.”

“Haha. Look at them, they were like you once. But none of them even survived more than 5 minutes.”

“I will!!” yelled Kate.

“We’ll see.”

As soon as the oak finished its sentence, the vine quickly shoots up into Kate’s mouth. She tried to block, but it was too fast. The vine moved in slowly, inch by inch, into Kate’s mouth, passing her throat. Kate’s arched her body as the discomforts she felt was way beyond anything she had in her life. The vine did not stop until it reaches into her stomach. Somehow, Kate did not choke by the vine. She continued breathing like normal. Perhaps the vine contained a certain chemical that numbed her throat.

“Here’s some desserts for you.” said the oak.

From the corner of her eye, the bulge formed at the end of the vine caught her attention. The bulge drew nearer to her quickly, following the vine’s path. The large bulge passed her mouth, forced it to open bigger. A sudden warmth grew from her stomach, and spread across the body as she rolled her eyes up in ecstasy. Her body shivered in excitement and she clenched onto the restrains, pulling them hard involuntarily. And there it was, the first droplet of the special fluid formed between her legs, like the formation of morning dew.

The vine just below her raised up like it was programmed to do so, pressed on to the pink opening, and moved up along the grooves, wiping the sweet nectar off the pink and bounded Kate’s flower.

“You still have 9 more minutes. Look at you, already this wet.”

The vine on her flower continued rubbing between her legs and drew more of those fluid. 4 more vines dropped out, and began stripping Kate, tearing every single piece of fabric that she wore to expose her now sensitive skin. After stripping, the vines did not stopped, but continued to fondle every sensitive part a woman have.

Another 4 more came down and moved towards Kate’s flower. Helping the existing one to work on her flower, making her to produce more of those sweet juice. One played with the clitoris, one teasing the anus, and the other two has suction cups that would cling onto the skin and part her flower apart to allow the harvester to collect more thoroughly.

Kate tried hard to pull against the restrains, but each time she pull, the restrains became taunter. As if the restrains is design not to allow its prey to escape. Se knew without her legs, the spot between her legs is sitting duck. She had to find a way to close those legs. She won’t last long with those legs apart, without her defense against those teasing vines.

“That’s 2 minutes, 8 more to go.” informed the oak.

Time passed really slow for Kate. She kept telling herself that she can do it. But will her confidence last? Will she be able to win against those vines. There were so many vines. And there’s only her. It’s not fair at all.

Without giving mercy, 6 more vines came down. There were no end to the number of vines it can make. 6 more vines move to help juicing her. Not fondling her breast, nor her ears, but specifically reached between here legs to work on her. To make her cum. That’s the main objective. To make her flower bloom in full, exploding its nectar in all direction. There are now 11 vines working continuously, and tirelessly on her flower. Spreading, rubbing, poking, teasing, playing, tickling, sucking, licking the ever obedient and defenseless spot between her legs. Kate knew she would cum eventually, but all she needs to do now is make sure she can last 8 more minutes or less. She keep thinking of other stuff to stall her inevitable orgasm.

“You have 7 more minutes and you actually produce more than the rest. I’m impressed you haven’t cum yet.” informed the oak. Somehow, it felt like the oak is actually enjoying this.

The vine in Kate’s mouth remains motionless, but Kate could swore that something was still leaking from the vine into her. But she couldn’t care less about that as another 6 more came to join the party below her. She could feel a strange feeling began to build up in her stomach. That might be it, she knew that’s a sign for the incoming orgasm. She had to think of something quick to close those legs.

As she got desperate, an idea came to her. She took a deep breath, and comp down on to the vine that is in her mouth. “ARHHHGGGG!!!’ The vine quickly retreated from her mouth, dragging out some gastric juice and caused her to vomit, some of it got on to the restrains on her left leg. As the restrains doesn’t have the similar protection it has on the retreated vine, the restrain, as part of the oak, felt pain due to the acid and released Kate’s left leg.

She immediately shut her thigh, clamping on the vines between her, stopping them from moving. She could feel the vines wriggled to free themselves, but Kate didn’t give them that opportunity as she clamped even harder. Suddenly, those vines stopped moving.

“You are one feisty girl. Well, I kind of like you feisty.”

“Fu*k you!” cursed Kate.

“Hahaha…such irony. I’m the one who is going to fu*k you.” said the oak with sinister tone.

After saying that, 3 different looking vines came down. They were brown in color. 1 tied itself to Kate’s waist, the other two tied on each legs. The right restrain now loosen itself and released Kate’s right leg. Immediately she knew, these were hard wood. Similar wood used on high quality furniture.

The hard wood on her waist pushed her to the wall to secure her flower so that it would stay in the path of the vines below her, the two hard wood on each legs began to part. Kate felt the force and tried to counter it. She held herself as hard as possible, trying to outlast the 10 minutes that would set her free. Eventually, bit by bit, her legs parted wider and wider. Parted even further from the restrains just and once again, exposing her flower completely once again to the hungry predator that waiting right outside her. With the obstruction once again lifted off, those vines resume their relentless work on her flower. Again, teasing, rubbing, poking, sucking, tickling her defenseless opening.

Kate shuddered in excitement as soon as the vines began working on her. The vines gradually moved faster and faster, like hungry pack of wolves mauling on a helpless dear. Showing no mercy to the pink flower.

“You’ve just passed 4 minutes. And i think that’s enough. You will cum now.” ordered the oak.

The vine that was teasing Kate’s anus, taunted into a straight spear, and plunged into her effortlessly. She arched her back as the overwhelming force broke her anal virginity. The rawness that stuffed her empty space that no one has entered before, began to move up and down, raping Kate’s helpless anus. The vines working on her flower did not faltered and like a fully charged machine, mechanically juicing her immobilized flower that situated between her without stopping. Worse still, more vines came to help out. It was indeed an overkill. One flower, 20 vines continuously teasing, poking, toying, and cooperating with one another bullying the innocent gap between Kate’s slender legs. The similar feeling once again built up. She tried to hold it in, but those vines will not stop. If it stop, at least she can cool off, but unfortunately no. They mercilessly assaulted the helpless patch of sensitive flesh that leads to the breeding ground inside of Kate. If she orgasm, then her womb is for the oak’s taking.Image

Swelled and redden, her flower finally can’t hold on but to submit to the relentless assault and bloomed into an explosive orgasm, spraying all her wetness to the famished vines. The vines did not stop upon her powerful orgasm, instead, they began juicing more ferociously her as though they hunger for more.

“Please, Stop it. I give up!!! I came, I came.” pleaded Kate. Knowing her lost.

“I have to make sure. Just bear with me longer. Maybe another one hour or so. Hahaha”  said the cruel oak.

Kate was shocked by its words. “One hour….those vines between my legs won’t stop for another hour. I can’t even take it to 10 minutes. How many more orgasm I must have?” she thought to herself…But those thoughts soon shadowed by another oncoming orgasm. That was just 30 seconds before the first orgasm.

She couldn’t hold it longer, her flower once again was forced to made another full bloom. She arch her body elegantly and sprayed out everything she has to offer the tireless vines. She don’t want to, but her flower couldn’t hold it. Her flower was put into trance mode, her once innocent flower has been defiled relentlessly by the oak and now no longer be able to control itself but to submit to lust, submit to orgasm. She came once more. And after that, another one, and another one. And just as she thought she could hold it, more vines came to assist, forced her to another uncontrollable, ineavitable orgasm. The oak will make sure her flower would effortlessly bloom despite of Kate’s resistance. The more she tries to hold, the more will come to play with her flower. There’s no way she could hold it. The oak won’t let her. And this continues for an hour, just like the oak said.

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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