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Punishing the Bratty Girl

Clara did not care about rules. There’s no reason to. Her parents were filthy rich and the school paid more attention to the balance sheet of the annual donations than the student’s disciplinary qualities. When a fire broke out because of Clara’s irresponsible actions, the school had no choice but to send her for consultation like they always had. Only this time, the consultant had a knack for controlling minds.

Alien Breeding Program

Amanda was never an outdoor person. But when her boyfriend suggested they camp at a nearby forest, she relented. If only she knew the forest was an illegal breeding site for interstellar poachers. If only she knew she was to be a tentacle monster’s mate.

Dark Fortress Fantasy

You’ve just received an email informing you of a really “special” trip set up by your ex-husband. It is paramount that you read this email.

Roxy’s Indictment

It’s bad enough to steal. It’s pure stupidity to steal from a drug lord. Though stolen money is usually paid through blood, the drug lord has other plans for Roxy.

Impregnated by my Brother

Sister told her brother that he could fuck her if he makes it into the Ivy League. She was joking of course. But when her brother did manage to secure a place in one of those prestigious institutions, her brother made sure that she keep her promise. Even if it requires a little bit of rope.

Abducted, Bound

A woman meets a man at a bar after loosing her job and ends up becoming a fucktoy for eight men.

A Betting Romance

A small bet between two best friends, a kinky one night stand, and a Saint Andrew’s cross. Sex won’t get any better…or will it?


Don’t Mess with a Carpenter

Sheryl never thought that defaulting her carpenter’s payment would result in something much more than she was willing to give. But if cash was not on the table, there’s only one other way she could pay for the service. Whether she liked it or not.

Mr. Mysterious

A virgin was kidnapped by a stranger, whom planned to teach her a bit or two about sex…thoroughly and intimately. There’s a problem though. She liked it.

On Hiatus

My Christmas Present

A good old jolly train set? A brand new phone? A gaming console? None of the above. It’s a live tentacle monster in a box. What a magical surprise indeed.

Dracula’s Revenge

How does a critically endangered species such as Dracula fight off extinction? Through procreation of course. But who would willing let a blood sucking monster get into her pants? No one. But that’s not going to stop the lord of the Vampires now, is it?

A Certain Scientific Study

A secret laboratory is conducting human experimentation by deliberately putting a woman into the same cell with a peculiar slime creature. The scientists hope to achieve successful impregnation to help the creature procreate.

The Forest Spirit

An ancient forest spirit taken the form of an old oak tree defiled a young captured woman with its tendrils and tentacle-branch limbs.

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An Overdue Lesson

After his wife left him for another man, Richard Sanchez remarried to a lovely brunette woman by the name Chelsea Durham. Chelsea was a single-mom working as a sales agent selling scientific equipment to Richard’s university. A promotional function in one fateful evening eventually led to the two marrying each other.

Chelsea was a very lovely woman. She was about five feet six and had a lean frame that demanded to be adorned. She had an angelic face which would make eyes turn. Coupled with the C-cup breasts she usually had encased in a white blouse, the woman was quite the hot property among the university staff.

The only down side to her was that she’s a terrible mother. No, not the abusive and irredeemably evil kind. Instead, she’s a mother that spoiled her child rotten. An overprotective soccer-mom if you will.

Richard Sanchez knew his stepdaughter, Amelia Durham, was going to be a massive headache for him in the future the moment he saw her when she’s six. In his entirety of his twenty eight years of living on this planet he had never seen a child more spoiled than Amelia.

The first meeting with her was particularly memorable as it was very unpleasant. Richard had bought her the latest set of My Little Pony dolls, hoping to get the girl to like him. Instead, the girl called him an idiot for not buying her an Iphone. The girl wasn’t demure and shy like most six years olds. Oh no, she’s one giant arrogant and self-absorbed brat in need of some serious spanking.

But Chelsea, the ever loving mother, defended her daughter’s less than stellar behavior at every turn. It’s just a phase, as she would often say. Richard didn’t see it as just a phase though. What he saw was an unholy progression of her towards becoming an insufferable bitch.

Richard had more than one occasion dispense disciplinary remedies in hope to make the girl a better person but every time he did that, the girl would just cry and seek refuge in her mother’s ever opened arms. Then, there would be arguments between Richard and Chelsea on what’s best for the child.

Chelsea had been abused when she was young. She had vouched never to abuse her child ever. Richard admired her resolve to become a good mother. What he didn’t understand was her failure to distinguish between disciplinary interventions and child abuse. While the latter should never be pursued, the former was vitally necessary for the child’s development.

Nevertheless, Richard held himself. He told himself that he didn’t need to discipline the girl for the moment. At least not when she’s still six. He would let her get older first. He had rationalized to himself that when the girl is older, she’d know better.

Richard couldn’t be more wrong with his assessment.

Amelia turned into an absolute brat when she went to middle school. At the age of fourteen, she was considered by her teachers to be a ‘problematic child’. Still under the protective wings of her mother, Amelia never held herself back and became worse and worse. Why would she when her mother protected her at every turn?

One fine day, while Chelsea was out dealing with a client of hers, Richard was asked to come to the principal’s office. The principal had then told him that Amelia was bullying another girl one year her junior. Unsurprising of her character, really.

Richard took that as a sign to finally lift up his self-imposed inaction and decided to do something about it. He took the brat home and sat her down on the kitchen counter. He gave her a reprimand of a life time, scolding her, telling her how much she’d suffer in her own doing should she continued to be a complete brat.

But being a brat for so long, his words were as effective in persuading her as the occasional warm summer breeze. She could never see herself in the wrong. Instead, she merely shrugged and told him that the girl deserved to be bullied and that if she hadn’t done it, someone else eventually would.

Talking to her really required a self-restraint on par with an enlightened monk’s as Richard felt like strangling her at every passing minute. The way she kept playing it off as if it’s no big deal was insufferable. When she couldn’t justify nor play it off, the brat would say something along the lines of ‘mommy would never say that I’m wrong’, which was precisely the fucking problem to begin with.

Finally, the girl she bullied left the school. Richard wouldn’t be that infuriated if it wasn’t for Chelsea’s casual dismissal of the problem as yet being just another one of Amelia’s ever growing list of phases.

Two years later, no longer able to take the mother-daughter shenanigans, Richard decided to live a separate life. While he and Chelsea did consider divorce, the massive cost for lawyer’s fee deterred them from ever filing for divorce. It didn’t matter to Richard as he’s not interested in getting married again anytime soon in the conceivable future.

The two still hooked up once in a while, but would never go beyond the sexual comfort each provided to the other. Sometimes, they’d meet up in the university Richard worked at to discuss business. The subject of Amelia seldom, if ever, surfaced. And in his estimation, the lesser Richard knew about the girl the better.

Then, a year or so passed. Richard received a call from a frantic Chelsea. She was crying, saying that she couldn’t get in touch with her daughter. Richard tried to comfort the woman, telling her that there’s a possibility that Amelia might have dropped her phone or something, but the ever protective mother wanted her daughter checked out.

Since she was half way across the globe on a business trip and the earliest possible flight back to the country was the next day, Chelsea begged Richard to check up on her daughter. Reluctantly, Richard agreed.

A short drive was all it took for him to reach Chelsea’s house. To Richard’s relief, the lights were on. That meant the brat was somewhere in there.

Richard parked his car at the driveway and walked up to the door. Since Chelsea never asked back the key she gave him when they were still together, Richard was able to unlock the door.

The first thing he noticed was the sickening stench of weed. This place smelled like a pot house. Thin veil of smoke could be seen filling every space inside the abode. Richard walked quietly into the living room and that’s when he saw Amelia, sniffing a line of powder off the coffee table.

Rage filled his vision and Richard saw red. How dare that brat takes drugs? Not only that she took drugs, she was so high that she didn’t pick up her goddamn phone resulting in Richard having to drive out here.

There were several other individuals around her. Five, to be precise. Two girls and three boys. They all looked about the same age as Amelia. Their eyes were half opened, their head rolled and bobbed. Clearly, they were all high.

“Out.” Richard barked.

“What the hell?” Amelia gasped as she shuffled on the couch nervously. She obviously hadn’t expected company.

“I said out. All five of you.” he said again. His voice was firm. He pulled a steel poker from the vase beside the fireplace to make his point clearer.

“Chill, dude.” one of the guy gasped. His zipper was actually down and one of the girl was stroking his pathetic cock. He shoved his cock back in and rose to his feet.

“I will give you all ten seconds if not I’m calling the cops.”

“No. Don’t listen to him.” Amelia told her entourage. “What the fuck do you want Richard?”

“I want this place empty or else someone’s going to be spilling blood onto the carpet.”

The threat seemed to work as the five individuals hastily left the room. They even gathered up their tools and stash though Richard knew it had more to do with them wanting to keep the goods for themselves rather than being courteous with getting the place clean.

“Thanks for the coke, Amelia.” one of them said before walking out of the front door.

“God damn it, Richard. What the fuck?” she barked at him as if he was the one being wrong. She tried to leave with the five others but Richard grabbed her by her arm. “Let me go you asshole.”

Richard tensed. His muscles ached and his palm itched to deliver a thundering slap right across the brat’s face. Instead, he remained calm. “You are not going anywhere.”

“You are not my dad. You don’t get to tell me what I cannot do.” she hissed as she struggled to release her arm from Richard’s grip.

“Thanks for the coke? Did you buy them coke?” Richard asked in disbelief.

“I can buy whatever the fuck I want. Now, let me go.”

Richard kept his grip firm as he pulled out his phone. He gave Chelsea a call.

“Hey, Chelsea.” he said. Amelia immediately froze, her eyes widened as she looked at Richard. “Yeah, your daughter’s fine. She’s in the house. Oh, you want to know why she didn’t pick up your phone, I don’t know, why don’t you ask her yourself? Hold on.”

Richard handed the phone to Amelia. She looked at the phone hesitantly before taking it.

“Hi, mom.” she said with a shaky voice. “I was uhm just sleeping. You know. College. I didn’t sleep much lately.” she let out a nervous laugh while avoiding Richard’s cold stare.

Richard wondered how many times this little brat had fed her mother bullshit and how many times her mother had swallowed it like its some delicious summer treat. God, he cringed watching this brat lied blatantly to her mother.

Amelia handed the phone back to Richard and he took it.

“It’s me.” Richard said into the phone.

“Oh thank God she’s okay.” Chelsea let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Richard.”

As usual, her mother swallowed the bullshit whole.

“No problem.” Richard sighed.

“I guess I don’t have to come back so soon then. Please, look after Amelia. Can you do that for me? It’ll only be for five more days.”

Richard scowled at the brat in front of him. At least she had the decency to look guilty for lying to her mom.

“Yeah. Why not. I’ll keep an eye on her for the next five days.” Richard said pointedly, letting Amelia know that he’s going to be here until her mother comes back.

“I can take care of myself.” Amelia shouted, trying to convince her mother but Richard turned off the phone.”God damn it.” she hissed in frustration.

“Why the long face, Amelia? You didn’t like me crashing your party?” Richard cocked a brow.

“Oh shut up, old fart.” she said and Richard instantly slapped her across the face. The girl squealed in pain while clutching her face.

“I’ve been wanting to do that a very long time, Amelia.” Richard said sardonically.

“You fucking bastard.” she swung her free hand at him but he caught it midair.

Richard knew it wouldn’t be long before she’ll knee him at the balls so he turned his body away from her. As expected, she tried to knee him there.

Turning her around, Richard pushed the girl to the couch. She stumbled and fell face down until her face smacked against the leather cushion. Before she had time to stand up, Richard pinned her head down on the couch.

She scratched at his calf but since he was wearing long jeans, her effort amounted nothing more than a mild irritation.

“Your mother is a great woman. Beautiful, hardworking, and successful. But she’s a really crappy mother and you are one fucking spoiled brat.” Richard hissed into the girl’s ears.

“Get off of me you fucking asshole.” she struggled but to no avail. He’s simply too strong.

“That mouth of yours, God. I’ve never met a more disrespectful person than you.” Richard growled and sent a hard slap on the girl’s ass. The force of the smack sent her body forward. She yelped in pain as she squirmed. “Now that your mommy is not here, I’m going to teach you some manners.”

“No. Get off of me.” she shrieked.

“Get off of you?” Richard smirked. “Okay then. I will get off of you and I will call your mother telling her all the bad things you’ve been doing. Tell me, how much did you spend on those coke?”

Richard remembered seeing a rather sizable pack. It must have costed hundreds of dollars.

“No. Don’t tell my mom.” she froze. “Please. She cannot know.”

“Why not? I don’t suppose it is because she may stop giving you all those pocket money you used to buy those drugs, is it?” Richard felt the girl trembled under him. “I won’t tell her if you do what I tell you for these five days.”

“Okay. Okay. I will do what you tell me.” she muttered. “I’ll be a good girl.”

“Oh.” Richard chuckled skeptically. “Is that so? You’ll be a good girl? Oh no, Amelia. You won’t. And do you know why?” Richard leaned forward until his lips touched the girl’s ear. “Because you’ve never been a good girl in your life. But don’t worry, I’m going to make you into one.”

The girl shivered and gulped nervously.

Richard unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his pants. Skillfully folding it in half with just one hand, he tested a couple of swings at the air.

“No. What are you doing?” the girl struggled.

“Turning you into a good girl.” Richard said before sending the belt hard against the girl’s ass. A loud smack exploded from her ass and the girl shrieked in pain.

“Please. Stop!” she cried. “Help. Someone help me.”

Richard pulled out his handkerchief, rolled it into a ball and then jammed it into the girl’s mouth. She tried to push it back out but Richard held his hand over her mouth. With his knee on her back pinning her to the couch, Richard continued the spanking.

One after another, the belt came down hard on her ass. Each cry coming out of her was like the best symphonies. Each smack echoing across the room was like the best sound of percussion. After twenty strokes, Richard wrapped the belt around her wrists and pulled the belt tightly to lock them together.

He then reached hiked up the black fluttery skirt she’s wearing and pulled down her pink panties to inspect the damage that had been done. Richard smirked at the result of the spanking. Amelia’s ass was as red as a tomato and to Richard’s relief, he hadn’t drawn blood.

He touched her ass, rubbing the tender flesh in a slow circular motion. He knew it was a very sexual act and he knew he shouldn’t do it but he couldn’t stop himself. The cute round ass needed soothing and he was the only one that could give it.

“How does it feel to be punished?” he asked.

The girl shut her eyes. Tears wet her cheeks. She mewled through the makeshift gag, pleading him to stop.

“Well, did you stop bullying the girl when she told you to stop?” Richard asked bitingly.

Amelia let out a sob and shook her head in defeat.

“Did you stop being a problem to your teachers when they told you to stop?”

She shook her head again.

“And why did you take drugs, Amelia? Really? I thought you’re better than that.”

She groaned and shook her head the last time before Richard spanked her once more. This time, he spanked her with his hand.

Her ass bounced at each strike. Her body tensed with each blow. One hard slap after another was delivered in rapid succession. The girl moaned and mewled as she squirmed against the couch to seek relief from the burning pain on her ass.

Then, Richard felt his palm wet. He frowned and took a look at his hand. True enough, there’s some clear fluid clinging onto his skin. He took a sniff and quickly determined what it was.

He glided two fingers along the girl’s pussy and confirmed what he’d suspected. Amelia was wet from the spanking.

Richard swallowed nervously. He had just wanted to punish the girl, to humiliate her and nothing else. He shouldn’t even touch her pussy in such blatant manner but he didn’t know why he kept wanting to turn it sexual. Unbeknownst to him the smoke in the house was stripping him of his self-control.

Amelia, instead of repulsed by what he’s doing, pushed her ass backward and ground her pussy against his fingers. She was clearly in heat and had wanted more stimulation from his fingers.

Granting her what she wanted, Richard pushed his fingers into her wet pussy. Her girly lips blossomed and engulfed his finger with almost no resistance. Her inside clenched hungrily around him, begging him to deliver more stimulation.

Richard moved his fingers in a come-hither manner, eliciting one feminine gasp after another from his stepdaughter. His cock began to grow hard, its size expanded to a point of agony as its confinement became more and more unbearable.

Unable to control his lust, he pulled his pants and briefs down. His massive cock sprang out like a loaded spring. Pulling the handkerchief from her mouth, Richard guided the girl by her hair until her lips were on the tip of his cock.

The girl parted her lips and inhaled his cock into her mouth like her life depended on it. She pushed down until she couldn’t get anymore of Richard’s cock into her and then rose back up, sucking on him along the way.

“Oh god.” Richard shuddered. His fingers rewarded the girl with more stimulation.

She began to bob her head up and down, taking his cock into her mouth faster. The familiar feeling of cum pooling at the base of his cock intensified as the girl worked on his cock.

“No.” he stopped the girl. “I need to fuck you right now.” he said.

The girl gave him a half-nod. She was barely able to keep her eyes open. She seemed to be drowning in pleasure.

“Please fuck me, daddy.” she exhaled.

That was all it took. Every last ounce of self-control Richard had vaporized at the sound of those naughty words coming out of Amelia’s lips.

He knelt behind her. With his hand, he aimed his cock until it’s aligned to her wet opening. With a gentle push, his head popped into the girl’s pussy. The rest of his shaft went it without even the slightest of resistance.

“Oh, you’re so big, daddy.” she cried.

Richard didn’t know why she so suddenly decided to call him daddy but he liked how the word sounded. He began to thrust into her, ravaging her pussy with his massive cock. He could feel her cervix pressing against the tip of his cock every time he pushed all the way into her.

“Your pussy is so tight.” Richard gasped. He could feel her inside tightened around him, clutching dearly around his shaft as he pumped into her.

“Oh please oh please.” she mewled. “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me. Amelia.” he growled and hastened his pace.

“Yes. Daddy. Oh yes!” she arched her back to better receive him.

Richard could feel it. He could feel the swelling of his balls. His cock twitched as it was about to unload the entirety of his balls’ content into his stepdaughter’s tight pussy. He finally growled, holding her waists and pushing his cock as deep as he could go. The floodgate opened shortly after. One hot spurt of potent creamy cum after another shot out from his cock, filling the girl’s nubile pussy with his seeds.

The girl moaned as orgasm crashed over her like series of powerful waves. Her body quivered at the aftershock, her pussy clenched hungrily, drawing as much cum as it could get from Richard’s cock.

Richard fell on top of the girl. He was exhausted but took the effort to give the girl kisses on her neck and shoulders. His cock was still inside her but when it had shrunk it was popped out by a squeeze of her pussy.

“Are you protected?” Richard asked.

The girl didn’t respond to his question as she panted for air.

“Amelia. Are you on pills?”

The girl shook her head.

Richard sucked in a hard breath. He had just cummed into his stepdaughter’s fertile womb. But his worries did not last as he knew there were pills on the market that could deal with such situation. A post-sex contraceptive pills if you will.

“I’m getting you the pills tomorrow.”

“Yes, daddy.” she sighed while basking in the afterglow of her orgasm.

Richard took Amelia to the bathroom and took a shower with her. The two made out under the shower as their body twisted against one another. Then, they went to Chelsea’s bed and made crazy love over and over again, making sure that every cum was deeply planted into Amelia’s fertile pussy.

When morning came, Richard bought Amelia the post-sex pills and six months’ worth of normal contraceptives pills. For the next four days, they spent time together fucking like rabbits on every conceivable surfaces in the house.

By the time Chelsea came back, she was none the wiser. The only thing she noticed was Amelia’s sudden changed in behavior. Amelia, over the course of the five days, turned over a new leaf and was no longer the brat she was. Richard suspected the reason for that being Amelia wanted him to approve of her. She must have gotten attached to him deeply in ways neither of them could understand.

From that day onward, whenever Chelsea went for a business trip, Richard would be there to babysit Amelia, making sure his stepdaughter’s sexual needs were thoroughly satisfied.


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A Family Confusion

It was Thanks Giving. My girlfriend’s family invited me over to their house to celebrate. Since it’s my first time going there, I decided to go all out and bought a lot of things for her family. Yes, it’s an attempt on my part to impress my girlfriend’s parents but what the heck right?

Though I didn’t really remember all the things I bought them, I did remember buying them a bottle of champagne and four six-packs. I heard from my girlfriend that her father was quite the drinker. While the man did not always drink, when he did he can down twelve cans of beer like they’re water. Or so my girlfriend said.

Jimmy, my girlfriend’s father, was very excited to see all the stuff I’d gotten them, especially the booze. His wife, my girlfriend’s mother, didn’t share her husband’s enthusiasm. She gave me a slightly disapproving look when she greeted me at the door.

“He’s going to get drunk.” she had said. “If he passed out, you are carrying him.”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Palmer.” I remember giving her a playful smile.

Erica Palmer, my girlfriend’s mother, had a lot of things in common with her daughter. For one, she has the same shade of blonde hair as my girlfriend does. Her nose is sharp along the bridge but round at the tip. Her eyes are emerald green like her daughter’ and she has full lips that a man would love to kiss.

She had the same height and built as her daughter and from the back, she looked almost like her. Erica is an astoundingly similar carbon copy of Rachel, my girlfriend. No, wait. Actually, it’s the other way around but you get the point. The reason why I’m describing her is because all that’s going to happen has everything to do with that.

Anyways, I took a seat at the table and talked to Rachel’s father. The man had a slightly porky frame, with a beer belly and the unfaltering interest for football.  Since I played a bit when I was in high school, we had a common topic to talk about during the dinner.

During the meal, beers were served and champagne was poured into tall glasses. We all drank a lot then. Rachel, being the worst drinker among us all, was the first to give up. She held her hands up as she wobbled her way upstairs to her bedroom.

The next to give up was Erica. She was giggling as she sauntered off, telling us boys to not stay up too late. Rachel’s father did not heed his wife’s advice as he kept me with him till way past midnight, talking nonstop about football. It took him another two hours, and three more cans of beer to finally have him keel over.

While I am a strong drinker and can hold my alcohol really well, I did not come out of there unscathed. I was feeling really tipsy and the floor seemed to be moving underneath my feet more than I’d ever felt. Regardless, I still had enough bodily control to actually haul the man up.

Going up the stairs to the bedroom with him semi-unconscious was inconceivably impossible, especially not with me being so tipsy. So, I went for the next best thing. I dropped the man on the couch and laid my jacket over him.

Then, I went up to find my girlfriend’s room. You have to remember that this is my first time coming over to my girlfriend’s house. I’d never been to her room ever so I wasn’t sure which door leads to her room.

I tried the closest door and found a bathroom behind it. Then, I tried the next one. Voila, there she was, laying on her side, facing away from me. Or so I thought.

She was wearing only a camisole and her undies. She was not covering herself with the blanket so her half-naked body was in full view for me to see.

My eyes lingered perversely on her round ass. Then, it went to the bare shoulders that begged to be touched. Her hair fell to the side and revealed her deliciously kissable neck. My cock grew hard and before I knew it, it had become unbearably painful being trapped inside my pants.

I closed the door, the light from the hallway no longer illuminating the woman I thought was my girlfriend. It didn’t matter to me then. I had seen my girlfriend plenty enough to know how she looked like even in the dark. Or so I thought!

No longer able to contain my libido, I pulled my pants and briefs down. My hard cock sprang out and stood rigidly like a freaking flag pole. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then climbed on top of the bed.

“Hey, baby girl.” I cooed as I massaged her shoulder. She seemed to arouse slightly from her sleep before letting out what sounded like a pleasured gasp.

Taking the sound she made as a sign of approval, I moved in on her. I rolled her to her back and then straddled her stomach. She didn’t push me away and instead moaned as if she had wanted me to do more than just massaging her shoulder.

A smile crept along my face. My hands slipped down her shoulders and along her waists before sliding back up under her singlet and cupping her soft warm breasts. She squirmed against my touch and began to breath heavily. I could barely make out her captivating green eyes under the pale moon light that filtered through the blinds.

Pleading. Her eyes were pleading for me to do more.

I squeezed and kneaded her full breasts. My fingers played with her obviously erected nipples. Soon, no longer able to tolerate the fabric between her and me, I pulled her camisole over her head. Her silky hair spilled over the pillow she’s sleeping on.

I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. At the same time, my fingers ensured the other one was given the same amount of attention. Moans and yelps punctuated the sultry silence of the room.

Once her nipple had been thoroughly tongued, I went to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. A minute of lapping her slit was all it took to have the woman under me wordlessly begging in soft velvety gasps.

“Do you like that?” I breathed into her ear and felt her head nodded.”Let’s get you wet.”

I slid down her body. Along the way, I planted kisses on her smooth stomach at every single inch until I reached her navel. Then, I peeled her undies away, revealing a sweet smelling pussy with quite a bit of a bush on it. I was confused at that moment, wondering how my girlfriend was able to regrow her pubes so quickly, but my contemplation was stopped by the sensual plea coming from the top.

“Please.” she mewled.

I pushed her luscious creamy thighs apart to have access over her womanhood and then nuzzled her slit with my nose. I took a deep breath, taking in her musky scent. With my fingers peeling her labia to the side, I began kissing her pussy. It started with a series of light pecks. Gradually, the kissing intensified until it was a full-blown make out session.

My tongue pushed into her wet salty opening. I pushed it as deep as I could go before licking her inside in a come-hither motion. I could feel the ridges of her g-spot as I glided the tip of my tongue along the roof of pussy. My lips suckling on her soft pussy lips, making sure none of her girly juice was wasted.

She moaned and cried in utter pleasure. I could tell she covered her mouth with her hands as the sweet noise coming out of her sounded muffled. Her attempt to keep herself quiet only made me want to make her cry louder.

I plunged two fingers into her pussy. Her pussy took my fingers without a problem. And she was soaking wet. If the wetness coating my fingers wasn’t a clue enough to tell me that she’s enjoying this, the constant contraction of her pussy while I finger-fucked her surely was.

I was pretty satisfied with the level of moisture her pussy was generating and decided it was time to give the deserving pussy something thicker. I climbed back up to her, my lips went straight for hers. She yelped in shock but quickly relaxed back.

Her mouth slowly parted and my tongue took hers. She tasted phenomenal, perhaps way better than she ever was. There’s a slight vanilla scent clinging to her hair. Not the usual scented shampoo Rachel would use but I didn’t give too much thought about it. I was simply too intoxicated by her lips to give a rat’s ass about some shampoo scent.

Then, I felt her grab my cock. She stroked me a couple of times before moving my tip until it was right at the entrance of her pussy. Without releasing from the kiss, I pushed my hips against hers.

I immediately felt the opening of her pussy rimmed around the tip of my cock. There was barely any resistance. Her pussy widened and widened until it completely engulfed the head of my cock. I let out a shivering groan.

With one hand behind her neck and the other raked into her blond hair, I pushed forward. My shaft sank into her like a well greased plunger. I pushed into her all the way to the hilt. I shivered at the sensation of her warm pussy engulfing my entire cock.

I managed to stop myself as I wanted to give her some time to adjust. It wasn’t long as I simply couldn’t wait. It had felt heavenly and I needed more. I moved my hips back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her. Her rather tight pussy sucked and milked me splendidly.

I pulled myself away from the kiss and we both gasped in the much needed air. Propping myself up on my elbows, I began to thrust hard. The sound of wet flesh slapping wet flesh echoed in the room. I held on to her tighter, holding her still as my cock drove into her deeply.

She gasped and mewled, groaned and moaned. Each thrust sent her further and further up until the headboard stopped her.

Soon, I felt the familiar sensation around my balls. The tightness, the swelling – indicating the proximity of my impending release. I thrust faster, coaxing her pussy to milk me harder. The soft flesh of her womanhood tightened around me as if it had wanted me to cum, to splash it with my white seeds.

Then, a sudden rush of fluid surged through my urethra. My balls tightened and my body tensed. A low groan escaped my throat. My cock twitched violently inside her pussy as pulse of cum shot out from my cock.

The tightening of her pussy around my creaming shaft told me that she too was having an orgasm. She hugged me tighter and her legs wrapped around my butt. She let out a feminine cry as her body trembled.

I lost all of my strength in that instant and collapsed on top of her. She kept holding me tight as if she’d feared I’d pull out. We stayed together like that for a while until the aftershock of our powerful orgasm slowly subsided.

I rolled onto my back and breathed a sigh of utter satisfaction. God, I had never had such a great sex with Rachel before. I slid my arm under her and pulled her to me. The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was me spooning her.

When morning came and the bright sunlight washed through the blinds, the horrible truth was finally revealed. I heard a loud scream coming from my side and I jerked to a wake.

To my utter horror, I saw my girlfriend’s mother, Erica, clutching the blanket around her naked body, looking like a doe caught in the headlight.

“What the hell!” we both snapped as we sprang away from each other. I went too far back until I dropped onto the floor.

“Why are you here?” I asked, while hiding behind the bed.

“The same question I want to ask you.” she stuttered. Her face was very pale.

“I thought this is Rachel’s room.” I looked around and instantly realized how much of an idiot I was. The room was obviously the master bedroom from the way it was furnished.

“This is my room.” the woman cried.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Palmer. I’m really sorry.” I picked up my clothes and darted out of the room.

I dressed up as quickly as I could and went down to the living room. Fortunately, Mr. Palmer was still at the same place where I’d left him. I went straight to the table, grabbed the bottle of champagne that had warmed, and took a couple of swings.

“Fuck fuck fuck.” I muttered to myself. I could never image myself screwing up to such a catastrophic degree.

Before I planned to stick a knife into my heart to spare myself from the guilt and fear, Erica came down. She was dressed with the same clothes she wore yesterday and she went straight to me.

“This never happened.” she hissed with tears in her eyes.

Then, she went on clearing up the table and pretended as if everything was normal.

Rachel came down an hour later and Mr. Palmer woke up around the same time. Erica by then had cleared up the mess we’ve made yesterday and had prepared brunch.

“Where did you sleep last night?” my girlfriend asked curiously, yawning away her grogginess.

I could feel the burning gaze of Erica as if she’s trying to will me not the say the truth. I wouldn’t, of course. “I slept on the floor.” I gestured at the carpet.

“You poor thing. You should have slept with me.” she rubbed my face.

“I didn’t know where your room is.” I said guiltily.

That Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life. Erica and I were never on the same friendly terms anymore from that day onward. My only wish from Santa was that Rachel will never find out what really happened on Thanksgiving night.



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My Mom’s Friends are Cougars Pt. 2

I woke up in the morning to a chorus of laughter coming from the dining room. I sat up and immediately regretted my choice of sleeping on the couch. While the cushion was decent, the length of the couch was nowhere near sufficient enough to fit my large frame. My back ached like a bitch. When I tried to move, I was rewarded with an excruciating cramp on my left leg. I must have groaned because Charlotte came out from the dining room looking all worried. It only took her a second to realize what happened. She rushed to my side and raised my leg.

“Keep still.” She scolded lightly when I tried to stop her from helping.

“What’s wrong?” I heard my mom asking.

“It’s Brandon. He’s having a cramp.” Charlotte informed.

“Oh dear.” My mom uttered and came to my side. “Is it because of the couch?”

I would have said yes on any other time. But I knew better. I knew it had something to do with what I had done to Charlotte and Melissa. I must have stressed the muscle too much during the heated engagement and now I was paying the price.

“Yeah. It’s too short.” Charlotte affirmed without losing a beat. As if that was what it really was.

“I thought so.” My mom sighed. “You’re legs are too long. You should have slept in my bed.”

“Sorry.” I apologized, though I wasn’t sure what I was apologizing for. For getting a cramp and making her worry, or fucking her friends on my bed till the dead of night. And looking at things, my mom obviously had no idea what went on yesterday. After all, Charlotte was still here.

“You don’t have to apologize, dear. I’m proud of you for letting the women to sleep on your bed yesterday.” My mom smiled.

“Yes. Brandon is such a gentleman.” Charlotte added with a warm smile.

“What’s wrong?” Melissa came up from behind my mom and looked at me.

“Brandon’s having a cramp.” My mom informed with resignation, as if she was guilty for not being able to do anything else.

“Oh, crap. Was it because…” Melissa clamped her mouth shut with her own hand as her face began to flush. Charlotte looked at me and the worry in her eyes reflected mine.

“Yeah, it’s because he gave us the bed and slept on the couch.” Charlotte quickly interjected.

“Yeah. That. Right.” Melissa began to let out a nervous laugh. “Thank you for letting us sleep on your bed.” She said when she had calmed herself enough.

“No problem.” I said curtly. Before I could beat myself at the thought that I had just lied to my mom in front of her face, my mom had cheerfully told the three of us how proud and lucky she had such gentlemanly son. The three of us, who all knew better, kept our lips shut while smiling in agreement. I kind of felt bad for my mom, for not telling her the true nature of the cause of my cramp. But then again, I didn’t usually tell my mom about almost everything. Especially not this.

“Well, I’ll just leave Charlotte to take care of you.” My mom sighed and then turned back to the dining room. “Melissa, could you help me bring out the champagne.”

My mom retreated back to the dining room and Melissa followed behind. When the two disappeared into the corner, Charlotte twisted my ankle and my thigh twitched painfully. I winced and frowned at her. Instead of apologizing, the cheeky woman was smiling triumphantly.

“That’s for making me sore down there.” She said and my cock woke up from its flaccid slumber and began to harden at the memory of our moments in the bathroom. “And this is for making me feel like a woman again.” She cupped my face and then leaned in to kiss me on my lips.

She parted her lips and her tongue found mine. Our lips wrestled and our tongue danced as I inhaled her scent and tasted her mouth. My cramp by then had already become a distant past. We didn’t know how long we kissed, but we knew we needed to part soon. Charlotte was the one to break off the kiss. She let out a frustrated grunt when she did as if she hadn’t had enough of my lips.

“Thank you for last night.” Charlotte said with a lovely smile on her face. I could really get used to seeing that smile every morning.

“I don’t mind doing it again if you want.” I blurted out the words before my brain was able to stop it. God, even as I listened to the words, I felt like a horny piece of cock desperate to find a hole to jam into.

“I’m sure you do.” She gave me a conspiratorial smile and fleetingly look at my crotch. I didn’t need to look down to know what she saw. “But some other time. My vag is a little sore.”

“Okay.” I muttered, trying not to sound disappointed. I knew grown women hated men who only wanted sex from them and I didn’t want to give her an impression that I was one. Still, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to fuck her again the way I did in the bathroom. Charlotte, despite my effort, seemed to see into my mind as she teasingly patted my cock.

“We could do it sometime this week.” She suggested with a naughty grin. The kind of grin on the face of girls at the cover of an adult magazine. The grin that said come fuck me.

“I won’t have to go back to college till next Sunday.” I said quickly.

“If you can come to my house, say, tomorrow, I think we can do something about this erection.” She rubbed her small hand along the thick hardened shaft. I squirmed on the couch with a need cum again. “I finish work at six and usually reach home at about seven. You can come by then.”

“Okay.” I nodded. I didn’t want to seem desperate and overly giddy so I kept my expression stoic.

“That’s it then. I will cook for us both.” She said and then headed for the dining room. Before she turned to the corner, she gave me a wink and then walked to the dining room to help out my mom.

The party soon started. Patrons, mostly divorced women and toddlers, began to fill up the tables. Cars began to clog the otherwise empty driveway and spilled out over to the curb. Soft classical music was playing in the background. Kids were running on the lawn chasing one another with hand pistol. Caterers were already setting up the table with trays after trays of delicious delicacies. Chorus of laughter occasionally punctuated the already chaotic cacophony.

My mom was busy ushering the ever growing number of guests to their seats. She had the usual DWCT baseball hat on her head and made sure every guest had one on theirs as well. Why little girls were given the same hat to wear was really beyond me. It was almost like a sick joke on itself. Like the girls were already the members of this circumstanced group, destined to spend their entire adult life as divorced moms. I wish mom would spare them the white-blue cotton hat and gave them something more appropriate to put on the head. You know, like party hat or glittery paper tiaras.

Melissa was busying herself with taking care of the kids. She followed everywhere the kids went to and cleaned up whatever mayhem the kids left in their wake. Discarded paper cups, broken plastic cutlery, crumpled tissue, Melissa had picked them all up without a fuzz. In fact, as I observed from afar, she almost looked like she’s enjoying it.

Charlotte was the director of operations. She basically single-handedly managed the crew of waiters and waitresses and delegated tasks from sending out food to refilling condiments with exceptional mastery. I hadn’t a shred of doubt that she was used to telling people what to do. There’s an air of authority surrounding the lean and curvy frame of the lawyer which made it seemed all the more amazing. I even saw the look of admiration on the crew’s eyes, as if they hadn’t been led with such efficiency before.

I, on the other hand, tried to be the least conspicuous wallflower possible. I had placed myself at an unremarkable spot on the lawn, standing there to deliver the necessary pleasantries should it come my way. It was also the least crowded spot, which had spared me a great deal of ‘you should take care of your mother’ and ‘don’t cheat on your future wife’ sentiments. I got it, ladies. You don’t have to remind me every freaking minute.

While men were assholes at times, I didn’t think all the divorces were the men’s fault. Some, yes. But certainly not all. Women could be assholes too. From their whinny complaints to their extensive choice of provoking vocabulary, even Gandhi would have had trouble keeping cool. With that said, I found a particular annoying woman among a group spewing out wretched gospel about how men are pigs and will never be enough for women. The fact that the other women surrounding her nodded their heads in agreement made me feel even more pissed off. God, this woman needed a therapist. From the things she said, it was amazing that her husband beat the crap out of her with a baseball bat or something.

“Hi, are you Halley’s son?” I heard a feminine voice coming from behind me. Halley was my mom’s name. When I turned around, I saw a tall lean woman with a head of black breast-length hair. She was wearing a long sleeveless black dress that accentuated the curves of her hips. She had an olive complexion that made her look athletic and wild. Her face had a hint of Eastern European features, sharp nose, high cheekbones, smoky eyes. I didn’t miss the fact that her irises were gray, which mean she’s of a Russian descent since most Russians had gray irises. There’s an air of command emanating from this woman and I could almost immediately feel the power dynamics between us. Obviously, I was on the lower end.

“Yeah. I am.” I smiled the usual ‘nice to meet you’ smile and held out a hand. She shook my hand with grace and confidence. “You are?” I asked.

“Nice to meet you, Brandon. I’m Paulina. I just moved into this neighborhood about a month ago.” She said and I detected a hint of Russian-accent in her words. Or it could be Ukrainian. “I heard there is a party going on today, so I thought I should drop by and see what the party is all about.”

“Well.” I gestured half-heartedly at the banner undulating in the light breeze hanging on the roof of one of the canopy. “It’s a party for divorced women.”

“Wow. It really is a party for divorced women. From where I came from, divorce is not something people would celebrate.” She let out a light chuckle.

“And where are you from, Paulina? If you don’t mind me asking.” I probed curiously.

“I’m from the UK. Before that, I was a Russian.” She laughed. “But I’m not a spy.” She remarked jokingly.

“It doesn’t matter, really. As long as you are divorced, you are welcomed here. The women here can be quite, as the English would put it, disagreeable if they know you aren’t divorced. Which brings me the next question, are you divorced?”


“You are a member already then.” I quipped and we both laughed.

“Anyways, I wanted to meet your mother and the women over there,” she pointed at the group of women sitting around one of the tables, “told me that you will know where she is?”

“She’s probably in the house.” I recalled seeing my mom walking back into the house after the last DWCT hat had been dispensed. I would place my bet that’s she getting more out from the room by the kitchen she used to store the DWCT stuff. “You should be able to find her in the kitchen.”

“Well then. It’s a pleasure meeting you, Brandon.”

We gave each other another polite shake of hands before Paulina headed over to the house. As I watched Paulina’s retreating frame, my eyes casually ventured down along the length of her curvaceous body. She almost looked as good as Charlotte but a whole lot taller. She could certainly pass for a model and looking at the defined sway of her hips, she could very well be one.

After a while, Melissa came by with a bunch of children chasing behind her. She had her hair tied in a tight bun with a few stray strands of hair flowing down in front of her face. A sheen of sweat had formed on her forehead. She was having a blast with the children, whom she was playing catch with. I watched with amazement how much Melissa suddenly looked like a mother. I could really see her pregnant while holding another child in her arms. She cast me a bright grin as she approached me. Then, she went behind me and held me out like a shield against the horde of excited toddlers.

“Protect me, Brandon.” She pretended to be in distress and the children giggled at her apparent helplessness.

Feeling like playing along, I spread out my arms and made a growl. The children squealed and then scattered off in every direction.

“Those children certainly are a handful.” Melissa chuckled while heaving breathlessly.

“That’s children for you. They have a lot of energy.” I sighed, remembering the terrible incident where I was forced to entertain a group of four year olds by my mother on the first DWCT party. They had an unlimited capacity for fun and games. Something that even the fifteen year old me couldn’t cope with. Still, Melissa didn’t seem to be distressed by the children’s endless demand for excitement. She looked like she enjoyed it tremendously.

“As if you have the room to say that?” her lips curved into a mischievous smirk. “You really think I didn’t hear what you did to Charlotte last night?”

I felt heat rising on my cheek. “It was that loud huh?”

“God. Only your mom could sleep through that.” She rolled her eyes. “Sorry for the cramp though. And thank you.”

“Thank you?” I cocked an eye.

“For doing what you did last night. I don’t mean it in the ‘thank you for the meal’ kind of way. More like thank you for letting me experiencing life again.” She explained. Her face softened into a wry smile. “I really needed that.”

Suddenly, I felt the urge to ask why she went through a divorce. From the look of her melancholic face, I knew what I’d done last night must have reminded her of her divorce as it’d done to Charlotte. Charlotte told me her tragic story and I wanted to know Melissa’s too. But I suppressed my prying curiosity since it would not be decent to ask. Instead, I focused on the matter at hand. A sneaking pack of children were congregating behind Melissa. Each of them had a smug grin on their face, like they relished in the idea of finally outsmarting their prey.

“They are behind you.” I informed Melissa. The moroseness on her face vanished as her lips curved into a bright smile.

“Well then, got to go now.” Melissa whispered and then burst into a sprint. The children screamed with renewed animation as they chased after their escaping prey.

It was almost eleven and my stomach began to growl in protest. I went to the row of food. I grabbed some hor d’oeuvres with cream toppings, few strips of bacon, a piece of grilled steak, some steamed broccoli and some watermelon. I cramped every thing into one plate. I never liked to put my food in different plate like more of the guests. It didn’t seem practical. Then, I went to into the house. I would never eat at the guests table anymore ever since the first party. Apparently, some divorced women had a lot of resentment in them and I was not a particular fan in listening to those resentment all the time while I ate.

When I got into the kitchen, I found Paulina and my mom chatting away by the kitchen counter. They seemed to be having a very animated conversation from the way the two kept laughing and smiling at each other. I figured they didn’t want to be disturbed so I headed out to the dining room instead. In the dining room was a bunch of women in tears seemingly crying their eyes out for the ill-fortune life had given them. Well, I didn’t need to be a part of that and decided to go to my room.

Once I got behind the door, I locked it and ate at my desk. I sent a text to my mom telling her that I was eating in my room so that when she needed me for something, she could look for me there. My mom, especially at times like these, didn’t like to play hide and seek when she wanted to look for me. It made her nervous and jittery. Not that I hated her for that or anything.

While downing the third bacon strip, my phone buzzed with a new message. My best friend Jason had just messaged me and asked me about my party. All my close friends knew about my mom and the DWCT party she organized. None of them ever attended though. Not that I would blame them. I mean, the party were filled to the brink with women at my mom’s age. Not a single woman below the age of twenty could be found here. Not even below the age of thirty as the matter of fact.

Bro, rockin the party? his message read. He knew how the party was like because he came to the 2nd DWCT party out of a dare. He went home about fifteen minutes later, not after stealing some food for himself first, which was typical of him. I couldn’t help seeing him smiling while typing this.

It’s f’king awesome. U shud come. I typed sarcastically.

Nice try. But no. Wanna hangout 2nite?


Bill wanna LOL. U good? Bill was another friend of mine that’s addicted to League of Legends. With that said, he was a sore loser too. If the game’s winning, he would laugh and cheer. But if the numbers went against him, he would be all pissy and saying things that would get him punched in the face.

Nah. I’ll pass. I rather spend my time mowing the lawn. I typed. I didn’t particularly hate Bill. But I never liked sore losers so there’s that. Mowing the lawn would definitely be better than being on the other end of Bill’s beratement.

I get u. Can I chill in ur place then? Bored af here.

U come at 5. Cleanup will be over then.

Great! Cya.


After emptying my plate, I dropped onto my bed. I knew I was sleep-deprived and the ache reverberating through my body was a clear sign of that. Without much to do now other than to wait for the party to end, I decided to take a little nap. I pulled my pillow into a tight embrace and snuggled into the softness. There’s a feminine scent clinging onto the sheets of the pillow that belonged to Melissa and Charlotte. Suddenly, I wished they were here with me. Not to have sex, but just here lying next to me as we cuddled in warmth.

I woke up some two hours later by the hot summer heat. My back was already sweating from the weak air-conditioning. I went to the windows and looked out to the lawn. Evidently, the guests had thinned considerably. Charlotte was laid back on one of the lounge chair at the porch with a glass of champagne in her hand. Melissa was sitting by the table waving longingly at the leaving children. The crew of waiters and waitresses were now clearing the tables of dirty plates and cutlery. My mom was standing by the mailbox sending off the leaving guests. About damn time, I muttered to myself.

I went down stairs with the dirty plate in my hand and past the plate to the first waiter I saw. I went to my mom whom was standing by the curb and she quickly beamed me the lazy smile that I recognized.

“Are you drinking again?” I frowned. I didn’t particularly like my mom getting drunk. The fact that it was only two in the afternoon didn’t help.

“Only a few glasses of wine, dear.” She defended. “I was drinking with Paulina. It’d be impolite not to.”

“Well, as long as you don’t pass out like you did last night, I’m fine with it.” I grumbled. Not that I wouldn’t be a little delighted if she did pass out. After all, whatever happened last night happened because my mom passed out.

“Don’t worry, dear. I’ll control myself.” She chuckled and then giddily added. “Or Paulina would.”

“What about her?” I raised an eye.

“Oh dear, she’s just so…” my mom sighed like a teenage girl admiring a rockstar. “…sophisticated and empowered, you know. She’s just so domineering it’s ugh…I don’t know how to describe it.” My mom pouted.

A shiver ran down my spine as the implication of what I had just witnessed hit me like a truck. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought my mom just had a crush on another woman. Which was impossible considering how my mom hated the whole gay pride movement thing. She wasn’t particularly hateful towards homosexuals, but she certainly didn’t go with the whole same sex marriage concept. In fact, she told me once she had a lesbian roommate and how much she hated the woman for bringing other woman into the room to have sex with.

“Sounds like you like her a lot.” I remarked casually.

“Oh, I love the woman.” She sighed with utter admiration. “She’s a successful fashion designer and has five boutique in the UK under her name.”

“Wow.” I would have thought Paulina was more of a trophy wife kind of girl than a businesswoman.

“Amazing, right? And she told me all about the dresses she designed and how lovely I would be wearing them.” My mom elaborated cheerfully.

“Uh huh.” I felt a weird sensation bubbling in my chest, as if it’s trying to make me see the obvious. “You should meet her more.”

“You think I should?” she whipped her head towards me so quickly I thought she’s about to pounce on me.

“Why not?” I shrugged.

“I don’t know. She seemed so busy you know. She might not have time for me.”

“She has time for the party, surely she has time to meet you.” I said, not entirely sure if I said that because it’s the truth or because I thought that’s what my mom needed to hear.

“Hmm…” my mom contemplated. “Maybe I should.”

“Is she still here?” I asked as I looked for the lean Russian woman.

“No. She went back. She said she has something to take care off. Do you think it will be weird if I send her some of the remaining grilled steak and bacons? There’s quite a lot of it left and I want to give her some.”

I wasn’t sure if someone as lean as Paulina would fancy a couple of pounds of American grill steak and greasy bacon strips. From the way her body looked, she obviously took care of what she put in her stomach. But that didn’t seem important at the moment so I decided not to bring that up. “Do you know where she live?” I asked instead.

“Yeah. She lives just two streets away.” My mom said excitedly, like she couldn’t believe Paulina was that near to our house. “I’ll should go and pack the food now.”

I watched my mom walked across the lawn, up the raised porch, and then into the house. Even long after she had disappeared into the house, I still stood there dumbfounded. There’s this ungainly sensation burning inside me that I couldn’t quite place. Was it fear? Was it anxiousness? I felt my heart was racing as the obvious signs sank deep into my consciousness. Was my mom turning into a lesbian?

“What’s wrong?” Melissa came up to me with a frown.

“Oh, nothing.” I shook my head a little. “So, how’s the party?”

“It was amazing. I love the kids so much.” She laughed softly. “It’s amazing seeing them running around so freely.”

“You really do like kids.” I remarked the obvious.

“Yeah. They are just so adorable.”

“You should get one for yourself, if you love them so much.”

Melissa closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I noticed a hint of longing in her face as if her mind had wandered off into the past, a past she seemed to miss. You would know it too when you see it. The softening of her eyes, the thinly pressed cherubic lips, and the ticking of her jaw. When she opened her eyes, her lips curved into a catty smile. The wistful expression she had just now was completely gone.

“I don’t have a husband now and you do know that right?” she reminded coyly. “Unless of course you want to give me a baby yourself.” She sultrily stressed the word baby while glancing down at my crotch.

My heart stopped beating for a moment. My cock stiffened with a need to release, as if my body was preparing me to take up her offer and make her a mommy. But who the hell was I kidding? I was just eighteen and nowhere near the maturity to father a child. Melissa seemed to have noticed my distress as she began to laugh.

“I’m joking, Brandon.” She teased. “I can’t have your child. You are still too young. Besides, I’m not ready to settle down yet.”

“Oh.” I sighed with relief. Yet, for some reason, I was a little let down by her remark. I knew where she’s coming from, that I was still too young and too early to have a child and a family. God, I didn’t even have a job yet. But still, her remark reminded me just how useless and incapable I was to take care the woman I wished to protect. Melissa noticed by apparent disappointment, but she attributed it to the wrong reason.

“Oh Brandon, I didn’t mean I don’t want to have sex with you again.” She looked around, probably checking if my mom was nearby. “We can do it some other time, big guy.”

I didn’t want her to know the real reason behind the disappointment, so I smiled instead. At least the woman trusted me enough to want to sleep with me again. Still a hell of a lot better than her casting me away like a bad choice made after the third glass of cosmopolitan.

“What about tomorrow night?” Melissa suggested.

“Uhm…” I stammered, not entirely sure if I should tell her that I was already meeting Charlotte tomorrow. I knew how women can get jealous if they know you are two-timing. Granted, Charlotte and Melissa might have both shared me yesterday, but it would be naïve on my part to think that they would want it to be like that forever.

“You busy tomorrow?” Melissa asked with a frown on her face. Her lips twisted sourly.

“Yeah.” I said. I knew Melissa trusted me and I had to reciprocate that trust by being honest. Still, there’s a part of me afraid that my honesty might hurt her. After a considerable struggle between the two sides of the arguments, I finally decided to do the right thing. “I’m actually meeting Charlotte tomorrow.”

Instead of the look of anger and disappointment I expected to see on Melissa’s face, the woman laughed. “Oh Brandon, you are such a man-whore.” She teased and jabbed a finger onto my chest.

I wasn’t sure if I could really be considered a man-whore since I only had sex in two occasion. The first one was a complete disaster then perpetuated my almost two year’s long abstinence. The second one was yesterday, which completely blew my mind away. But I wasn’t going to argue the correct usage of terminology. So, I simply smiled while trying to keep my face from reddening up like a baboon’s ass.

“When are you going back to college?” Melissa asked.

“Next Sunday.”

“Well then, can I have you on Tuesday evening?”

“What?” I almost drop my jaw.

“What do you mean what?” Melissa looked at me weirdly.

“I mean, you don’t mind me being with Charlotte?”

“Of course not.” Melissa rolled her eyes. “You are not my husband or boyfriend, I can’t just keep you to myself. But still, you might want to ask Charlotte and see if she minds.”

“Oh. Okay.” I muttered as I looked at Charlotte whom was still sitting at the porch. She saw us both looking at her and raised her champagne glass at us.

“I don’t think she minds though, but we can never be too sure.” Melissa giggled and hooked her arms around mine. Then, she dragged me towards Charlotte.

I told Charlotte about Melissa’s plan. I had thought Charlotte might flip out, or go to a corner and be worryingly calm, you know, the usual kind of reaction we see in soap operas and chick flicks. But apparently Charlotte and Melissa were cut from the same cloth; that was they both had no problem sharing me.

We chatted a little more about last night’s encounter and then a bit on the party. Melissa and I soon dragged a couple of chairs up from the lawn and sat there with Charlotte. As we talked, the caterers and crews began to leave by the bunch, carrying whatever equipment they brought with them to the party. Before long, all personnel my mom had hired for the party were gone.

As Charlotte was retelling the story of a ridiculous client hers, which she did not reveal the name due to client confidentiality, my mom came out with paper bags filled with the leftovers. She passed one bag to each of the women, wishing them a good day before leaving for her car with a much larger bag in her arms. She also told me to keep the women accompanied while she was gone.

“You’re drunk!” I called out.

“No I’m not!” My mom shouted back. “And it’s only a few streets away.”

“Drive carefully.”

“Where’s she going?” Melissa asked.

“To a friend’s house.” I said vaguely. The last thing I wanted was to speculate on my mom’s changing sexual orientation in front of two of her friends.

“Will she be gone long?” Melissa asked and I quickly noticed the anticipatory tone in her voice. It was clear as day what she wanted when she cast me a seductive look.

“Oh god Melissa.” Charlotte choked on her champagne.

“What?” the dirty blonde cried out defensively. “Unlike you, I have to wait till Tuesday.”

“At least wait till his mom actually get into the car.” Charlotte sniggered in hushed voice.

“Oh, really? Miss High and Mighty. You obviously want the same thing as I am.”

“I’m not.” Charlotte retorted but I knew she was lying since her face began to blush. My cock twitched with pride as I realized how much these two women wanted me.

“Liar.” Melissa teased.

“I’m so not interested.” The lawyer rolled her eyes dramatically all the while her face was as red as a tomato.

“Your face is red.” Melissa pointed out.

“It’s the champagne.” Charlotte countered.

“Well, if you say so.” Melissa shrugged and then turned to me. “So, do you think we can have a quickie before she comes back?”

“I uh…” my voice thick with arousal. “I guess so.” My cock was already hardened at the promise of sex with Melissa. I waved at my unsuspecting mom whom was backing up her second hand Ford sedan into the street. “I’m so going to hell.” I muttered.

Within five minutes, Melissa and I had shed our clothing by the time we made our way into the living room. I pushed her onto the couch, spread her thighs apart and slid my hard throbbing cock into her wet feminine crevice. She didn’t seem to mind the dirty dishes on the coffee table nor the pile of trash by the couch. I didn’t too. All I cared was how quickly I could get off inside her before my mom comes back. The sense of urgency gave the whole situation more tense and exciting than it otherwise would.

“Oh, Brandon.” The woman panted as my member slid sweetly in and out of her clenching hole. I let out a shuddering whimper at the delicious friction of her pussy lips around my cock. Her legs wrapped around my waists, drawing me closer to her. Her fingers dove into my hair as we kissed maddeningly on the couch. Our tongue danced in our mouth as we tasted each other.

The familiar pressure began to form at the base of my cock. The need to release grew larger and larger at every hard pounding. From the way Melissa looked, with her eyes drooping with ecstasy, I knew she hadn’t got long. Thrust after thrust, her body writhed hard, her moans came out louder, and her grips on my hair tightened. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her to me as I rammed into her pussy.

All it took was one more final push and my cock spurted out volley after volley of thick cum inside Melissa’s eager hole. The blonde cried breathlessly as her vagina was filled up by the release of my orgasm. I held her tightly in place and pounded her pussy a few more times to coax more cum out of me. Her body returned the favor by clenching around me, tightening the walls of her womanhood to milk me harder.

Once my cock no longer had any more cum to spare, I pulled myself out of her. I shivered as the head of my cock slid out of her gripping pussy. We both stayed in place for a few minutes as we basked ourselves in the afterglow of our orgasms. Melissa’s face softened with exhaustion. Her body trembled as aftershock of the hasty release rippled across her petite frame.

“That was quick.” She muttered before pulling me for a hot wet kiss.

“I’m sorry. My mom’s going to be back soon and this is the living room.” I said shyly. The last thing I wanted was for my mom to walk in to the house seeing my hard cock in her friend’s pussy. Hell, I would never be caught dead with my cock inside a woman, let alone letting my mom to witness such humiliating act.

“Emm hmm.” Melissa nuzzled herself against my neck. “You better get some towels or your cum is going to ruin your mother’s couch.” She had a point.

I ran to the kitchen, got some kitchen towels and went back to the living room. That’s when I saw Charlotte, as naked as Melissa and I, kneeling down between Melissa’s spread legs. In the heat of moment, I had forgotten that Charlotte had always been there, witnessing our carnal act. I stood there in utter shock as I watched her licking the cum off of Melissa’s pussy. Melissa seemed to enjoy the little lesbian encounter as she grabbed Charlotte by her hair.

I could hear the suckling sound Charlotte made against Melissa’s labia. The lawyer cast a side glance at me that oozed out sexiness that would make Freud cum in his pants. Two fingers were inserted into Melissa’s pussy to draw out the creamy stuff trapped inside. Melissa undulated her hips as she enjoyed the penetration of her sex all the while calling Charlotte’s name.

I thought my cock could never get hard right after orgasm. I was never so wrong. As I watched the women indulged themselves, my member grew harder and harder until it stood poise once again. Charlotte gave me a knowing look without stopping her teasing on Melissa. My body began to move on its own. My feet trudged forward, one step, and then another, until I was right behind Charlotte. The lawyer arched her back slightly, angling her pussy upwards, wanting me to take her.

I guided my cock until the head was pressed between two glistening lips of Charlotte’s opening. Slowly but surely, her pussy widened and then swallowed the head of my cock. The lawyer mewled and pushed herself against me. I watched with shuddering excitement as my cock gradually disappeared between the crack of her butt cheeks. The sensation of my cock and the friction between her wet hugging walls and my shaft were staggering.

“Brandon, do it slowly. I’m still a little sore.” Charlotte moaned.

Heeding her plea, I undulated my hips in a sedated pace and I slowly fucked her. As I did her pussy, my hands explored the softness of her velvety skin. I leaned forward until my chest was leaning against her warm back. My hand continued their venture, seeking out untouched region and making sure every inch of her body was thoroughly felt up. My palms soon resided beneath the substantial weight of her breasts, my fingers toying her erected nipples.

“Ahhh…Brandon.” Charlotte cried.

My cock twitched at the cries of pleasure. It needed more stimulation, it ached to pummel and ravage the hole it was in. My hips began to move faster, my cock eliciting more pleasure from the friction against her moist walls. When Charlotte did not protest, I increased the pace a little more. I continued to do so, increasing the speed bit by bit at Charlotte’s perpetual complacency. Before long, I was humping against her round ass as fast as I did when I fucked Melissa.

Charlotte was no longer paying attention to Melissa. Her attention had shifted. She leaned her face against the soft cushion of the couch while crying out my name in sexual ecstasy. Her pussy gripped against my cock hard, bringing me closer and closer to my release. Then, as if possessed, I pounded against her pussy hard, disregarding her prior request completely. Charlotte did not protest, instead, she arched her back and angled her pussy to better receive my merciless assault.

“Oh yes, Brandon.” Charlotte squealed and her body rocked violently. Her pussy clenched around my cock tightly, demanding for my release. I grabbed her hips and yanked her onto me. I placed my lips against her shoulder blade and sucked hard as I continued my pounding against her opening. My balls tensed up, forcing the cum through the narrow space of my urethra before unleashing out hot ropes of cum out of my cock and into Charlotte’s pussy.

“Brandon.” She moaned as orgasm ripped through her body. She had, perhaps instinctually, tried to lunge forward to remove herself from the impalement of my cock. I, perhaps instinctually as well, held her in place while my throbbing cock gradually filled her up. I peppered her back with kisses, especially on the hickey that had formed, as we waited for the aftershock of our release to wither down.

Once we regained sufficient senses, I began to dress up and so did the two women. I couldn’t say I didn’t enjoy looking at the two women struggling to stay on their feet as they put on their pants. I wondered if this was what male pride feel like, to realize that you’ve made to women so satisfied they couldn’t think straight enough to keep their feet under themselves. When I saw Charlotte and Melissa struggled to hook their bras, I went to help them out. They were appreciative of my help and both of them kissed me on my cheek before putting on their tops. To our relief, my mom did not walk in on me fucking her friends. Nevertheless, I didn’t think we all would have stopped anyway until our release so there’s that.

Melissa and Charlotte, once their strength returned, went up to the bathroom to take a quick shower. While I was exhausted from the two orgasms, I forced myself to start cleaning the house. My mom could never do it alone and I knew exhaustion from sex shouldn’t be an excuse to skip out on house chores.

Charlotte was the first one to come down. When she saw me cleaning up the mess, she volunteered to join in. I told her that she didn’t have to since she was a guest, but Charlotte insisted. Melissa soon joined when she too had taken her shower. I took care of the kitchen and dining room, which was littered with used paper plates and dirty dishes, while the two took care of the living room and the porch.

I first brought the stacks of dirty plates to the kitchen sink and placed them into the dishwasher. Once that’s done, I went to clear up the kitchen counter and dining table. I even gave the floor a quick vacuum before mopping it with plain water. It wasn’t as decent a job as my mom would have done, but still the kitchen and dining room were much presentable than before. Time passed so quickly that I didn’t even know how long I’d been cleaning until my best friend showed up.

“Dude.” I heard a familiar voice calling me as I was tying the last bag of trash. “Who are those girls at your porch?”

“You’re early.” I turned to see my best friend Jason standing at the doorway. Obviously, the women had let him in the house. “And I wouldn’t call them girls. They are my mom’s friends.” I said, insinuating the age of the women.

“Holy shit man. They look hot.” Jason exclaimed while leaning out the doorway perhaps in an attempt to check out Charlotte and Melissa. I didn’t know why but I found his untimely presence a little annoying despite the fact that Jason always dropped by my house in similar fashion.

“A little help would be nice, you know.” I said through gritted teeth.

“How old are they?” Jason asked as he helped me took two large bags of trash.

“How the hell would I know?” I lied. I didn’t feel like telling him since women never liked their age being known.

“They must be around their late twenties.” He speculated. I was pretty sure his speculation would make the two women really happy. Well, be that as it might, I wasn’t planning to correct him anytime soon.

We went out to the general waste bin located behind the house. Charlotte and Melissa were picking up whatever trash on the lawn that the crew had missed. I cast a side glance at my friend, whom didn’t seem to be showing any attempt to hide the fact that he’s checking them out. I couldn’t really blame him, really. The women weren’t exactly conservative with their choice of attire.

Melissa was wearing a one piece sleeveless sundress with a very low cut design that revealed a generous amount of her substantial cleavage. The dress was white with repeating floral pattern in bright primary colors that beckoned to be noticed. The fact that her dress only reached to her mid-thigh certainly added to the attraction she had on my friend. With her petite stature coupled with the innocent look she had, she looked like someone you would want to kiss on the head every time you see her.

Charlotte was a little more sophisticated with her wardrobe choices. She had on a white see-through blouse with a beige camisole underneath. While the blouse covered the entire length of her upper body, her camisole didn’t, which left a sliver of her olive skin around her abdomen for the world to see. She was wearing an orange skirt with pleats that swiveled fluidly whenever she walked. The skirt was, perhaps to my friend’s disappointment, only a couple of inches away from knees and destroyed any hope of an accidental panty-shot. Thought not very alluring in the Penthouse kind of way, she looked marvelously professional. Very elegant. Very alluring in the ‘hot teacher in high school everyone wants to sleep with’ kind of way.

Although I might have been overthinking it, something told me that they wore those clothes to show to me. If that’s the case, I would have to admit that it made me feel kind of proud in the oddest sense of the word to see my friend being attracted to them. Thank god they had their bras on or Jason might go into an epileptic fit.

“Dude, they are so checking me out.” Jason exclaimed excitedly as we walked across the lawn.

“They are not.” I said pointedly. I might not be able to exactly pinpoint where the women were looking at, but I had all reason to believe they were looking at me. When I reached the waste bin I tossed the trash into it.

“Whatever.” Jason brushed my remark off. “The blonde is really cute, man. And that tall one, I’d let her walk me over any time. She’s got that hot lawyer kind of look, you know what I mean.”

“Just shut up and help me with the trash.” I said and tossed him the bag of trash. He caught it before it hit the ground and hauled it into the waste bin.

“Shit, man. What’s up in your ass.” Jason cast me a frown.

“What?” I asked with feigned ignorance.

“You’re kind of a douche.” Jason said.

I wanted to say something clever like ‘I learn from the best’ or something equally snarky until a rational part of me kicked in and kept those words from leaving my lips. “Just tired.” I gave a shitty excuse. Not that I wasn’t, but I knew my acute irritation had nothing to do with the lack of sleep.

“The party ain’t cutting it for you, isn’t it?” Jason gave me a knowing smile.

“You should come again and stay till the end the next time.” I crossed him a look.

“You know what, I think I might.” He said thoughtfully while nodding.

“I doubt it.” I scoffed.

“No, oh no. I will. You are my friend, so I guess I have to help you out.”

If he had said it on any other time, I would have believed his sincere words. With his eyes glued to the two women on the lawn, however, it’s obviously more than just friendship he’s trying to invest into.

“Stop staring at them. They are my mom’s friends.” I hissed. An inner voice ranged in my head telling me what a hypocrite I was. (You fucked them for Christ’s sake.)

“I can’t help it. They are hot” he said. “Oh God, the blonde’s coming here.” Jason turned to me and began running his fingers through his hair. “How do I look?”

“Spectacular.” I groaned sarcastically.

“Hey, Brandon” Melissa popped her head from the corner. “Charlotte and I are done with the lawn, you need any more help?”

“No.” I said curtly.

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Well then, care to introduce your friend?” Melissa cocked an eye.

“Uhm…this is Jason Packard. My best friend since elementary school.”

“Hi, I’m Jason.” Jason went into his pseudo-chivalry mode and held out a hand.

“I’m Melissa.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jason shook her hand with eccentricity bordered on a creep. Or at least that’s what it felt like to me. Apparently, Melissa didn’t seem to share my sentiment.

“Nice to meet you too, Jason.” She replied. “So, if there’s nothing else, Charlotte and I are going to go now.”

“Yeah.” I croaked. Words didn’t seem to cooperate with my lips so well all of the sudden.

“See you on Tuesday then.” Melissa, amused by my acute embarrassment, gave me a wink before leaving the two of us.

“See you on Tuesday?” Jason cocked a suspicious look at me as he repeated her words.

“She and my mom have something to discuss about the donation collection.” I lied and brushed him off and went around back to the lawn. I could see the sashaying frames of the two women as they walked to Charlotte’s red Mustang.

“Look at their ass.” Jason remarked lecherously.

“Cut it out. That’s my mom’s friends.” The words flew out of me so quickly it almost sounded like a pathetic display of jealousy than an actual concern for the women.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jason stared at me weirdly. Granted, we always talked about the opposite sex, especially if the latter were really pretty. Like Charlotte and Melissa kind of pretty.

“Nothing.” I said and walked away from him.

As I headed for the porch, I saw Charlotte and Melissa gave me a wave goodbye before the Mustang roared down the street. I gave them a wave back but I supposed they didn’t really see it. To my annoyance, Jason was waving back at them too.

We went back into the house and Jason darted across the living room, straight to the kitchen and pulled out a can of coke from the refrigerator. He tossed the can to me and I caught it. Then, he got another can for himself. We cracked the cans open as we went to the couch.

“Where’s your mom?” Jason asked while he picked up the remote from the coffee table.

“At a neighbor’s house.” I said vaguely and gave a glance at the clock on the wall. It was reading five fifteen and a bitter taste of bile formed at the base of my mouth. It had been over an hour since my mom had gone out. While I should have expected her to be chatting with her new found friend, I was a little bit worried since she was quite tipsy on her way out. “I’m gonna give her a call.” I pulled my cellphone out and headed for the kitchen.

On the third rang, a distantly familiar voice came through.

“Hi Brandon.” It had a Russian accent to it and it took me a second to realize that it was Paulina on the line.

“Hi Paulina. Uhm…why are you picking up my mom’s phone?”

“Oh, she’s…” there’s a deliberate pause as if Pauline had turned her head or something, “…currently busy right now.”

“Okay.” I frowned as I wondered what my mom could be busy with at a neighbor’s house. “Can I speak with her?”

“Hold on.”

There’s some shuffling sound and some other weird noise that sounded like moans. I might have heard wrong though. Then, my mom was on the line.

“Oh hi, dear.” She sounded breathless.

“What are you doing there?” I asked. “And what’s that sound?” I could hear a faint buzzing noise that hummed incessantly through the phone.

“Uh…ahhh…I’m just…you know…talking with Paulina.” She stuttered like a Marathon winner who had just finished the race giving an interview.

“Why do you sound so breathless?”

“Paulina…is showing…me how to…ahh…use a machine.”

“A machine?” my forehead crumbled with disbelief.

“A treadmill…yeah…she’s showing me…how to use…a treadmill.”

“A treadmill?” Then, I shook my head to clear out the frustration. “Well, whatever. So when are you coming back?”

“I’m not sure…ahhh…that depends. Don’t wait up for me.”

“Okay. You…uh…put Paulina back on.”

“Da, Brandon.” Paulina voice came back.

“What’s my mom really doing?” I asked again.

“Running on my treadmill.” She answered without losing a beat.

“Ugh…really? I’m sorry for that. You really shouldn’t put up with her too much. She sometimes doesn’t know how to control herself.” I shook my head dejectedly.

“I understand what you mean.” Paulina chuckled. “Don’t worry, your mother is in good hands.”

“Well, thank you for taking care of her. And don’t let her drink any alcohol if you can. I don’t want her to get drunk again?”

“Again?” there’s a hint of surprise in her voice.

“She got drunk last night already. So…”

“I see. So, your mother has gotten herself drunk last night as well, huh.” Paulina said it in the way that it didn’t feel like the words were for me to hear.

“Yeah, till she passed out. Anyways, when she’s done, just give me a call. I’ll walk over to your place and take her home.”

“Don’t bother Brandon. I believe your mom is going to stay here for quite a while. I’ll send her back when she’s done.” I couldn’t help but to notice the threatening nature of her tone.

“I really don’t want to trouble you, Paulina.” I insisted.

“It’s of no trouble, Brandon. I love your mother’s company anyways. Bye bye.”

The call ended abruptly. I stared at the screen of the phone wandering what the hell had just happened. The conversation with Paulina felt really strange yet I had no idea why. My train of thoughts were shattered when Jason called out from the living room announcing to me about the reshowing of Batman, the Dark Knight Rises. I shoved my phone back into my pocket and headed back to the living room.

As the movie credits started to roll, Jason and I talked a little bit more about my university life. There wasn’t really much to talk about really. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering wasn’t the pinnacle of social happenings in the university. And as always, our conversation quickly boiled down to the girls I met there.

Although I was taller than him by about 5 inches, he had a much bulkier physique. He liked to go to the gym and worked out at least five times a week. He looked like a younger version of Tom Cruise, with the short messy golden brown hair and a looks that most girls would find hot. And I sometimes did find myself being jealous of him being able to get laid so easily.

While the college had a lot of girls, some really pretty too, but they were almost always exclusively in the social sciences. With that said, the only girls in my course were those nerdy looking kind that wore sweatshirts and straight jeans to class. Not the kind of girls that Jason would consider as hot so I said no. I turned the question to him and as expected, he’d set his sight on yet another girl that was way out of his league.

Jason, how should I put it, wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He and I was sort of the Yin and Yang symbol. While I was smart and introverted, Jason was stupid and couldn’t stop getting himself the attention of the people around him. While I was rational with my actions, Jason was the one that lived on the edge of chaos.

I didn’t particularly liked his personalities at times but our decade long friendship had straightened out our differences that we didn’t bother leaving one another. Besides, if I had a dead hooker in my bed, who else was going to bury her if not Jason, though I did have to add that his stupidity might mean getting me caught anyways.

So when I heard he had wanted to go after Charlie Yates our high school beauty, I let out a laugh. Charlie was smart and rich and completely way the fuck out of Jason’s league. Hell, she wouldn’t even bat an eye to me even if I had the largest yacht under my feet. She was not the kind of girl that would waste her times on guys like us. Still, I believed that a guy should dream big and gave my buddy some encouragement to draw her a heart on her Starbucks coffee cup should she ever ordered from him again. And yes, Jason worked as a Starbucks checkout. And he also unbelievably loyal and perhaps that might be the virtue enough to sway the beautiful rich girl.

“She recently dyed her hair to dark brown.” Jason supplied.

“Show me.” I said and Jason began browsing through Instagram. One thing rich beautiful girls can’t stop doing was posting their fabulous photos online on basically everything they did. Eating, shopping, walking, jogging, working, leaving the house, watering the plant, at the gym, especially at the gym, and many other daily routine that no one really give a damn about. Unless of course if you are pretty, then everyone gives a damn.

When Jason showed me the image of a brown haired girl looking dreamily into the snow covered Alps under the glory of the brimming sun, I felt my jaws fell open. Her eyes were glistening with a sense of hope as it reflected the warmth of the sun. The light complexion of her round face, reddened at the cheeks by the frigid temperature of the highland, made her looked all the more alluring against the white backdrop. A few tresses of her hair hung haphazardly down one side of her face made her looked all the more wild and sexy and I felt the usual attraction that I experienced when looking at really pretty girls.

“Cute right.” Jason said triumphantly as if he was showing off a prized pet or something.

“Yeah. I guess she is.” I said nonchalantly, not wanting to display any signs that I was into the girl. Besides, I already had two beautiful women and I didn’t need another one.

“Man, I wish I can be her boyfriend.”

Wish was the right terminology used. Wish implied impossibility, which was exactly what it was. An impossibility. But I didn’t want to kill his mood so I let him dreamed on. He would soon come to learn the cold hard truth of rejection. And I would be there to take care of him should that day come.

After the not so enlightening conversation, we went and reheated the leftover food for our dinner. We worked our way through a quarter of them. By then, we were already stuffed to the brink. We spent a little more time talking about random stuff until Jason decided it was time to call it a night.

After Jason had left, I called my mom again. It was already ten and I didn’t particularly not knowing where she was and what she’s doing. The terrible months of constant self-destructive tendencies in her right after the divorce made me very a vigilant person especially when it came to her well-being.

“Hi, Brandon.” My mom’s voice came through. She sounded like she had just woken up.

“Were you sleeping there?”

“Oh. Yeah. I just dozed off.” She let out a yawn.

“It’s already ten. Are you coming back any time soon?” I asked irritably. “You shouldn’t bother Paulina too much.”

“Hi Brandon.” Paulina was speaking now. “She’s not bothering me. And no, she’s not coming back tonight. Halley and I have something to uh… discuss. She will be back tomorrow.”

“Oh. But-“

“Good night Brandon.”


There was a chorus of girly giggles before the line went dead. I looked at the phone as I wondered what had just happened. And why was Paulina right by my mom’s side when my mom said she had just woken up? Where was my mom even sleeping in? It didn’t take long for me to realize the obvious but some part of me still couldn’t accept that though. It was just too absurd to even consider it, let alone to accept. I guessed I would find out from her once she’s back.

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My Mom’s Friends are Cougars

My mom was a thirty seven year old divorcee. My dad had dumped her over an airhead blonde he met on a business trip in Taiwan. Even I couldn’t believe that and my initial thought was ‘Geez, what an asshole’. With that said, you can quite guess my mom’s perspectives on marriage. Let’s just say she hadn’t quite gotten over the whole thing yet and was all bitter about the whole happy marriage life bullcrap, as she would usually put it.

What happens when you are thirty seven and doesn’t have a husband and your only son is a college student that only come back some of the weekends and holidays? Well, you get a hobby. Which she did. And that is organizing and planning the Divorced Women Come Together annual party. The DWCT was mom’s baby which she cared a lot about and took pride of. The event is one of the most sought event in the neighborhood, which kinda give you the idea just how many women are divorced right now. She would often wear the DWCT baseball cap like a badge of honor, as if she’s telling the world that she’s not one bit troubled by the divorce at all.

Since I am her son, I had to be there whenever the DWCT party hit town. I might have overstated a little when I say ‘hit’. The party didn’t really hit town. It is planned by divorced women for crying out loud. It was more like a morning mist, which washed over the neighborhood early in the morning, and then disappeared without a fuzz in the afternoon. You literally won’t even know it has happened. Still, you’d be surprised by the number of attendees that came to the party.

After being forced to attend the party for the third time, I had come to realize three things. First, most attendees are women in their thirties. Second, if the attendees didn’t have a vagina, they were usually toddlers who didn’t know any better to not come. Third, boys like me, eighteen and shit, don’t come to such parties, like ever. Which only highlight the awkwardness I had to endure every single time since the whole fucking room was filled to the brink with middle age women and screaming sniffling baboons the women brought with them.

Some of the women were bitter like mom and would come by and remind me not to cheat on my future wife like their husbands did to them. Some of the women were just a big pile of sobbing mess hoping to find some semblance of salvation in the party. Then there were the sex-famished cougars who would pounce on you if you so much as forgetting to unzip your pants. Needless to say, I had been ‘approached’ by said cougars one too many time for my own comfort. Don’t get me wrong. They were hot. But they were also around my mom’s age and there’s that too.

Today, as my never ending misfortune dictated, was the 4th DWCT party. I had driven all the way back from college to my mom’s house. When I arrived in the evening, there were canopies and tables being set on the front lawn of the house. There’s a banner that said ‘Who say you can’t have fun when you are divorced?’. I guess fun for single moms and fun for people like me are two entirely different thing.

“Hello sweetheart. You’re early today.” my mom cooed and wrapped her arms around my neck. “How have you been?”

“I’m good mom.” I gave her the usual response. “Are you drinking?” I smelled alcohol in her breath.

“Oh, I’m just enjoying a glass of wine with a couple of friends. You remember Melissa and Charlotte don’t you?” From her overly high pitched voice, I doubted that it was only just a glass she had consumed.

“Yeah, I know them.”

Melissa and Charlotte had been helping mom organizing DWCT since the 2nd party. They were always there in the party and would stay until late in the evening. Probably that was because both of them didn’t have any child, which free up their schedules quite considerably. The fact that these two were also the cougars that I just mentioned made me a little worried for being back.

“Come. Let’s get you sorted out.” my mom grabbed one of my luggage and began lifting it up the stairs. I followed her and as I did so, I passed the doorway to the dining room and saw the two women waving at me. I waved them back and rushed up to follow my mom.

After unpacking all my stuff, which wasn’t really that much, I went to take a quick shower. I put on a round neck t-shirt and a pair of khakis and then headed back down stairs to see if my mom needed any help.

“Oh hi darling.” my mom greeted gleefully. She’s obviously drunk. If her flushed face was not of any indication, the three empty wine bottles on the kitchen counter certainly were. With her was Charlotte and Melissa, each holding a glass of wine in their hand.

“Hi, mom.” I said awkwardly. “Hi Charlotte. Hi Melissa.”

“Hi Brandon.” the two women said almost in unison. Said would be an understatement. I felt like they had just flirted with me by sounding all breathy and sexy.

Charlotte was a thirty three year old lawyer. She had a head of honey brown hair. She was about mom’s height, which was 5’6″ and had a really lean but curvy built. Her eyes were hazel, she had small lips and a sharp nose that made her look awfully like a model and undeniably sexy. That was until she began reciting from the constitution that you know this woman wasn’t just sex on legs and seriously not someone to be trifled with.

Melissa was a gardener in some sense. She basically went from one house to another beautifying the lawn with colorful flowers and other inanimate adoration. In fact, our little flower garden by the driveway was Melissa’s handiwork. While Charlotte could be seen as a sophisticated woman, Melissa was sort of the dutiful housewife type that would make sure the fridge is always stock and the laundry always done. The fact that she’s slightly shorter than both Charlotte and my mom made her all the more cute and harmless.

She had a dirty blond hair that was slightly bleached due to overexposure to sunlight. She had rosy cheeks and her face was adorned with bright blue eyes, cherubic lips and cute button nose. If she’s ten years younger, she would so totally be my type of girl.

“How much did you drink mom?” I asked. Mom wasn’t very good with alcohol. She usually passed out big time if she happened to drink one glass too many.

“Oh, just a couple of glasses.” my mom slurred.

“I see.” I said without buying it. She obviously had drunk at least a good bottle and a half. “Well, I think it’s bed time for you now mom.”

“Nonsense.” she let out this high-pitch and snorty laugh, a sign that she’s about to hit the bunk real soon. I had seen this many time during the first few months of the nasty divorce.

“Come on mom.” I said and lifted her up.

“I’m fine. I can walk myself.”

“No you can’t. Stop struggling.” I scolded as I slowly took her out of the dining room. “Sorry about this.” I said to the two women still sitting by the kitchen counter.

“It’s okay.” Melissa said with a smile.

“You go take care of your mom.” Charlotte added.

I took mum up the stairs and into her room. I placed her on the center of the bed, pulled out her shoes and then covered her body with the blanket. It’s obvious she didn’t shower and I knew if she ever missed one, her skin’s going to itch like a bitch the next morning. She was mumbling incoherently by the time I walked out with a moist towel. I gave her face and her neck a quick wipe, and I did her limbs as well. Then, I went back down stairs to the dining room.

“How’s your mom?” Melissa asked as soon as she saw me walking in.

“She’s completely out.” I sighed with a tiny pang of embarrassment.

“She did drink almost two bottle.” Charlotte informed as she stretched out lazily. My eyes instinctively fell on the two huge mounts and the tiny nubs poking out of the thin fabric of her blouse. I quickly forced my eyes back up to hers but it was too late as she was already smiling knowingly.

“Uhm. It’s kinda late. Do you ladies need a ride?” I offered. It wasn’t like the two of them could or should drive right now.

“Emm hmm…a ride would be nice.” Melissa cooed salaciously and I swallowed nervously. From the way she emphasized on the word ‘ride’ and the way her eyes fleetingly glanced at my crotch, I doubt she’s talking about the same kind of ride that I was thinking.

“Your mom has told us to stay here for the night.” Charlotte informed. “We brought a change of clothes for tonight’s sleepover and tomorrow’s event.”

“You have a place to sleep?” I asked. Other than the couch, the only place that they could both comfortably sleep in was my queen size bed.

“We thought we could just sleep on the couch.” Melissa sounded like she’s purring.

Being raised by a mom who dictated that men should always be chivalrous, I knew I hadn’t had much choice but to offer my bed. My mom surely wouldn’t like it if I told these two women to sleep on the couch.

“You should take my bed.” I said. “Mom would kill me if she sees you two sleeping on the couch.”

“Where will you sleep then?” Charlotte asked.

“On the couch. Don’t worry, I’ve done that many times.”

“Or you can sleep with us. We won’t want you to lose sleep because of us.” she offered. It all sounded like she’s being kind and all, but I knew she had ulterior intention.

I felt my cock grew hard in my pants as the image of me sleeping with two beautiful sex-deprived women formed in my head. I knew Charlotte and Melissa were cougars from the beginning and they had always made their advances on me quite bloody obvious. Only my mom could be so blissfully ignorant to see it. The only reason why they hadn’t gotten into my pants was because my body had never really responded to their advances before. Besides, they had never taken their advances to such blatant level. The wine had obviously loosen up some of their moral restraints.

“Thanks. But I’ll be fine sleeping on the couch.” I croaked pathetically.

“You sure?” Melissa asked with what I knew was feigned concern. If anything, she looked more like she was ready to tear of my clothes off.

“Yeah. If there’s nothing else, I will go up and prepare the bed for you two.”

“Thank you, Brandon.” Charlotte and Melissa said together. Once I walked out of the dining room, I heard the two women giggled with one another. No doubt, relishing in the fact that my cock was hard under my pants and I didn’t put on any underwear.

It took me about ten minutes to put away the things that I didn’t wish for the two women to see. My collection of marvel comics was one of them. I shoved everything into a carton box and then slid it under my bed. I went to clear my table a little before taking out the air freshener and gave the room a little spray. Once that’s done, I picked up an extra pillow and blanket from the cabinet.

“Your bed is kind a big.” Melissa was already standing at the doorway. Her face was redder than I just saw her in the kitchen.

“Yeah.” I turned and look at the quasi queen size bed. Since I was much taller than average, which was about 6’4″, my mom had the bed custom made for me. I wasn’t even sure what size it really was but I knew my high school friend had all said it was big whenever they saw it.

“I’m sure all three of us can fit in.” she said coyly while nibbling on her lower lip.

“Yeah. But I think it won’t be right.” I forced a smile and skirted past her. As I did so, her hand ever so gently brushed against my semi hardened cock, which I knew she did it deliberately.

“I’m not so sure about that.” she leaned against the doorway and watched me retreated to the stairs. “It might feel right. Really right.”she cooed while her eyes kept staring at my crotch.

I ignored her and turned around as fast as possible. That’s when my hard body slammed against the lean frame of Charlotte.

“Whoa, watch it there big guy.” Charlotte teased as she looked up to my face. I was a head taller than her and something about her looking up at me made my stomach cringed weirdly.

“Sorry.” I croaked and shuffled past her through the narrow space of the stairs. And just like it with Melissa, Charlotte’s hand had gently brushed against my cock too and made me already hardened cock even harder. I knew I would have to jerk off later tonight to ease off the sexual tension.

Since I couldn’t masturbate right now, I knew I needed distractions to make the clock run faster. I switched on the television and turned to ESPN. While I didn’t particularly like football, or anything sporty for that matter, I knew that watching sports were something a man would do. I didn’t know who I was trying to proof that I was a man but I watched it anyway.

I didn’t know how long I had watched but I reckoned it had been long enough. My cock couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled my blanket over my body and inconspicuously rubbed my erection while I pretended to watch the television. I  moved slowly so that if Charlotte and Melissa did come down, they would only see a young man watching the sports channel intently and not one that’s pleasuring himself.

Then, I let my mind wander into the erotic scene. Charlotte’s and Melissa’s naked forms materialized and they were doing dirty things to one another. In my perverted fantasy, the women asked me to join them and the two began lapping my hard cock. As the scene unfolded, I rubbed my cock harder and faster.

“What are you watching?” A feminine voice cooed from behind the couch. I froze and slowly pulled my hand out of my pants. I turned my head up and saw Melissa looking down on me. There’s a playful smile on her lips as though she knew what I was doing underneath the blanket.

“Football. It’s the Yankees against White Sox.” I read out from the score bar on the television display.

“Can we watch something else? I couldn’t sleep yet.”

“Yeah. Of course.” I swallowed, feeling the sexual tension building in the air. Melissa walked around the couch and when she revealed herself, I quickly turned my head back to the television.

“What’s the matter?” the woman asked coyly.

“Nothing.” I muttered while feeling my cheek blushing. The woman was wearing only a t-shirt and judging from the tiny nubs poking through the thin fabric, she wasn’t wearing a bra. My cock throbbed painfully with need of release.

She went to the coffee table where the remote control was and bent down to retrieve it. As she did so, the hem of her t-shirt was hiked up above her hips and I was instantly awarded with the full view of her bare butt and pussy. I must have lost my mind because the next thing I saw was Melissa’s worried face just a few inches from me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I croaked like Liam Neeson having a bloody sore throat.

“Okay. Now, scoot over big boy.” the dirty blonde said.

I moved my huge bulk and spared her a space to sit. I had kept my blanket on me as I did so since my cock was now as hard as the freaking Washington Monument.My pants were literally a tent right now.

“Give me some blanket.” she pulled one portion of the blanket over her slender, folded, legs. She then began to switch the channels one after another, stopping only for a second to check if it was the thing she wanted to see. Finally, she settled for a cartoon that involved a certain queen with icy issues.

I tried to pay attention to the movie at first but was quickly distracted by Melissa’s bare foot that kept rubbing along my calve. I looked at her but the woman had her eyes glued to the television. It was almost as if I was imagining things. But I knew I wasn’t.

I found myself shifting from the screen to Melissa’s breasts. She wasn’t as large as Charlotte, but she was large enough that I could see their voluptuous form. My eyes would linger longer on the nipples that was almost visible under the thin white clothing..

“Is there something on my t-shirt?” Melissa asked knowingly.

“Nothing.” I looked back to the television while inwardly chastised myself and tried not to jump onto the female sitting a few feet away and fucked her stupid.

“Hi guys, care if I join in?” Charlotte salacious tone punctuated the relative silence.

I felt my heart would explode as soon as I saw Charlotte’s choice of nightwear. It was a translucent girly pink negligee that did little to cover her feminine body. Not only that, she didn’t wear any underwear. Her nipples and triangular pubic hair were on display.

“Yup. You can sit on the other side.” Melissa smiled brightly, as if it was all the plan after all.

Charlotte, oozing all sorts of male wet dreams out of her body, sat on the other side of the couch, effectively trapping me in. I even watched her bent and landed her cute ass onto the cushion.

“Uhm…you ladies need anything from the kitchen? Water or snacks or something?” I asked, hoping to find an excuse to escape.

“I was wondering if you have something long and hard that I could suck on.” Charlotte sighed and looked at where my crotch would be.

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Melissa added.

“Uhm…” I swallowed down a nervous tick. I knew where they were going, but I would be damned if I fucked my mom’s friends right in her house. “There’s beef jerky in the kitchen.”

“I prefer something thicker.” Charlotte remarked as she licked her lower lip.

“And raw.” Melissa chimed in.

“Uhm…I’ll see what I can find.” I jerked to a stand. The two women yelped as they fell onto one another and hit each other’s on the head.

I quickly retreated into the kitchen with a pounding heart. My cock was rigid and the taut on my pants obvious. I knew exactly what they wanted and I was sure it wasn’t the raw frozen frankfurter hotdogs in the freezer that they wanted to suck on. And boy did I want to let them have what they wanted. But I didn’t want my mom to lose them as friends. My mom would be furious if she even knew that the two had just tried to seduce me, let alone to actually have sex with me.

I went to the kitchen sink and gave my face a splash of cold water to calm my libido down. Then, I went to the fridge, grabbed the orange juice and down half a quart straight from the bottle. The cool liquid quickly stifled out any fire still hanging about in my loin.When I turned from the fridge, I was met with the angry gaze of two very beautiful women. They had their arms folded.

“For Christ’s sake Brandon, how obvious do you want us to be?” Charlotte scolded.

“Haven’t we given you enough clue? Just fuck us already.”

Wow, that was the most direct form of sexual request I had ever received in my entire life.

“I’m sorry ladies. But I can’t. You are my mom’s friends.” I explained, hoping that they would see the situation in the same light as I did.

“So what? It’s not like she’s going to know.” Charlotte huffed.

“Well, she will. And she will be disappointed in you both and me.” I countered.

“If you don’t tell her, and we don’t tell her, she can’t know it.” Melissa explained.

“Are you telling me to lie to my mom?” I felt a surge of anger coursing through my veins.

“Seriously? Like you have never lied to your mom before?” Charlotte retorted with a scoff.

“This is different.”

“Oh come on kid. Believe me, no one tells their mom who they fucked. Like ever.” she remarked further.

I frowned as I contemplated her words. It was kinda true since I had had sex with Jessica when I was in eleventh grade but I still hadn’t told my mom. The weird thing was, I never planned to. Which made me all the more angry that these two were trying to manipulate me into giving in to their sexual urges.

“But you are her friends.” I snapped.

“Yes! We are. But we are also two lonely women that need the touch of a man.” Melissa interjected.

“The thing is, Brandon. We trust you and you are the man of our desire. Can’t you see that?” Charlotte said.

“But my mom won’t be happy about this.”

“We know.” Melissa rolled her eyes in exasperation. “That’s why we bought her the wine and hoped that she drink herself out, which she did.”

“You what?” I couldn’t believe this.

“Listen Brandon, we did what we have to do. We both have wanted you ever since you took care of us when we were drunk at the 2nd DWCT party. You’ve been so respectful. We know you are the one that will give us the pleasure we seek. We trust you and we know you will treat us with respect even on bed. God, the fact that you haven’t jumped on us and fuck our brains out on the living room is a proof of that.” Charlotte explained.

“But you practically drugged my mom.” I pointed out.

“She drank the wine herself. We didn’t force her.” Melissa reminded defensively.

“It’s okay Melissa.” Charlotte held up a hand and looked at me. “We will leave the choice to you, Brandon. We know you want us. Your massive hard-on is a dead giveaway.”

I stared down and sure enough, my cock was tenting up my pants. I would be lying if I didn’t find these two women sexually attractive. I wasn’t a monk for crying out loud.

“We will go upstairs now. We will be on your bed and we will be naked.” Charlotte continued. “The door will not be locked and you can come in any time you want and we will be ready to take you. You are an adult now and you can decide for yourself whether you want to jerk off on the couch tonight or fuck us on your bed.”

My cock twitched at the offer. When Charlotte finished the speech, she dragged a reluctant Melissa out of the kitchen and up the stairs. With the two women gone, I leaned back onto the fridge as if I had been placed a ton of weight on my shoulder. I gave my face a hard rub and took a deep calming breath.

I couldn’t help but to find some merit in Charlotte’s words. Although they were my mom’s friends, my mom certainly didn’t need to know who I was fucking. In fact, I didn’t think anyone would tell their mom whom they had casual sex with. Next, my mom had many friends, so much so that I doubt she would consider Charlotte and Melissa, whom she only met once a year or so, as her good friend. Moreover, between my legs was a massive hard-on that only the feminine comfort could get rid of it. The feminine comfort that was in the form of two beautiful middle age women who were currently lying on my bed.

“Shit!” I hissed and trudged up to the stairs. I only hesitated a little before I pushed open my door.

Charlotte and Melissa were sitting on the bed and as promised, they were naked. Completely. No negligee or t-shirt. They looked at me questioningly while I tried to get my brain in one piece.

“I don’t have condoms.” I informed. Fucking my mom’s friends was one thing. Getting them pregnant in the process was an entirely different thing.

“I had my tubes tied.” Charlotte shrugged.

“I’m on pills.” Melissa informed.

“STIs?” I raised a brow, perhaps in my own way I was trying to dissuade them from going through with it.

“Zilch.” Charlotte announced.

“Me too.”

“Okay. Good. Good.” I nodded like an idiot while standing still by the doorway not knowing how to proceed.

“So, jerk off or fuck us?” Charlotte asked with a raised brow.

I stepped into the room, closed the door behind me and locked it. “I’m going for the latter.”

“Yes.” Melissa cheered and I saw Charlotte smiled.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then undid my pants.

“Wow, you are big.” Melissa remarked with astonishment. “I’m a little bit scare letting you in.”

“Oh. I see.” A pang of disappointment shot through me. I hadn’t really thought through about that. The last time I had sex with Jessica, she had complained the very same thing as well and I ended up tearing her pussy.

“Come here, silly.” Charlotte chuckled. “She’s just teasing you.”

As if my body had a mind of its own, I began to walk to the two women. My eyes were on their naked forms, shifting from one set of perky breasts to another and then back. Now that they were completely naked, they looked nothing like the thirty odd years old they really were. They looked more like they were twenty five.

“Uhm…what should we do first?” I asked in both excitement and anxiousness. I never had sex with two women at the same time before.

“Just go with the flow.” Charlotte clambered over and wrapped her slender arms around my neck. She then pulled me to her and our lips met. My cock throbbed instantly as I tasted Charlotte’s soft lips. I munched her lovely softness for a while. Then, she parted her mouth and allowed my tongue to slip in and consumed her further. While I was lost in the sweet taste of Charlotte’s mouth, I felt my cock being grabbed and the tip being wrapped with something warm and wet.

“God.” I let out a shivering whimper and looked down. Melissa’s head was right between my legs. Even though I couldn’t see what she was doing, I could certainly feel it. Her tongue was lapping on the tip of my cock while her delicate fingers explored my shaft and balls.

“Come here you.” Charlotte cooed and pulled me for another hot wet kiss. She tilted her head and pulled against me harder, as if she couldn’t get enough of me. I closed my eyes and let my body go with the flow as Charlotte suggested. My hands began to move on their own. One rested onto of Melissa’s head and caressed her scalp, as if rewarding her for being such a good sport. The other hand moved to Charlotte’s velvety breast and kneaded her feminine flesh.

“You are so thick.” Melissa whined. She actually whined.”I can’t get you in my mouth.”

Charlotte broke off the kiss and her lips curved a playful smirk. “Let me try.” She scooted back a little and then leaned down towards my cock. Melissa was still holding the base of it and guided it so that the tip was now facing Charlotte. I swallowed a whimper when Charlotte began to lap the shaft. There’s something extremely sexy having your cock being at the center of attention of two naked women. I closed my eyes and took in the warm and wet sensation of her exploring tongue over my hard cock.

“He’s so big.” Charlotte let out a girly giggle while Melissa nodded in agreement. Then, she mouthed over the tip of my cock and pushed herself forward until half of the length was now deliciously embedded inside her mouth.

“Oh, god.” I groaned. I had thought that sex with Jessica was the highlight of my life. I was never so wrong.

When I thought my cock could go no further, Charlotte leaned forward and my cock slid deep into her throat. An electrifying shiver shot through my body threatening to turn me into a hot mush. Her throat squeezed the head of my cock, sending wave after wave of stimulation that threatened to make me cum. I could already feel my balls twitch with the promise of voluminous release.

“Oh, you are so much bigger than my pathetic husband’s.” Charlotte remarked breathlessly when she resurfaced.

“Let me try again.” Melissa pulled my cock away from Charlotte and sucked in my cock into her mouth.

I groaned at the delicious sensation of her tongue rubbing along the underside of my shaft. When I looked down, I saw only half of my cock was inside Melissa’s mouth. She had tried to take in more but with the head of my cock already pressing against the back of her throat, I knew this was her limit. Still, it was incredibly hot seeing how committed she was to try and get everything in. When she pulled out, her pouted in defeat.

“No fair. I can only take in half.” she said it as though swallowing my cock in was some kind of competition between the two.

“It’s okay. I like it just the same.” I remarked in a shuddering voice. I wasn’t lying. Both mouths made me feel like I was in heaven. I could already feel my impending orgasm lurking around the corner.

“My turn.” Charlotte grabbed my cock and began throat-fucking it as though her life depended on it. I shivered with so much excitement I could see stars forming in front of me. It was fast and dirty and noisy. And the fact that this was a lawyer that earned more money in an hour than my mom could earn in an entire week was nothing short of an epic fulfillment.

Then, the chivalrous part of me struck me. The two had been pleasing me and until now I still hadn’t returned the favor. My eyes went to the two women’s butt, propped up for the taking while they were busy handling my cock. I pressed my hands on their backs, one of each woman, and slid along their backbone, in between the crevice of their butt before finally resting in what must be the wettest pussies I’d ever touched.

“Oh, yes. Brandon.” Melissa cooed. Charlotte let out an appreciative moan too.

Their openings were slick with their arousal. I curled my finger and plopped a knuckle into both welcoming pussies, eliciting two delicious squeals from the women. The walls of their pussy were slick and prunny. I leaned forward a little, giving me the space to slide a whole finger into them.

“Yes. That’s it.” Melissa cried. “Finger my pussy, Brandon.”

From the way Charlotte moaned, I knew she too wanted to be fingered just as much as Melissa. I began to move my finger in a come-hither manner and rubbed against the prunny skin of their inside. Melissa’s pussy clenched around my finger while Charlotte’s pussy gaped. Who knew two women could have such different response while being fingered by the same guy.

Feeling bold and inextricably horny, I slid the second finger into their wet holes and fingered them harder. Melissa squirmed and let out a girly yelp. Charlotte arched her back and began to rock her butt in rhythm to with my moving fingers.

“Let me do it too.” Melissa breathed and pulled my wet soppy cock out of Charlotte’s mouth. Then, drool and all, she took it all in and began throat-fucking my cock all the same. It might not have gone in all the way but it was still cripplingly good. Like, I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore. Charlotte tilted her head and forced her way in the narrow space afforded between the bed and Melissa’s bobbing head and began licking my balls.

“Ah, Melissa.” I whimpered. “I’m coming.”

I thought Melissa would take the warning and pulled my cock out of her mouth. But instead, she bobbed her head faster and faster. My entire body turned into granite as the sexual pleasure continued to build. Then, the floodgate collapsed. The surge of cum rushed out of my balls, through my throbbing cock and then squirted right into Melissa’s closed mouth.

Melissa squealed in surprise as my cock continued to fill her mouth with my seeds. She wouldn’t have expected such a huge load to be shot into her mouth. Even I hadn’t expected that. God, I felt like I had just shot her mouth a week’s worth of cum.

When my cock stopped twitching and the cum ceased to come out of my tip, Melissa pulled back and sat back up with her lips closed. She was smiling giddily as if she had a really big secret she wanted to show us. Charlotte sat up too and then looked at Melissa.

“Show us.” the lawyer ordered.

When Melissa opened her mouth, my jaw dropped. The entire space where her tongue would be was completely filled with my cum. It was easily the largest shot of cum I had ever discharge through a single orgasm. I suddenly felt embarrassed and heat began to rise to my cheek.

“You can spit it out.” I offered with a cupped hand.

Melissa closed her lips with a smirk and shook her head. Then, without looking away from my eyes, she swallowed the whole thing.

“You don’t have to do that.” I cried out in horror.

“I wanted to.” she said.

“How does it taste?” Charlotte asked with an unwarranted sense of curiosity.

“A little bitter. But overall, I will say it’s one of the best I’ve swallowed.” the dirty blond woman giggled.

Charlotte turned to me and frowned at me, as if I had done something wrong. As if I shouldn’t have cummed in Melissa’s mouth but instead in hers. Then, her eyes fell onto my limp cock laying flat on the bed.

“You better start making that cum again. I want to taste it too.” she demanded while patting softly on my cock.

I swallowed nervously at the promise of second orgasm. I wasn’t sure if I could go on then. Guys couldn’t cum and then cum again within a short period of time. I needed to wait at least a good half an hour before I could even start getting hard. Besides,
I usually just fell asleep right after cumming. But still, with two naked women still sexually unsatisfied, I knew sleeping now would make me the biggest asshole in the whole wide world.

“Um…I don’t think I can get hard anymore for now. But if you want, I can…” I looked down at Charlotte’s pink pussy adorned by an upside-down triangular brown bush.

“You can what Brandon?” Charlotte smiled coyly. “Eat my pussy?” she finished it for me and I nodded like an idiot.

“Only if you don’t mind, of course.” I quickly added and felt the humiliation rushed over me. I had always wanted to eat a pussy, wanted to smell it and taste it. But when I had wanted to try that with Jessica, she refused by saying it’s dirty.

“Do you want to eat my pussy?” Charlotte asked seductively while molding her soft feminine body against mine. Melissa was covering her mouth trying not to snigger out loud at the side.

“Yeah. I always want to try. If that’s okay for you.” I felt the blood pumped in my ear. Would the two considered me as dirty for wanting to lick their pussy?

“Of course it’s okay.” she leaned forward and kissed my mouth. “But I haven’t shaved. So, it’s a little mangy down there. Will you mind?”

Mangy was not the word I would use. Her pubic hair was anything but mangy. It was almost was if it’s an arrow directing me where to go. But with my mouth no longer able to form coherent words, I simply shook my head.

Charlotte backed away and propped a pillow on the middle of the bed. She laid her hips on the pillow and lied down on the bed. The pillow acted as a raised platform so her pussy was angled upwards. Then, she parted her long luscious legs. I watched the pink pussy opened slightly, as if it was telling me to come in. My cock, to my amazement, began to harden again.

“Have you eaten a girl before?” Charlotte asked.

“No.” I shook my head as my body trembled with sexual excitement.

“I can teach you.” Melissa offered with a giggle. “You lick here in an up and down motion.” she pointed at the vertical slit between Charlotte’s pink lips.

I went prone and wrapped my arms around her thighs. As instructed, I stuck out my tongue and began licking the slit. At first, it was more like testing the waters. I wiggled the tip of my tongue against the soft lip of her pussy. A salty, musky, taste hit me. It was a very weird taste. A taste that I had never tasted before until now. I found that I quite like the taste. I pressed my tongue harder to get a better taste. To my surprise, the pussy parted and my tongue basically went in a little.

“Oh yes. That’s it Brandon.” Charlotte breathed.

“Put your thumb here and rub it.” Melissa pressed her own thumb on a tiny nub at the top end of the slit and gave it a few rubs.

“Ahhh…” Charlotte squealed in delight.

I did as taught and began rubbing the tiny nub. Charlotte immediately went bananas and writhed like a maimed snake on the bed. Her hands ran into the thick lock of my hair and began clutching it hard. It was a little painful but I ignored it. The woman had just given me the best blowjob ever and at the very least I should endure a little pain.

The deeper I tasted the more I found the taste to be stronger. It was almost like the more I moved my tongue, the more her pussy rewarded me with the taste I sought. Then, an epiphany came to me. I plunged in two fingers into her honeypot and fingered her hard. As predicted, her pussy oozed out more sweet juices into the open where I lapped it up immediately.

“Oh God. Brandon.” Charlotte groaned.

“This is so hot.” I heard Melissa said. “Charlotte, do you mind?” the woman asked breathily.

“Come here.” Charlotte responded.

I had no idea what the two were up to as I was too focused on tasting the sweet pussy in front of me. When I came up for a breather, I was surprised to see Melissa straddling Charlotte. The dirty blonde was kneading her own breasts while Charlotte was eating her out. Melissa’s dreamy sex-dazed eyes landed on mine and a lazy aroused smile curved her lips. If my cock wasn’t hard before, it certainly was now. All hint of exhaustion from the previous orgasm had completely disappeared and my cock was in dire need of release once more.

I looked at Charlotte’s pink pussy. I rubbed the soft velvety lips a little and then spread them open with my thumbs. The hole was wider than before, to a point that I could almost see her inside. My cock throbbed and ached. It wanted to be milked. No, it needed to be milked! And I could easily see where it could get what it needed.

I sat upright and positioned myself until cock was now nuzzling against Charlotte’s pink pussy. She obviously hadn’t got a clue what I was up to as she was busy with working on Melissa’s pussy. Melissa on the other hand knew and gave me an encouraging nod.

I rocked my hips forward and felt the Charlotte’s pussy parted and engulfed my entire length. The pussy immediately clenched around me hard and I groaned at the pleasure surrounding my cock. Charlotte screamed in what almost sounded like she’s in pain and I immediately froze. The warm inside of her began to gnaw at the solid intruder that had found refuge inside her, as if trying to expel it out.

Realizing what a jerk I was, I felt a pang of guilt and my stomach cringed uncomfortably. I had just hurt her. And worse, she didn’t even give me permission to penetrate her. What was I thinking! I wanted to slide my cock back out but I hesitated as the pleasure was too great to not keep going on.

“Don’t stop, Brandon.” Melissa said. “She likes it.”

“But…she just screamed.”

“Yes. But did she tell you to stop?” Melissa pointed out the obvious.

Not only did Charlotte hadn’t told me to stop, she had kept her legs wide open too. It wasn’t like Charlotte was too busy munching on Melissa’s pussy that she couldn’t have said stop.

Once I had that figured out, I began thrusting my hips back and forth. My cock slid out and in, out and in, and her pussy sucked and milked me. I let out an animalistic growl that I didn’t even know I was capable of making. The pleasure was simply beyond this world. Having sex with Jessica was exploratory. Having sex with Charlotte was ecstasy. No, fucking Charlotte was ecstasy.

I watched the woman’s breasts moved up and down as I pounded against her hard. There was even this naughty watery sound at each thrust, like it was an indication of how much her pussy had wanted me. I cupped her soft breast with one hand while mouthed over the nipple of the other.

Her feminine body molded against mine as our forms joined in a fluid and synchronous motion. I could smell her arousal, taste her perspiration on her skin, and feel the trembling need of her nubile body. All of that made mindless machine that had only one objective. That was to fuck her hard and rough and use her pussy for my pleasure.

When I felt a fresh batch of cum began to pool inside my balls, I knew I had to pull out. It wasn’t because I was afraid of cumming inside her. I was afraid of cumming, and then getting too tired to continue with this whole thing. So, with a smidgen of rationality still intact, I did the right thing and pulled out of her pussy. Charlotte immediate let out a frustrated sigh as I had no doubt just denied her an orgasm she wanted. But not for long as I replaced the demanding vacancy between her legs with two fingers and began fingering her hard.

Charlotte began to writhe and her legs kind of flail around. Then, with a loud squeal, the woman arched her back and shuddered violently on the bed. A tiny amount of watery substance was squirted out of her clenching hole. And then, she collapsed onto the bed and went limp. I hadn’t even got time to realize that I had just given a woman an orgasm for the first time when Melissa clambered towards me and then took my lips.

“My turn.” she moaned when she broke off the kiss and gave my hard cock a seductive rub.

I was expected Melissa to lie down only to watch her got onto four and turned back to me with a shy grin. Her pussy was drenched and I had not doubt most of the wetness was Charlotte’s saliva.

I had seen people doing the doggy style through my generous perusal of pornographic material. But never in my life had I dreamed of doing it to a beautiful woman that’s almost twice as old as me. And boy, my cock certainly wasn’t complaining with the pussy in front of me. While Charlotte’s was hairy, Melissa’s was as completely bare.

I quickly knelt beside her and guided my cock to her wet opening. With firm grips on her hips, I pushed forward and at the same time pulled her towards me. I felt her pussy spread around the head of my cock and then rimmed along the shaft until her pussy had engulfed me entirely.

“Ahh…” Melissa yelped. “I can see why Charlotte screamed.”

“Am I really that big?” I asked with a hint of embarrassment at the same time I felt a little proud.

“Yes. You are.” she mewled. She then arched her back and lied her head onto the bed. “Now fuck me as hard as you can.”

I clenched my fingers around her hips and pounded my hips against her ass. My cock plowed through the tightness of her pussy again and again and again. The woman shivered at the harsh assault against her pussy but from the looks of her eyes she seemed to be overwhelmed by the pleasure to care what was happening between her legs. It was almost like she was my slave, positioned for me to take and use her. My cock thickened with that notion and I hammered onto her faster.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” Melissa cried. Her eyes were half opened and glowed with lust. The kind of eyes I only saw in porn when the women were really stimulated.

“I’m coming inside you.” I heard the words being said. “You are my cum slut.”

What the fuck! Where have I learned those words?

I stared worriedly at Melissa fearing that I might have just offended her. But instead of rage, I could only see pleasure. Pleasure that seemed to have kept her tamed and forthcoming. Pleasure that seemed to have immobilized her body for my cock to exploit. Pleasure that made her replied, “Yes, use my slutty pussy to cum.”

That was all it took for the fresh pool of cum in my balls to rise up through my cock. I shuddered and let out a groan as rope after rope of cum spurted deep inside Melissa’s pussy. She moaned and squirmed as warm spunk fresh from my balls began to fill her up. My abs clenched a few more times, clearing out the cum left inside me and into her welcoming pussy. For a good measure, I pounded her pussy a minute more until she shivered and squealed to orgasm.

Then, woman collapsed onto the bed and her eyes fluttered in daze. I leaned away and tried to catch my own breath while watching my cum leaked out of her pussy, down her thigh and onto the bed. When I had sex with Jessica, I had used a condom so I was never privy to such situation. I had always wondered what it would feel like to see my own cum leaking out of a woman’s pussy, Oddly enough, it felt powerful. Like injecting a part of me inside her and marking her in the process. Like telling everyone that this woman is now mine.

Then it clicked. Sex was a power struggle between the two individuals. While women had power to choose who to have sex with, men obviously had the power over women on how to have it. I let out a soft chuckle and shook my head in disbelief. I really had just fucked my mom’s friends and not only that, I had made them both orgasm.

“You came?” I heard Charlotte asked. When I turned to her, she was staring at Melissa’s crotch longingly. Her face was still flushed from the previous encounter and her hair was a little disheveled. Perhaps that’s the infamous sex hair that I’d heard of.

“Yeah.” I said coyly.

“Are you tired?” she turned to me with what seemed like a hopeful look.

“Kind of.” I let out a yawn.

“Oh. Okay then.” there was a hint of disappointment in Charlotte’s tone. But before I figure out why, she leaned over the night lamp and turned off the light. “Go on, we should sleep now. We have to wake up early tomorrow.”

I couldn’t help but to notice something was wrong with Charlotte. Still, exhaustion had come to me like a vengeful bitch and I let out another yawn. “Okay.” I lie down beside the now sleeping Melissa and felt Charlotte shifted on her side of the bed.

“Good night.” she said.

“Good night.” I replied. I closed my eyes and let the exhaustion washed over me.

I didn’t know how long I had slept but I reckoned it wasn’t long. My body still felt the exhaustion from the sexual marathon I just had. The room was still dark, which meant that the sun was no where near coming out yet.

Melissa was right beside me. She had nuzzled her head against my neck. She had one arm and one leg over my naked body. Her breasts rose and fell as she slept blissfully by my side, sending one warm breath after another to the back of my neck. It felt weird to be hugged by a woman during sleep. Almost as if she trust me so much that she would just sleep right there, as if she knew deep down that I wouldn’t hurt her, as if I would shield her from the evil beyond. It made me feel very protective. It made me feel, strangely enough, more manly.

I stretched one arm out to search for the second woman that I felt deserving of my protection. But as I searched, I realized Charlotte was no longer at her side of the bed. I gently nudged Melissa off me and laid her on her back. She moaned a little in protest but otherwise remained asleep. My body, as if having a mind of its own, leaned forward and I pressed a possessive kiss on her head. I then pulled the blanket over her naked form and climbed off the bed.

After putting on the khakis that I had so haphazardly discarded on the floor, I went out of the room. I noticed the toilet door was opened. That meant, for whatever reason, Charlotte was down stairs, since the only other room on this floor was mom’s.

I headed down stairs and quickly found Charlotte sitting by the kitchen counter. In her hand was a glass of wine. When I got closer, she noticed my presence and quickly wiped the corner of her eyes.

“Hi.” she said with a throaty, thick, voice. A voice that sounded like she had been crying for quite some time. As I got closer to her, I began to see the redness surrounding her eyes and the paleness of her cheeks. Her disheveled hair made her look even more pitiable that I couldn’t help but to feel protective over her. She looked like a hurt puppy needing someone to take care of her.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I took the seat in front of hers.

“Yeah.” she sniffled and tilted her head like all crying women liked to do. As if it would force the tears to fall back in or something. “Oh, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.” I pointed out the obvious.

“It’s nothing. You should go back to sleep.”

I could have walked away and pretended not to have witnessed this. But every cell in my body wanted me to stay, to find out what’s making this lovely lawyer crying her eyes out. I reached out my hand and rubbed my knuckles tenderly along the stream of tears flowing down. She closed her eyes and leaned towards my touch. Then, she began sobbing.

“What is it? Charlotte.”

“It’s nothing.” she sobbed.

“You are crying. It must be something.”

“It’s just…” she choked and let out a torrent of sobs.

I palmed her face and then rubbed my thumb across the wetness under her eyes. I didn’t know why I did that. I just did. It felt right to do it. I didn’t press her any further. I waited. I waited for her cry to die down and occasionally wiped away her tears from her eyes. When she composed herself enough, she let out an shuddering sigh.

“It’s really stupid.” she finally said. “Remember that…I told…you…I had my…tubes tied.” she said between sobs.

I nodded.

“My ex-husband…he didn’t want any kids.” she began. “He told me…that I should, you know…get my tubes tied. He didn’t really…trust birth control.”


“He said they could fail.” Charlotte let out a sad laugh, as if the excuse was a mockery of her intellect.

“And you went for the operation?”

“Yeah. Love can make you do stupid things.” she explained in morbid amusement. “A year later…he said he wanted kids. Then he fucked one of my bride’s maids, got her pregnant and took her to Europe.” she burst into a gasping wail. Her body shook so hard with sadness that I had to take the glass of wine out of her hand.

“It’s so…stupid.” she cried out. “I’m so…so…fucking stupid!”

“Hey, stop it.” I cooed and went around the kitchen counter. I wrapped my arms around the sobbing woman and hugged her tightly from behind. My heart clenched sickeningly at her wailing. As I hugged her, I noticed the cut marks on her wrists. Suddenly, I felt angry. My jaw clenched hard with rage and I wish I could punch that bastard right in his fucking face. I had thought my dad was an asshole. Now, he seemed like a freaking saint compared to Charlotte’s ex.

“It’s okay. You are okay.” I whispered softly into her ear as I held her shaking body still.

“The children that he has with the woman…I saw it on Facebook. They are so beautiful.” the woman wailed with regret. “I could have children too. But I was so stupid!”

She then screamed a silent scream before gasping horribly like a maimed animal. It was very painful to watch. It was painful to see such successful woman fell prey to pricks and got herself hurt so badly. It was also insightful in the sense that there were horrible people out there in the world. Horrible people that had made this little damsel here crying out her guts.

I didn’t know how long I had held her. It felt like eternity, for I couldn’t bear to see her to be so sad, and at the same time it felt too short, for I wished to hug her forever. I wish I was more capable all of the sudden. I wish I wasn’t a college student so that I could take care of her and Melissa. God! I wanted to take care of these two women that it shocked me.

“Thank you.” Charlotte finally said when she calmed down enough.

“It’s my pleasure.” I said awkwardly as I moved back to my seat. “You did give me the best orgasm I ever have.” I tried to lighten up the mood.

Charlotte chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Technically, Melissa was the one who made you cum.” she said with a light smile. “Twice.” she begrudgingly added.

“Is that why you were sad?” I asked, recalling the sadness I heard in her tone when we were about to sleep.

“Not really.” she looked at her hands and blushed.

Then, it all sort of clicked into place. Her ex-husband had left her because she couldn’t bear him child. And her husband had left her for another woman. In other words, her husband chose another woman over her because she couldn’t fulfill his desire. I had cum twice in Melissa. In some sense, I had chosen Melissa over her. I chose Melissa to fulfill my desire and not her.

“Was it because Melissa was able to make me cum and you didn’t? And that reminded you of your ex leaving you?” I articulated the question cautiously.

She held her head down in silence. I watched her played with her fingers as if she was contemplating something.

“Yeah. That’s about it.” she muttered. “It’s stupid. I know. I should have gotten over it. It’s been so long.”

“It’s okay. You’ve been strong.”

“Thank you.” she looked up and smiled at me. It was the sweetest smile I’d ever seen in my life. The kind of smile that made you think that angels might exist. “You are a wonderful person, Brandon.”

A shiver ran down my back. I felt my cock stiffen and I shifted on my seat. It didn’t help that this woman her was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, the very same t-shirt that Melissa had worn. A choice of attire that did nothing to cover her lovely mount. “Uhm…thanks.” I said shyly while trying to cover the erection from her sight. I shouldn’t have worn a pair of briefs.

Her eyes drifted down and then she laughed. “Oh Brandon. God, you can still get hard, after all that?”

“I can’t help it.” I protested.

“Am I really that sexy?” she teased.

“Yes. You are. And you know it.” I pointed out.

“Well, I’m going to head up for a wash. You can jerk one off here.” she sniggered. I watched her hips swayed sexily as she walked to the doorway. When she was about to turn around the corner, she bent down and hiked up the t-shirt and offered me a view of her round butt. “For you to masturbate to.” she chuckled and then left. I began to doubt if she’s really thirty four years old, and a lawyer for that matter.

My cock was hard as a freaking rock with that little side show. But I was so not going to be teased to masturbation that easily. I went to the sink and filled myself a glass of water hoping the long gulp would ease off the sexual tension between my legs. It didn’t. My cock remained hard and eager to get inside the warmth of a woman.

As I leaned against the kitchen sink, I began to recall Charlotte’s words before we slept. She had asked if I had cum. She also asked if I was tired. I was too exhausted then to put the two together. Now that I thought back about it, especially after learning about the horrible betrayal she endured and why she had been sad, a new revelation came to me.

She wasn’t really asking if I was tired. What she really asking was if I could go on and choose her, to fuck her, and then cum inside her. My lips curved to a smile as I shook my head in disbelief. Since she was so kind to tease me with the glory of her ass, I made up my mind to repay the gratitude. Besides, if fucking Melissa was of any insight, it would be that a girl loves a little rough play when it comes to sex. I turned off all the lights on the lower floor and then went up the stairs.

Charlotte was obviously still in the bathroom as there’s light coming from under the door and there’s the sound of running water. I stood at the doorway and waited patiently for my little minx to come out. The sound of running water soon stop and the door was swung open. Charlotte collided onto my hard body and recoiled backwards.

“Oh, you’re fast. Did my teasing helped?” she looked up to me and cast me a knowing smile.

“I didn’t do it.” I said sternly, trying to keep my dominant persona.

“Why, you hand’s not good enough for you anymore?” she chuckled and tried to skirt past me. I leaned to the side and block her from going out. When she moved to the other side, I simply followed and blocked her again. “If you want to use the bathroom, you have to let me out first.” she scolded lightly.

“I don’t want to use the bathroom.” I stepped forward which forced her to step back. She frowned at my seemingly rude behavior. As I advanced and she retreated yet again, she started to realize what I was doing. Then when we completely cleared the doorway, I swung the door shut and then locked it.

Then it was just her and me in a small confined space. Charlotte began to look around her like a cornered prey seeking escape. But there was no where to run and no where to hide. The only point of escape was the door and my 6’4″ frame was in the way.

“Then what do you want?” her voice became thick with arousal. Her eyes twinkling with lust as she looked at mine.

“You.” the word came out almost sounded like a growl. I edged her backwards until her knees hit the toilet. With a light shove, I forced her to sit on the toilet. She let out a squeak as her butt landed on the seat. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her head in place. At the same time, I yanked my shorts off, releasing the massive hard-on between my legs.

I moved her head forward while pointing the tip of my cock at her rosy lips. Without a word, her mouth opened wide to receive me. My cock slid through the warmth and dampness until the tip hit the back of her throat. I gave her a light nudge and her throat opened up, allowing the tip of my cock to slid further in.

I shivered and groaned at the sweet pleasure engulfing my cock. I felt the tightness of her throat pressing on me as if she really wanted to swallow me whole. When she pulled back, she let out a satisfied sigh and stroked my cock with her hand.

“Spread your legs and play with your pussy. I want you wet.” I demanded. Or I forced myself to sound demanding. I wasn’t very good with telling a woman what to do since I never quite had that experience. But judging from the way this petite lawyer mewled, I was pretty that I was doing it well.

Obediently, Charlotte parted her legs and began fingering herself. At the same time, she sucked my cock with due diligence. I kept my grip on her hair and slowed her down if she moved too fast. I only wanted her to wet my cock and keep it hard while she got herself wet. After all, my cock deserved her pussy and I planned to make sure that’s what it got tonight.

“Is your pussy wet yet?” I asked.

“Emm hmm.” she nodded with my cock still in her mouth.

I yanked her head away from me and pulled her onto her feet. I spun her around and pushed her back down until her stomach was on the toilet seat. I grabbed her hands, crossed them over her back, and then held them together by the wrists. It was rough on my part and based on the lovely girly sounds she’s making, she obviously had liked the rough play too. I hiked up the hem of the t-shirt to her waist and rubbed my fingers along the seam of her sex.

“Do you think you can tease me and get away with it?” I didn’t know how I had come to say that but I did. And god it sounded really powerful and dominating. A thrill ran down my spin as I watched this successful woman squirmed under my grip.

“No.” Charlotte moaned.

Enough said. I moved to position and shoved my cock right in between her wet lips. Her pussy widened and absorbed me into her. Charlotte yelped at the forceful intrusion and squirmed on the toilet seat. I moved my cock out of her pussy only to have it roughly pushed right back inside.

“Ahh…” she screamed. It was the same painful scream that I heard when I first fucked her. I kept still and when the seconds passed without any verbal complaint on her part, I resumed my pounding.

My cock plundered the tightness of her pussy hard and fast. Charlotte had squirmed and shuddered, tensed and struggled as I fucked her. I had to leaned more weight onto her back to keep her still, to keep her pussy in place for my cock to exploit and ravage. Sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in the small confined room. She whimpered and mewled, but never complained, never told me to stop.

I kept my pace and Charlotte’s pussy absorbed every hard thrust without fail. Her pussy had clenched and gaped against the raging intruder. Delicious friction of her pussy lips along the length of my cock pushed me further and further into the brink of release. Cum began to flood the base of my balls and my body tingled with the promise of orgasmic release.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I announced as electricity shot through my loin. My pounding intensified. My balls clenched. Charlotte cried out at the fierce, repeated penetration of her pussy. A cry that could wake potentially anyone within a mile from us. I immediately reached out to her mouth and clasped it shut, muffling out her lustful cries. There in, I shifted to the highest possible gear and ravaged her pussy with every last fiber of strength I could muster.

Finally, orgasm washed over me like a thirty foot wave, sending my body into overdrive. One thick rope of cum after another spurted right into Charlotte’s eager pussy. As the warmth of my seed spread inside her, Charlotte reached her own climax and shuddered violently. Her cries had turned to guttural moans. Her pussy clenched and milked and sucked my cock, forcing more cum out of me. I kept her body pinned and her mouth muffled and continued fucking her for a good minute, until my cum had frothed inside her pussy and my cock began to really ache, until her body succumbed to another shuddering, back arching, toe curling orgasm.

When I pulled my cock out, I watched my cum flowed out of the gaping pussy and landed on the tiled floor of the bathroom. I grabbed several squares of tissues and gave the thoroughly fucked pussy a good wipe. Then, I pulled Charlotte to her feet, only to have her body limped against mine. I quickly held her up by her waist to keep her from falling onto the floor.

“Hey?” I asked, suddenly feeling worried that I might have gone overboard.

“Emmm…” she murmured and snuggled against my chest. Her eyes were shut as if she’s already asleep.

I lifted her up with both arms and carefully brought her out of the bathroom. Seeing my mom’s door, I realized how much of a blessing it was that my mom wasn’t woken up by Charlotte’s cries and came to check. I took Charlotte into my room and then laid her down on the bed. Melissa was still sleeping soundly on her side of the bed, which was a surprise all on itself. I grabbed a portion of the blanket and lifted it over Charlotte’s body. Just like with Melissa, I bent down instinctively and kissed Charlotte possessively on the head.

“Good night.” I whispered and gotten no response. She was already in deep sleep.

I went out of my room, gone back to the bathroom, gave myself a quick wash on the sink put on my shorts and went down stairs. Exhaustion had its vicious grip on me. I clambered onto the couch, propped up the pillow, and then lied down for the night.

As I contemplated in the darkness, I wondered how had two women made me feel so complete as a man just over one night. A pang of disappointment shot through me as I suddenly took in the realization that this was a one time thing. Why would a women like them, successful and beautiful, would ever want an ignorant teenage boy that still let his mom clean his room to be with them forever. I was clearly just a temporary fix for their loneliness. Slumber came soon, but it was a disturbed one.

-To be Continued-






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The Slaver’s Retaliation

Chapter 1

I’m a slave merchant. I kidnap women and sell them off as slaves. You would have thought that such morally corrupted dealings is something of the past. Far from it. There are a lot of sick people out there with a lot of money to spend and there’s apparently no shortage of women to be taken to fill the product line.

Slave trading, or in its more insidious terminology, sex trafficking, is an ignominious profession no matter how you try to twist and turn it. You could say that some women deserve to be slaves or that some women would live a better life being a slave to a millionaire. Whatever the excuses are, it’s still a fucking horrible thing to do.

With that said, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a couple of excuses to reduce some of the guilt associating with destroying one’s life. Particularly, a woman’s life. I do need to sleep at night after all. And while most slavers don’t really care who they catch, I have a self-imposed principle that I follow by when selecting potential product. No children. No young professionals. No mothers. The world is already too fucked up as it is. The least I could do is to avoid taking people that may actually help fix the world a little.

There’s another kind of women that I do not take. Rich brat with loaded daddies whom paid for their designers shoes and diamond encrusted watch. Believe me, these bitches deserved to be turned into slaves more than every other women I have taken. But the world isn’t fair and money is power. One wrong move and I could have ended up taking the daughter of some CEO who has ties with some powerful people in the political sphere. Which will not be a good thing if one’s interest is to be low profile.

But I’ll be damned if I can’t teach these ungrateful bitches some table manners.

I was at a five star hotel at Honduras. I had just finished delivering a product to a respectable client. As agreed, a hundred thousand dollar was wired into my multiple anonymous accounts. With more cash to spend, I decided to stay for a few nights as a reward for my own hard work. There’s really no point doing something so risky and no allow yourself to enjoy life a little.

After checking into my hotel and followed by a quick change into casual wear, I went to the beach to enjoy the sun and wind. I found a shack by the sandy beach and popped myself onto one of the many high seats. I ordered a Gin and Tonic from the bartender and sipped the cool liquid as I enjoyed the scenery.

That was when the tiny peace I had found myself in shattered by the giggling squeal of a couple of bikini clad girls. Judging from their accent, I would place my bet on United Kingdom. One had a long blond hair and the other was a brunette with a pixie cut. They were very cute looking and I didn’t usually say a girl is cute unless I really mean it. My eyes quickly fell to their voluptuous breasts that the skimpy fabric had a hard time to contain. My eyes went further down to their flat stomach, their round butts, then the smooth long legs and finally what seemed to be really expensive shoes. I didn’t missed out the classy bangles and platinum necklaces that adorned the girls.

The blonde caught me looking at her and nudged her friend. The two women, who certainly looked no more than twenty, turned and sneered at me.

“What a creep.” the brunette said.

I raised my glass at them and proceeded drinking the cooling liquid nonchalantly. I had been called worse in my line of work, believe me. And I couldn’t really blame them. Young women preferred hot looking men. I hadn’t been working out much lately and my once well-structured body sort of melted off into a less defined mass of muscles and fat. The fact that I was hitting forty obviously didn’t help too. Still, I could probably haul these two over my shoulders and gave them both a hard spanking without breaking a sweat.

“Stop looking at us you perv.” the blonde hissed.

“Stop putting yourselves on display then, bitch.” I countered.

The two widened their eyes to an almost comical size. Their jaws dropped as if that’s the most horrible thing they had ever heard. The blonde moved around the curved bar and a second later, she was only a couple of inches from my face.

“What did you just call me?” she hissed and I instantly smelled a hint of alcohol from her breath. Little sweet cake here had obviously been drinking too much booze for her own sake.

“You heard me.” I calmly said and reached for my drink. That was when feisty blonde here slapped it out of my reach. The crystal tumbler fell off the table and tumbled down the slope before resting on a heap of sand. The content of it spilled out along the way.

“Do you know who you are speaking to?” she asked in a threatening voice.

“Who? The Queen of England?” I gave a mock response before gesturing at the bartender for another Gin and Tonic.

The brunette came to the blonde’s side apparently to show moral support for the blonde and almost tripped along the way.

“Her dad’s the Chairman of Pymex Corp. And my dad works as the CEO.” the brunette announced proudly, almost giddily too. Figures. These were brats with rich daddies that I detest. From the scent of alcohol in her breath, I took it that she too had been drinking far too much for her own good. Nothing makes young women like them the easiest target for slavers like me than drinking too much in a country like Honduras. In fact, I had quite a few slaves taken right out of this beach a few years back.

“You must have heard of Pymex, haven’t you?” the blonde said patronizingly.

“Pymex? Is it a food?” I asked with a mock sense of humor. Of course I knew Pymex. It’s the largest pharmaceutical corporation in Europe and practically the largest supplier of medical products to customers such as the NHS.

“It’s the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.” the blonde announced with a genuine sense of pride, as if she hadn’t caught on to my sarcasm.

“Yeah. Her dad has so much money, he so can hire someone to fucking kill you.” the brunette hissed.

“I hope so. I feel like dying already just listening to you bitches.” I retorted.

“What did you say? Fucking old perv.” the blonde spat on my face. She had the audacity to actually spat on my face! I felt a flush of anger rushed into my face. My fists tightened into a hard ball, ready to be swung across the bitches’ face.

“What? You wanna hit me? Is that it?” the blonde goaded further with a slap across my face. “Come on. I dare you. My dad’s going to chop off your balls if you do.”

“Yeah. Come on you pussy.” the brunette joined in the verbal assault.

I knew in the open, any violence towards women, no matter how justified it was, was always wrong. That’s how society sees it and I would lose no matter what. So, I simply let it simmer down and wiped off the spat with a napkin from the bar. The tumbler of Gin and Tonic the bartender had just delivered helped a little to quicken my recovery as I downed the whole thing. I then dropped a couple of tens on the counter and walked off. They would pay for their stupidity soon enough.

“Yeah, you old perv. Walk away with your dick between your legs.” I heard the brunette called out and then the two burst into giggling laughs.

“Oh darlings,” I muttered softly to myself, “My dick will soon be between your legs.”

Chapter 2

Honduras was a haven for criminal activity if one knew where to look. One could get just about everything under the sky with the right price. With the exception of nukes and biological weapon, the extensive selection of weapons were really quite the sight. One could even buy a tank if one so wish to. I on the other hand bought myself a Glock handgun, a suppressor and a box of ammunition. I also got some handcuffs and some mild sedatives, which would prove to be really handy soon enough.

Then, I rented a small studio in an unremarkable part of town and hired the usual workmen that I had worked with before, that would keep their mouth shut for a price, to furnish the otherwise barren lot. A couple of hours later, there’s a large bed with metal post and chains on each corner, two medieval wooden stocks, a modified Spanish donkey, a couple of specially designed chairs with a large hole on the seat where the butt would fall into, and various other implements designed to keep its user restrained and exposed indefinitely. Some time in between a delivery truck came to deliver a horde of sex toys, whips, canes and torture devices and when I came back after lunch, the entire lot now looked like a fanatic’s BDSM chamber.

The only missing things then were the two bitchy English girls. They were the only things I didn’t hire anyone to acquire. First, their daddies were too rich to risk hiring outside help. No secret can be kept when money is on the table. So, I had decided to do the dirty work myself. Which wasn’t all that difficult considering how blissfully ignorant and unassuming these two were. They were practically flaunting their bodies for people like me to take. But I guess their daddies wasn’t stupid enough to let their precious little sweet cakes go Honduras without security.

I followed the two girls to a tourist center. Behind them were three security details tailing the two inconspicuously. It took me quite a while to notice them. The three were obviously professionals and I had a feeling that even those two nut heads didn’t know they were being checked on by their daddies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the blonde had a tracking device up her cute butt too.

I had studied the layout of the tourist center down to the number of restrooms it had. There were multiple secluded corridors and hidden pathways; a legacy of the old decrepit structure before the renovation a few years back. Something that I doubted the security details knew of. Nevertheless, I had taken the necessary precautions.

When I noticed the girls had went into a clothes store, I knew where exactly I needed to go. With the map of the center still fresh in my head, I moved myself through one of those legacy pathways that would without a doubt lead me to my preys. With me was a large suit case as well as a high-performance duffel bag that would soon to be the temporary housing for the two girls.

I finally found the place I wanted to be and sneaked into the back of the high end store. This place obvious had security cameras but like most of Honduras, most of them were just for show. As long as I kept my head down, no one would be able to see me through the whatever grainy images, if any, that the police would find.

I watched the two girls each entered a tryout room and behind them was a salewoman about the age of forty holding the garments the girls were going to try. Hidden at the corner, I reckoned three other employees. All three of them were busy handling the customers at the front of the shop, leaving the back relatively secluded. I put on a balaclava, timed my watch for two minutes, and then lunged into the tryout area.

The salewoman didn’t even know what hit her as I applied the taser onto her back. She jerked a little before going limped entirely onto my arms. I let her down slowly until she’s lying on the floor. The whole thing happened so quietly, the two unsuspecting prey were still yapping about the dozen ugly men that hit on them while they were on the beach. Which was great as it would provide cover for my identity should the police come looking them, since anyone could have been the one that had taken them.

I pulled out a syringe containing a mild dose of anti-depressant and slipped through the curtain. In front of me was a half-naked brunette still trying to take off her blouse. Her eyes fleeted to the large mirror in front of her, where her eyes fell onto my terrifying form. Her eyes widened like a doe caught in the head light but before she could turn around and scream, I had my gloved hand strongly cupping her mouth while the other hand sank the needle into her neck. The brunette struggled for a little before the drug kicked in and she went limp.

“…can’t you believe that?” the blonde called out from the other room. “Claire? You still there?”

So the brunette has a name. I smirked and went out to the other room.

“Claire?” the blonde poked her head out. She immediately saw my towering form and she was only barely able to let out a squeak before I silenced her with my palm. I pushed her into the room and use my body to force her against the wall. She tried to scratch my face but her nail simply skidded harmlessly against the thick fabric of my balaclava. I took out the other syringe and prick her right at the vein running along her neck. Once the syringe’s emptied, the blonde’s struggle became sluggish and a moment later, her arms fell limply to her sides.

I hauled her up over my shoulder, took her out and went back to for the brunette. She was exactly where I had left her. I picked her up and hauled her out of there and quickly moved to where I had come from. I went to the place I hid the duffel bag and suitcase. I placed the brunette into the duffel bag and the blonde in the suitcase. Once I had sure that no one was around, I took off my balaclava, stuffed it into my pocket and then turned my jacket inside out. Then, I headed my merry way along the way I came from and soon found my way out into the open street. Just in time, the alarm on my wristwatch announced the end of the two minute timer.

There, I climbed into the van that I had rented from an unlicensed rental service that could not be traced. The back had been retrofitted to carry cargo and the seats had long been taken out. I had placed a couple of mattresses on the otherwise inhospitable platform. I took the girls out from their confinement and laid their sleeping forms on the mattresses. I grabbed the handcuffs I had placed in there and cuffed their hands behind their back and their ankles together. A red ball gag in each of their mouth finalized the setup and they were ready to be transported to the BDSM chamber I had prepared just for them.

I didn’t fail to notice the brunette’s perky breasts and dark nipples or the fact that the blonde was only wearing her lacy undergarments. Their bodies were truly the finest specimens of female sexuality as far as I had encountered in my decade long trade. No cellulite. No birth mark. No scar. The only disappointment was the tiny tattoo peeking out from the blonde’s panties. I peeled the panties away and revealed a very naughty tattoo that I was pretty sure her daddy didn’t know about.

“You are a really naughty girl, aren’t you?” I whispered while tracing the tiny elegant cursive strokes that spelled out ‘Insert Meat Here’. There was an arrow pointing down to what appear to be the pinkest looking cunt I’d ever seen aside from porn. My cock hardened at the suggestive sight but I shoved my arousal out of my mind. Now was not the time. Once these two were safely in the lot, there would be plenty of time to play with their girly bits.

I pulled a blanket over their naked body and then climbed into the driver’s seat. I gunned the engine to life and drove into the main road back to the studio.

Chapter 3

I was browsing the internet for some news about the missing girls when the brunette roused from her slumber. She shifted lazily for a couple of second before her head snapped to attention. She tried to sit up but was held down by the chained collar that I had put around her neck. I watched with amusement as the girl turned from a dazed stupor to full on alert, as if she remembered the things that had happened at the dressing room. With her limbs shackled to the bedpost and her eyes blindfolded, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got into a fear-induced epileptic fit.

“Hello there.” I greeted in a manner that I use to greet all new slaves. “You shouldn’t move too much. You might hurt yourself.”

She went pale as she slowly turned to face me. I stood up and walked to her. The floor was covered with wooden panel and each stride the heel of my shoes clacked loudly. And as I neared her, the girl tried to scoot away as much as the restraints allowed  only to find her body colliding with her blond friend’s.

“There’s no escape.” I informed and watched the scared girl trembled in fear. Not so tough now huh.

I placed my palm on her smooth breast and kneaded the voluptuous mass. The girl yelped as if I had just touched her with a hot brand.

“Stop. P-please!” She pleaded. “I have money. My parents are rich. They will pay you.”

“Oh, I’m sure they will.” I agreed. “But you see, I have quite a fortune myself. Enough to live comfortably till the day I died.”

“Status then. What about status? Shares. Stocks. Political position. You name it.” this girl knew how to bargain even when terrified. I had to give her that. But it was a stupid offer nonetheless, an offer only idiots would take up. Status required recognition and recognition was not something any criminal wanted as our entire freedom rested on our anonymity.

“I think I have something better in mind.” I said as I gave her nipple a light squeeze.

“Name it.” she snapped desperately. “I’ll give you anything.”

“I’m sure you will, darling.” my hand slid down her body, passed her midriff, her flat stomach, and then the cute triangular brunette bush and finally rested on her warm pussy.

“Nooo! Stop. Please. I beg you.” she tried to close her legs but the restrains kept her accessible enough for my hand to wander freely. She trashed her petite frame about to unlatch my hand from her. I placed my forearm on her stomach and pressed her down while my hand continued to rub along her helpless sex. As I did so, I noticed her nipples began to grew hard, no doubt aroused by the forcefulness of my approach. “Pleaseee!!!” She squealed.

“Ugh, shut up Claire!” pretty blonde growled groggily.

“Hmm. Looks like your friend has awaken.” I told the brunette and watched the blonde paled as she realized the predicament she’s in.

“What the fuck?” she screamed. “What is this? Claire! Where are you?”

“Claire is beside you.” I informed and pinched the brunettes clit until she yelped.

“Who the fuck are you?” the blonde shouted. “Let me go. Do you know who my dad is?” she began trashing about just as Claire did just a moment ago.

“Oh, I know who your daddy is, sweet cake.” I removed myself from the brunette and went to the blonde. “The Chairman of Pymex am I right?”

“How…” she swallowed nervously.

“How do I know?” I finished the question for her. “Well, someone’s been telling everyone who her daddy is.”

“My daddy is going to kill you if you don’t let me go.” she screamed and the brunette beside her began to cry. Tied down, naked and completely at my mercy, I was surprised that this airhead hadn’t  figured out her complete vulnerability yet.

“I don’t think so, slut.” I grabbed a fistful of her head and pulled her towards me. The chain rattled and the collar around her neck tightened. The blonde began to turn white as she struggled to breath. When she began to choke, I let her go and watched her face flushed into crimson.

“You fucking bastard.” she spat once she caught her breath. “My dad’s going to skin you alive.”

“Well, if only your daddy can find me. Slut.” I reminded and splayed my fingers on top of the lewd tattoo. “And of course, that is if he can find you first.”

I felt the blonde trembled and an appreciative smile curved my lips. I was pretty sure she knew why I had touched there. “Daddy is so not going to be proud with his little girl having this tattoo.”

“Don’t touch me.” she snapped angrily.

Jesus. This girl really was something. I would have thought she would be a crying mess like the brunette over there by now. In fact, every slave that I had my hands on turned into a sobbing mess within the first few minutes of waking up. But apparently not this blonde. This blonde was really something else. Time to step up the ante.

I grabbed the blonde’s hair and yanked her to cut off her airway once more. As I held her head in place, my other hand prodded her pussy until two of my fingers slid into her dry snatch. “You will be sorry talking to me like that, slut.” I hissed into her ear.

I began to finger-fuck her cunt. I watched her mouth opened as gagging sound escaped her throat. “I’m gonna make sure your cunt’s real sore, slut.” I felt her pussy gripped around my relentless fingers while her legs trashed about in vain trying to shield herself. Eventually, her opening began to dampen, allowing my fingers to move faster and faster.

Once her face turned blue, I let her go. Her cunt practically squeezed my fingers out. The blonde then groaned like a maimed animal as she writhed and tensed. At first I thought she might be having a case of cardiac arrest, which was highly unlikely with her age, until her cunt squirted a shot glass worth of female cum onto the bedsheet.

“Ahhh….!!!” she cried at the same time trying to catch her own breath.

“You didn’t just cum now, did you?” I asked rhetorically with a sense of surprise. God, how long had that been? Thirty seconds?

“Don’t…fucking…touch…me! You…asshole.” she gasped with a very red face.

“When will you learn your lesson.” I made a mock sigh and then yanked her head up once more. She made a gagging sound as I abruptly cut off her breath. My two fingers found their way back into her wet snatch and resumed the finger-fucking where we had left off.

Her legs twitched and pulled against the restraints. Her body twisted and turned like a trapped fox desperate to escape. The chain rattled on and on, mixing with the sloppy sound of fingers moving in and out of the hole between her legs. When her face turned blue, I let her go again and watched the blonde arched her back. A second dose of girly cum oozed out of her battered sex.

“Ahh…stop…!” she gasped.

I yanked her head up again. “You better start saying please master.” I hissed and resumed the intense regiment of finger fucking. Her cunt gaped and squeezed my intruding fingers as if desperately trying to get me out. I repeatedly stroked the wet opening hard and fast until it squirted the third and perhaps, from the considerably smaller amount, the last time. The blonde went limp and collapsed onto the bed.

“What do you want, slut?” I growled at the gasping girl.

“Puh…puh….leeezzz…stop…” she finally said while still struggling to get the much needed air into her lungs.

“Please stop what?” I asked while seizing her nipple in a tight pinch.

“Ahhh…p-please s-stop, master.” she corrected.

“Good girl.”

I stood up from the bed and marveled at the huge wet spot that had formed around her hips. I hadn’t seen such productive squirter for a very long time and if this bitch wasn’t rich, I would sell her off to the highest bidder. Squirters of this magnitude are a rare find and highly sought in the slave market. Squirters can’t pretend to have an orgasm, which makes them all the more fun to play with. Hence the higher price.

“You are quite the squirter, aren’t you. Let’s see if your friend here can squirt as much as you do.”

“No! Please don’t.” the brunette started to struggle. “Oh, please. My parents will give you anything you want. Just let me go.” the brunette offered as I made my way to the large wooden box where all the sex toys were kept.

I pulled open the box. Inside were a bunch of dildos and enough plugs to fill every single hole the girls had three times over. I fished around the pile and finally pulled out a purple vibrator dildo the size of a Wii controller. The common size most girls have for their fun time in the bedroom.

“Please. I beg you. Please. Just let me go.” the brunette trashed relentlessly. “Please let me go master.”

I couldn’t help but to smile at her calling me master. “Nice try, whore. But no. You are getting an orgasm now.”

“Please oh please oh-” I cut her plea short by covering her mouth with my hand. I pressed the button on the vibrator dildo and a buzzing sound reverberated through the room. Then, I nuzzled the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips. The girl arched her back as she struggled to get away from the vibration but I made sure the tip stay where I wanted it to be. The brunette mewled, whimpered and occasionally yelped when I hit a sensitive spot.

“The faster you cum, the faster we can move on.”

After a while, the brunette began trembling and judging from the flushing of her body, I knew she’s pretty much aroused by now. Her cunt would be really wet and welcoming. I was right when I gave the vibrator a light nudge and the whole thing sank right into her pussy. As if like a loaded spring being released, the girl jerked her hips away. The vibrator came loose from my grip and fell out of her pussy and onto the bed.

“Aww, is that too powerful for you?” I remarked snidely at the panting girl.

I climbed up the bed and straddled the brunette, my ass pinning her hips down onto the bed. With one hand, I pressed one of her thigh down, forcing her to open wider. I retrieved the vibrating dildo from the bed and plunged it right back to the brunette’s pussy. Her reluctant opening widened and sucked in the vibrating device. The girl tensed up but this time, she wasn’t able to move much.

“Pllllleeeeaaaasseeee stopppp…” the girl wailed and I instantly regretted not having her gagged. It wasn’t like I was afraid of the neighbors hearing the girls’ cries. It was just that their shrieks were really getting on my nerves. I would gag them later on, especially the brunette. But for now, I had to make do.

I pumped the vibrating dildo in and out of her. Her snatch quivered at the intense stimulation and the brunette squealed like a fucking banshee. Her thigh tensed so hard I thought she might even get herself a cramp. Cramp could seriously tear a muscle fiber, which was not something that I wanted. So I let her thigh go and watched her snapped it up to attempt to close her pussy. The chain rattled and stopped her from closing it entirely, allowing me an ample amount of space to keep working her pussy real hard.

“Ughhh…..” she let out a guttural groan as if she’s struggling to keep herself from cumming. Well, not on my watch. I hastened my strokes against the helpless pussy and finally, the brunette surrendered to the stimulation and let out a powerful jet of girly cum. It wasn’t as much as the blonde, but if was enough to be considered as a squirter.

I pulled the dildo out and watched the cunt gaped as if it too needed air. When the cunt stopped gaping, I filled it up with the dildo all over again.

“Ahhh, please stop.” the brunette cried.

“Please stop what?”

“Please stop, master. Please oh please.” she cried out a girly squeal and her pussy unleashed yet another torrent of cum out as if to reward my hard work.

“Good girl.” I climbed down from the bed and tossed the used toy onto an empty basket. I turned back to look at the two girls and marveled at my handiwork. The bedsheet had to be changed, that’s without a doubt. But for now, I would let these two rest a little. The blonde, while I was working on the brunette, seemed to have dozed off. And I was pretty sure the brunette’s going to follow soon.

Well, it’s only been an hour. There’s still a lot of time left before I intended to let them go. There’s no rush.

Chapter 4

I went back to the hotel. I needed to show the hotel’s CCTV that I was not away for long period of time. The more I was seen at the hotel,  less of a suspect I would be in the eyes of any potential investigator. In fact, just as I expected, there were already policemen at the lobby of the hotel asking questions. As I approached the elevator, one officer came up to me.

“Good day sir.” he said in a very accented English. “Have you see these two girls before?” he showed me two pictures. One was the blonde and the other was the brunette.

“Yeah.” I said.


“Seen them at the bar by the beach.” I knew I couldn’t lie about this detail as the bar had CCTV.


“Yesterday afternoon. Why?”

“Just a routine investigation. Can I have your information?” the officer asked.

I gave him all my fake identification. Under simple investigation, my identity was as legit as any other. Only upon intense scrutiny would they know that the identity was fake. But by then, I would have been in another country or had a new identity all together. Then again, I had a feeling that this officer wouldn’t go beyond the simple checkup.

I went up to my room and took a quick shower to wash off the dried sweat. The shower was a relief and part of me knew that the girls needed shower too and really soon. I hated dirty slaves and even if I hated these to girls more, I still didn’t want them to smell like yesterday’s piss. After washing myself off, I called for room service and ordered my lunch.

While waiting for the room service to come, I retrieved my laptop from the safe and linked it up to a private server. A few moments later and the laptop screen displayed the footage of the hidden camera on the ceiling of the lot. From this angle, I could see the splayed form of the two girls on the large king size bed. The two were already awake and were screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, they could scream all they want and not a single soul would hear them. The studio used to be rented by wannabe rock bands and the entire wall was fitted with soundproof matting. The two would realize how futile it was to scream for help very soon.

The room service came shortly after and delivered the things I ordered. I took my time to eat the meal since I couldn’t leave too quick as it would be suspicious. I had to stay at least an hour before I could go. In my line of work, one could never be too careful. When the hour’s up, I took off into the market and bought food for the girls. I didn’t know what they liked but as long as it wasn’t fried insect, I was pretty sure their hungry stomach wouldn’t complain much. I even got two dog bowls from the local pet shop, one’s pink and the other’s light green, which are essential for their punishments.

When I entered the lot, the girls squealed in fear. The brunette pleaded as usual and the blonde conveniently added in as if they had both planned to negotiate in advance to convince me to let them go. The brunette told me how much I would be getting and the blonde topped up the amount to twice of that offered by the brunette. Well, if only the girls knew that no amount of money could get their sorry asses out of this. Besides, I would let them go, eventually. But these two didn’t need to know that for now.

“Shut up. Anymore sound coming from your mouth and I will stuff something in it.”

That shut them up immediately. I went to prepare their food, which were some kind of porridge with meatballs in them. It wasn’t in anyway vile but to these two, who dined all their lives with chateau wine and caviar, it would be. And I was counting on that.

I poured the viscous matter into the dog bowls. Then, I went to the wooden box and picked up a cattle prod. It was of course tweaked a little to reduce the amount of current in the shock. Leather isn’t the same as delicate feminine skin. I never liked damaging my slaves and I ensured the cattle prod’s power was never too high. Still, it would definitely still hurt.

I pulled on the balaclava and then proceeded removing the girls’ blindfolds. The bright light blinded them temporarily while their eyes adjusted. Soon, the two sets of teary eyes, one hazel brown and one bright blue, fell on me. I waved the cattle prod in front of them and then triggered the tool. A spark sizzled between the two tiny metal prong.

“I’m going to untie you one by one. If you try to do anything stupid, like say escaping, bloody pray that you get away. Because if you don’t, I’m going to make sure that you wish you weren’t born a female.”

The two girls squirmed at the threat. They had sampled just how rough things could get just a moment ago and obviously didn’t want anymore of it. I went to the brunette first. I unclasped the chain to her collar and then one by one, I released her limbs. I held her tightly by her delicate neck and yanked her out of the bed.

“Please. Just let us go.” she sobbed. “Owh!”

“Every time you talk without permission, I will shock you.” I warned and nudged her forward with the cattle prod. She limply went to the spot where I had laid the dog bowls. I grabbed one of the nearby chain and then locked it into her collar hook. It had a mechanism that required some skills to open so no slave could open it on the fly and escape.

“Now, get down on your four.”


I pressed the button on the cattle prod and electricity surged through the brunette’s skin.

“Ouch!” she cried and quickly got onto her four.

“Good girl. Now eat. The pink bowl is yours.”

She looked up to me with a frown of confusion. But the girl had obviously learned not to speak unless given permission to as she remained quiet.

“You may speak.” I informed.

“Fork and spoon.”

“There’s no fork and spoon. Use your mouth and only your mouth.” I said and couldn’t help but smiled at the look of horror in the brunette’s face. I went back for the blonde and dragged her to the same spot. She was very forthcoming now, as though she kind of realized that talking too much wasn’t going to save her skin anymore than begging the sun for rain.

“Now eat up.”

“But we-” the blonde spoke and received a shock from the prod.

“Ask for permission before you speak.”

The blonde’s face contorted in an emotional dilemma. In one hand, she was obviously new to the ‘getting permission’ department. On the other, she disliked the pain she would receive every time she breached the code. It was fun watching the girl contemplated while tears stung her eyes.

“May I speak?” she finally asked in surrender.


“We can’t eat this.” she looked at the two bowl of grub.

“Why not?”

“It’s disgusting.”she sniffled.

“You have even tried it yet. How would you know?”

“We never eaten something like this.” the blonde choked on her own sob.

“Well, I tell you what. This food is going inside you one way or another. If you don’t eat it, or can’t finish it, I will shove it all up into you through the other end.”

“Y-you won’t.” the blonde said in complete disbelief.

“You want to try?” I growled. Not that I would since there’s a high chance of causing unwanted bowel infection. Still, as the saying goes, they didn’t need to know.

The two girls exchanged a look of despair before reluctantly lowering their head onto the meal. One bite after another, they began consuming the food on all four. That would certainly shatter whatever self-esteem they still had left. I found it to be very effective in subduing a slave, as though it solidified the notion that they were owed in every sense of that word.

It was slow and deliberate at first. But as they began to realize how tasty the food was, they appetite grew. Small bites turned into larger ones. I watched their heads bobbed up and down as they munched away at the dog bowl. I couldn’t help but to enjoy their cute butts propped up into the air as they ate.

I went back to my seat and checked the state of severity of the search. So far none of the news outlet had yet knew of the kidnapping. It wouldn’t be long though. Whatever the case, I needed to release the two before the news get wind of it and made this whole thing public. When it’s public, the police would be forced to search harder. It wouldn’t be long for the police to find me after that.

After half and hour or so, I checked back on the two, they were both trying their best to finish up the few bits of the grub at the edges of the bowl. No doubt they were terrified that I really was going to go through with what I said and shove whatever leftover into their assholes. Satisfied with what I saw, I pulled the bowls away. The two girls looked up at me in utter fear that it was almost comical. The fact that their faces were covered with grub added to the amusement.

“You won’t be able to eat them anyways. And no, I’m not going to shove them in your assholes.” I informed and saw the two girls visibly relaxed.”Now, time for your training.”

“Emmm…” the brunette whimpered.

“Don’t worry, if you are a good girl, I will make it enjoyable.” I remarked. I went with the blonde this time. Once I had her collar unclasped from the chain, I pulled her towards one of the wooden stocks.

“No.” she retreated only to collide her back with my body. I wrapped my arms around her small frame and carried her to it.

“That’s one.” I cryptically said when I placed her down on her feet. She immediately tried to run away as expected of all new slaves. I grabbed hold of her neck and forced her down until it was rested on the semi-circle carved out of the wood panel.

“That’s two.” I informed. “Now, put your hands on the curve.”

“No you sick pervert.” she screamed and struggled.

“That’s three strike now. Slut.” I growled. I grabbed the short chain installed to the wooden panel and clasped it onto the blonde’s collar, trapping her head at where I wanted her to be. Then, I secured each wrist before finally swinging the other half of the stock over the top and locked the blonde in place.

“Ahhhh….let me go you sick fuck!” she tried to pull away but the stock kept her body in place and at a ninety degree bent.

“That’s four now, slut. You really don’t want the count to be too high.” I warned as I knelt down by her legs. I pulled her legs apart and then locked each ankle to the respective shackle bolted to the ground. I took a step back and looked at the setup. The blonde was certainly in a very humiliating position where her bare ass was in complete display and her legs parted considerably for easy access to her pussy. I checked the restraints again making sure they were secure and weren’t cutting off blood to any limb.

I went to the wooden box and opened up the cover. In there, I grabbed a bottle of lube, a length of climbing rope and a butthook. The blonde turned wide-eye staring at the stuff that I was bringing to her.

“Get away from me!” she cried while pulling against her restraints.

“That’s five, slut.”

“I don’t fucking care. Let me out or I will fucking kill you.” she barked rabidly.

“It seems like you haven’t learned anything.” I turned around to the wooden box and retrieved a ballgag. I went back to her and the first thing I did, despite her vehement resistance, was installing the ballgag. “There, much quieter.” \

The blonde’s eyes were bloodshot with both anger and despair. I gave her a pat on her head and then walked around to her ass. I squeezed a generous amount of lube onto the bulbous tip of the butthook and spread it evenly with my fingers. Then, I hooked my arm around her stomach and held her still. Once I had a firm hold on her, I eased the butthook right into her tight asshole.

“Emmmmmpphhhh…” the blonde cried a muffled protest.

I ignored her and kept up the pressure. Eventually, her asshole yielded and spread open for the bulbous tip to enter. There’s a guttural groan coming from the blonde as I eased the hook deeper into her. Once the hook was firmly secured inside her, I tied one end of the climbing rope around the hook and then inserted the other end of the rope through a tiny ring installed at the top of the wooden stock. I pulled the rope until the blonde began to arch her back and her butt perk up. Satisfied with the taut of the rope, I finally tied a simple knot around the ring to keep everything in place.

I put some lube on my fingers and then jabbed them into the blonde’s propped cunt. The blonde cried out of her gag but her ass remained relatively still. I increased the pace and fingered her hard. Her ass had remained still the entire minute of harsh fingering. Obviously, the hook had worked perfectly. Either that or she really enjoyed being fingered. But then again, no slave liked being fingered that harshly on their first day, or the first week for that matter.

I turned to the brunette now. She was already a sobbing mess, no doubt, after witnessing the way her friend was being bound. There’s another wooden stock right beside the blonde’s and it was still empty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s going to fill in that place.

“Your turn, whore.” I said and went to her. She scampered away like a terrified rat while shaking her head. I couldn’t help but to smile at the recognition of her own fragility. She truly realized how weak she was and if she hadn’t, the next hour would solidify that notion properly.

Hell, I might have been cruel, or sadistic for that matter. But whatever that I had done to them was very much the same a BDSM enthusiast would pursue. Unknown to these two, however much I hated them and wanted them punished, I still kept safety the highest priority. But boy I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy scaring the living crap out of them.

“Either you be a good girl and get yourself into the stock, or I can haul your ass there and then whip till your ass bleed. Your choice, whore.” I informed.

“I’ll go there on my own.” the brunette sniffled and sobbed.

“Good girl.”

I unclasped the chain from her collar and ushered her to her inescapable fate. She obediently placed her neck and wrists onto the semi-circles and let me locked the stock in place. Then, I went to her ankles and secured them to the ground as I had done with the blonde’s. Once I got her secured, I fetched a ballgag, a butthook and rope from the wooden box. Within a minute, I had two beautiful young things, stocked and hooked, ass perked up and cunt exposed, gagged and helpless, and ready to be trained.

From the wooden box, I picked up a cushioned spanking paddle. These girls couldn’t handle the wooden paddles yet and I was not that much of a sadist. I went back to them and began rubbing the smooth leather surface of the paddle against her ass cheeks. The blonde squirmed against the restraints and mewled through the gag.

I lifted the paddle about a foot and sent it back down. A loud smack cracked the silence of the room. The blonde lunged an inch forward before coming back to position.

“Five strikes, slut.” I reminded. “Each strike earns you five extra spanking. First strike, never speak without permission.” I then landed five consecutive smacks onto her bare butt. The nubile flesh jiggled at each hard strike.

“Emmmmpppphhhh…” the blonde squealed bloody murder.

“Shut up. You deserve it.” I reprimanded and landed yet another five smacks, each one slightly harder than the next. The once pale ass began to turn red.


“Did you just say ‘fuck you’?” I asked rhetorically in a very ominous tone. I knew exactly what my slaves even when they were gagged. It was a skill I developed over years of training them. The blonde quickly went silent as though she realized how much trouble she’s in right now.

“When will you ever learn my little slut.” I sighed and went to the wooden box. After a quick search, I found what I was looking for. I went back to the blonde and knelt in front of her. Then, I showed her the content I had in my hand. They were to silvery clips with weights attached to it. “Do you know what they are for?”

The blonde swallowed nervously and shook her head slowly.

“I will show you.” I grabbed her by her left nipple and clamped the silvery clip on it. The blonde cried in pain and then cried once again when I fastened the clip to the other nipple. “Better watch your mouth, slut. Or else the next thing I clip will be your sorry cunt.”

The blonde blinked in the tears but still didn’t not look away from my eyes. Almost as if she was challenging me, taunting me to do my worst. But as a trained slaver, doing my worst was not something I would ever go for. It’s too risky and too damaging to the slaves. Still, I enjoyed a little challenge. And I would be loving every single moment in breaking this bitch in.

“Let’s continue.”

I resumed the spanking. I took my leisure and spanking the blonde. Each stroke began to be more erratic and unpredictable than before. When the blonde thought that I would spank her, I ended up with rubbing the paddle on her warm ass. Each spank also sent her lurching forward and the weighted clips swung back and forth pulling against her nipples. I loved the way how her body responded as she slowly grew wetter by the second. Some females have a tendency to get aroused when being dominated and looked like this blonde here belonged to that category.

When I had finally delivered the promised twenty strokes, the blonde was squirming in heat. Her pink pussy lips were glistening with wetness and a few droplets of her arousal had slid down along her inner thigh. I tapped the paddle lightly onto her heated sex and teased it further.

“You are turned on by the spanking, aren’t you?” I remarked snidely. “You are such a little horny slut.” I added. It was some kind of mental manipulation on my part. Being told the same thing over and over again and you will be exactly that.

I turned my attention to the next girl. She had been neglected for long enough and she too deserved a spanking of her own. When I saw the swollen lips the brunette’s pussy, and the beads of arousal rolling out of her gaping opening, I chuckled in amusement. It seemed like the anticipation of being spank was enough to get this one all wet and horny.

“Look at what we have here.” I mused loudly and pushed two fingers into the wet hole.

The brunette moaned in what sounded like delight and ground her ass against my fingers. It seemed little brunette here too loved to be dominated. I had seen slaves becoming submissive within the first few hours and began to enjoy the training rather than hate it. But still, training shouldn’t be all enjoyment and no pain. I had long learned not to be carried away by the seemingly accepting behavior of the slaves and failed to train them appropriately.

“Aren’t you a dirty little whore?” I mocked, hoping that the words would jar her off the state of arousal she was possessed by. Immediately, the brunette shook her ass in whatever narrow space afforded by the hook. Her moans were no longer derived from arousal but from irritation.

I pulled my fingers out of her and then administered ten smacks onto her lovely round ass. I watched her body tensed and relaxed at each smack. Blood rushed to the hurt area and her ass turned red and spotty. Evidently, she went back into the state of arousal that had once possessed her. Her cunt was practically drooling with need.

“Look at your worthless cunt, whore.” I mused as I rubbed my fingers along the wet crevice. “It’s so wet and ready. I’m sure you want something big and hard inside you right now.”

The brunette mewled in what sounded like somewhere between wanting me and hating me.

“Do you want me to fuck your worthless cunt, little whore?” I asked salaciously while my finger gently prodded the troubled flesh.

The brunette raised her ass slightly as if searching for more stimulation from my finger. I eased the pressure off a little, keeping my touch frustratingly light. She seemed to notice my deliberation and grunted in annoyance. I watched her grinding ass with amusement as she desperately sought the stimulation my oh so teasing finger provided.

“Do you want me to make your slutty pussy cum?” I teased and pushed my finger one knuckle into her. A light moan escaped the brunette’s throat. I roughly pulled the gag off her mouth, causing the girl to yelp. As I sank my finger deeper inside her, she squeaked.

“You have to beg if you want to cum.” I informed with a snide smirk. I couldn’t say I wasn’t proud of myself to see the girl who once thought she could walk all over me now found herself in the verge of begging me for relief.

I watched her eyes blinked with needs. At the same time, I saw the battle that she was fighting inside her head. The battle that all new slaves had. To resist and suffer or to surrender and relieved. Most battle always ended up with the slave giving in and even if the slave didn’t at first, a few hours of constant teasing would convinced her otherwise.

“You want to cum don’t you?” I goaded and shoved a second finger into her wet opening.

She shut her eyes tightly and shook her head.

“No? Well, I’m not so sure if that’s what your body wants?” I moved the fingers out only to slid them all the way in. Her legs gave way a little, the hook pulled against her asshole, and she quickly straightened back up. Poor little sweet cake had no where to go but to endure my teasing.

“Ahhh…please.” she whimpered.

“Please what, whore? What do you want?”

“Emmmm…I want…to cum.” she whined.

“Only a whore can cum on a stranger’s fingers. Are you a whore?” I teased further.

She said no but her ass kept grinding on my fingers. Her pussy clenched relentlessly around my fingers, as if it was begging for more.

“Come on. You can say it. Say ‘I’m a whore’ and you can cum all you want.” I goaded. All new slaves needed a little encouragement to get them going. Needed a little ‘yeah, it’s normal to admit that’ kind of talk.

“I’m…” she mewled and then clammed up.

“You are what?” I continued to work on her drenched pink lips. “You don’t say it, you don’t get to cum.”

“I’m a whore.” she finally cried out in utter desperation.

“Good girl.” I rewarded her with a third finger. “Now say it like you mean it.”

“Please. Just let me cum.”

“You know what you need to do to cum.”

A short silence later and the brunette began repeating the words as if her life depended on it. Every time she said it, I would move the fingers faster, rewarding her for her compliance.

“Now beg me to make your worthless pussy cum.”

“Please make my worthless pussy cum, master. Please make this whore cum.” she cried out.

And that was all I needed to go full force on her pussy. She let out a guttural groan before her ass trembled violently and gush of feminine cum shot out of her stimulated cunt. While she squirted, I kept my pace and fingered her further till she began to struggle against the hook and shackles to seek reprieve. The restraints kept her relatively still while my fingers continued with the assault and before long, her cunt surrendered another bountiful dose of cum to me.

“That’s it, whore. You like that don’t you.” I patted her butt patronizingly. “Now that I’ve made you cum, I think it’s only fair that you make me cum as well.”

I unbuckled my pants and pulled out my hard erection. I had been waiting for too long and my cock was already aching with the need for release. I remembered the snark remark she had made on the beach yesterday and had vouched to return the favor. I penetrated her wet sex harshly. The warm welcoming nubile opening sucked me in and wrapped around me tightly.

“Oh, god. You have a tight pussy.” I shuddered as the pleasure spread through my body.

“You are so big!” she protested. I might have heard wrong but it did sound like she wasn’t completely disgusted by the fact that I had my cock inside her. Most slaves did. On the first day at least. Hence the restraints. Well, whatever. Like it or not, her pussy wasn’t going anywhere until I said so.

I pulled my cock out and then pounded hard into her once more. The brunette lurched forward from the momentum only to be pulled back to receive the next thrust. Sounds of wet flesh rubbing against wet flesh reverberated through the room. My hips smacked against her ass at each violent blow.

When I felt my balls twitching with the promise of release, I hastened my pace. The stock squeaked at the seams and the chains rattled at the roughness done to the occupant while screams of what sounded like pure ecstasy echoed in the room.

“You like that don’t you? You like being fucked like a whore.” I growled as I approached my release.

“Yes. Ahh…I’m your whore. Fuck my worthless cunt, master.”

Her unexpected respond hit me like a lit candle on the powder room and I felt my balls clenched. The floodgate fell open. A surge of cum rose through my hard throbbing flesh and rope after rope of my potent seeds filled up the brunette’s inviting cunt.As soon as the cum hit her, her pussy clenched hard around my cock, milking me, drawing more cum out of me. I growled and the girl squeal as we both hit our climax hard.

With my balls drained, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and watched the thick white cum leaked out of her snatch. She was a really good fuck, I had to say. In fact, her cunt might have been the best I had fucked. And to my surprise, she had enjoyed it much that I anticipated. I didn’t like the fact that her punishment had become her entertainment but the orgasm she gave me was more than enough to compensate.

“Are you on pills, whore?” I asked. The last thing I wanted was accidentally fathering a child with a slave. It didn’t make good business.

“Yes.” she panted.

“Good girl.” I gave her ass a little pat and turned to the now neglected blonde.

Apparently, this little naughty slut was leaking all the while her friend was being fucked. Her cunt was as wet, if not, wetter than the cunt of the now well fucked brunette. However much I would love to fuck her cunt too, my old age certainly hadn’t been too agreeable with my body. My cock was limp and it would take about an hour before I could pound her. Still, there’s various toys in the wooden box that could do the same job.

I went and picked out a dildo as thick as my cock. Grabbing a stool nearby, I positioned myself in front of the blonde’s bare ass. Her inner thighs were glistening with rivulet of her arousal flowing out of her cunt. I tipped the dildo right at her opening and shoved it in without any warning. The blonde lurched forward and let out what almost sounded like an appreciated moan.

I grabbed hold on her gag and just like it with the brunette, I yanked it down. The blonde let out a loud gasp as if she finally caught a breath of fresh air.

“Do you want to cum too, slut?”

“Fuck you.” the blonde hissed.

“Still haven’t learned your lesson, I see.” I said nonchalantly while shoving the dildo into her a few times.

“Ahhh…” she quivered with needs.

“Beg me and I will forgive you.”

“You will never get away with this.” she threatened while squirming to find some sort of relief for her troubled pussy.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I will. Now, do you want to come?” I kept the dildo sliding in and out of her sedately. Enough to edge but not enough to make her cum.

“Go to hell.”

“Been there.” I casually said. Not that these two knew what hell really was. I doubt they didn’t even realize they were in heaven throughout their sheltered lives. And if they thought this was hell, wait till they got kidnapped by a sadistic slaver. This was far from hell.And to some, it might even be the haven of salvation. “So, cum or no cum?”

“Stop asking me!” she growled .

I shrugged and kept the dildo sliding in and out of her eager cunt. The blonde trembled while squirming against her restraints. Every time she pulled too hard against the butthook she would snap back into the default position. There’s simply no escape from the bondage and the sooner she realized that I was not going to stop fucking her cunt, the faster we could move on.

“Your cunt is leaking like crazy.” I remarked. The sloppy sound of the dildo sliding against her moist flesh was a testament to that.

“Stop!” she whimpered.

“I’m not going to stop until you cum.” I said and gave her ass a slap. “And I’m not letting you cum until you beg. Either way, you aren’t going anywhere until I get what I want.”

“You are evil!”

“I’m surprised you only realize that now.”

“Ahhh…stop…” her voice croaked and thick with arousal.

“You know how to stop it, slut.”

“Ugh…stop. Please.” she pleaded.

“Try again”

I moved the dildo faster and when she tensed as if she’s at the verge of release, I slowed the movement. The blonde undulated her hips a little, obviously trying to illicit more pleasure out of the dildo. But no amount of undulation could help her if she did not beg. I would simply slow down enough to compensate for the unwarranted movement.

“Okay. Okay! I give up. Ugh! Please make me cum.”

“Try again with more sincerity.”

“Emmmm…” she whined. “Please make me cum master.”

“You want me to pound this cunt till it squirt.”

“Y-yes…” she whimpered.

“You want me make you squirt like a slut?”

“Y-yessss…please just make me cum already. Master.”

That was a good enough answer and I hastened the motion. I drove the dildo in and out of her fast enough to drag her pussy lips along at every stroke. The sound of wet flesh slapping grew louder and louder until the blonde began squealing in orgasmic delight. The cunt clenched and squeezed the dildo out of it before shooting out a stream of transparent liquid onto the floor. It almost looked like she had just pissed herself.

“Good girl. That wasn’t too hard now, was it?”

The blonde girl began to sob in despair. It was the kind of crying when a slave had been broken. I had robbed her sense of control and forced her to reconcile with the fact that she was nothing but an sexual object. A lot of slaves went through such a phase and ultimately most surpassed it. Still, I knew I had made my point and these girls had received the punishment they so deserved.

“How is it being treated like shit?” I grabbed the blonde by her cheeks and held her eyes to mine.

The blonde only sobbed and cried harder.

“Not that good isn’t it. Next time, try not to piss off people you don’t know. They might turn out to be your fucking nightmare. And you too.” I turned to the brunette, whose eyes were red with tears.

“Now, can I have your daddy’s number. I need to make a call so they know where to find their missing little girls.”

Chapter 5

I made a call to the blonde’s father through an encrypted channel. However the movies would like you to believe that it takes a minute to crack your location, current technology can do it in a few microseconds. Encryption is always the best way to stop people from finding where you are.

Needless to say, the blonde’s daddy was terrified by the kidnapping and had offered ransom even when I didn’t ask for it. But ransom was too slow and too risky, and I never wanted the money in the first place. I told him that he would know where to get the girls in an hour and told him to make preparation to receive them.

Of course he didn’t know about the deeds done to his daughter. He would know soon enough when his little girl confide everything to him. Or maybe not. Who knows.

I used the remaining one hour I have with the girls to clean them up of any incriminating evidence. That included douching out the brunette and get every last drop of my cum out of her pussy. Then, I gave the two a mild dose of sedative and watched them go to sleep. Once they were out, I picked them up and took their naked form to the van.

I drove a good ten miles away from the lot and parked my van near an alleyway. I took the girls out and placed them behind a dumpster and covered them with a blanket. I wouldn’t want anyone to stumble across their naked form and start raping them. They had received their punishment and that was the end of it. Once I was sure that they were safe, I retreated to an inconspicuous vantage point that allowed me to look into the alleyway.

I gave the blonde’s dad a call and told him where exactly his daughter was. Ten minutes later, three black sedans pulled up on the street and a dozen of men in suit leapt out. It didn’t take long for them to find the girls and then lifted their slumbering form into one of the cars. The three cars drove off into a distance.

I came down from the vantage point, got into my van, and then headed back to the hotel. There were more police surrounding the area. But they weren’t questioning. They were more like patrolling, as if the hotel had become a dangerous place for illicit business or something and needed the extra vigilance. I had no doubt that my action was responsible for that. Nevertheless, they would come and go. And everything would return to normal real soon.

There was no report of the kidnapping in any media outlet. Apparently, the kidnapping must have been too brief for the news to catch on. Either that or the girls’ parents had silenced the press. I would place my bet on the latter since no parents would want the public to know that their daughters had just been raped and found naked at a dumpster. Especially not parents with a multi-billion dollar company to manage and social image to uphold.

The lot was cleaned with a group of professionals to rid off any form of evidence that would lead the investigators back to me. Not that there was much investigation going on anyways. Still, one could never be too careful. The lewd furniture were dismantled and were taken into storage together with the wooden box filled with sex toys.

I checked out of the hotel three days later and went back to the States. It was time to find my next potential slave to be trained and sold. It certainly isn’t a good career path but sometimes, someone has to do the dirty job to remind society why they should never keep their guard down and continued to be vigilant.


I was sipping a Gin and Tonic at the very same bar by the beach. The bartender was different now. Nevertheless, the Gin and Tonic was quite the taste to behold coming from this tiny shack.

Just around an hour ago, I had sold a slave to a successful stock broker. The man obviously could have gotten any women he had wanted with the amount of money he earned. But he needed to feel the excitement derived from the purchasing of a slave. It wasn’t so much about the money or the woman, it was more of the act of buying a slave itself. At least he didn’t seem like a person with a soul of a demon and my slave was kind of fond of him too.

Since I hadn’t had any slave to train, and my previous dealing had paid me a rather handsome paycheck, my schedule was cleared for the coming few weeks. I had decided to come back to Honduras, to the very same beach I did my business a year ago and enjoy the peace and quiet the crashing of waves provided.

Then, a loud bubbly giggle shattered that silence, invoking some stark memories I had of this place. I turned to the direction of the sound and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was the blonde and the brunette I kidnapped a year ago. They were wearing skimpy bikinis as usual and cheerfully walked their way to the bar as if nothing bad had ever happened to them.

I studied them for a while. They didn’t seem like they had changed much. Or at least as far as I could remember them. The brunette still had her hair cut short while the blonde’s was shoulder length.

When the blonde saw me, she stopped dead on her track. Then, the brunette quickly followed when her eyes landed on mine. The two frowned a little and I nonchalantly tipped my glass at them. Surely they couldn’t know that I was the one who fucked them a year ago. I had made sure they couldn’t see me.

They cautiously came up to me and when they were only inches from my face, the blonde spoke. “I know you.”

“I know you too. You slapped my drink to the ground a year ago.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry about that. I was a little drunk back then.”

“Apology accepted.”

When I thought that was about it, that the girls would then leave me alone and never find me again, the brunette leaned in until her mouth was right by my ear side.

“You know, we kind of missed you, master.” she said coyly.

“I’m not sure I’m following you.” I played dumb.

“We know it’s you right from the start, master.” the blonde said softly and giggled. I frowned as I realized my victims had remembered me. Which would be really bad news since they could just tell the police and I would be done with it. But these two didn’t seem to want to inform on me.

“We would love to go back to that place to spend the week. If that it okay.” the brunette suggested.

“I’m not sure if your daddies will allow that.” I cocked an eye.

“As long as we called them once a day, they would be fine. You can hold our phones to our ears while you fuck us.” the brunette blushed.

“I’ll see what I can do. Now run along.”

“You know where to find us?”

“You won’t be able to hide from me even if you wanted to.” I remarked with a certain promise of execution.

The two girls giggled and then bounced away leaving me hard and disturbed. I pulled out my phone and called in a favor with the workers. It seemed like my training duty would never be over.




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A Birthday Present for The Wife

When I heard the door bell rang, I jumped up from the couch with excitement. Today was my birthday and I knew my husband had prepared a present for me. He had been secretly typing away in his computer for the last two weeks when he thought I was sleeping. I tried to hack into his computer and hoped to find some revelations, only to be disappointed that his password was not the same anymore. I had been bugging him ever since but he kept his mouth zipped.

“So?” I asked cryptically when I opened the door.

“So?” he mimicked my tone and a sly smirk formed on his lips.

“Oh come on. You have to tell me what it is?” I pouted. “It’s my birthday. I deserve to know.”

He stepped through the doorway, closed the door behind him, and then pressed me up against the wall with his lips on mine. I inhaled the woody scent of his cologne as we tasted each other. My pussy quivered in excitement; the heat of arousal brewed between my legs. He pulled away and then planted a possessive kiss right on my forehead.

“Impatient little minx. You will know soon enough.” he reprimanded lightly and then gave my ass a light swat.

“It better be a good one.” I huffed.

“It will be nothing like before. I promise.” he smiled and then ushered me into our room.

We stripped each other and went into the shower. We made out a little bit before I started washing him. Once he was thoroughly shampooed, I paid a little extra attention on his cock, just a little, he did the same for me. After that, we washed ourselves clean and then changed into our dinner night outfit.

It was always the same at every special occasion. Anniversary. Valentine’s day. Christmas. His birthday. My birthday. We would go out and spend a little extra on dinner to indulge ourselves. Tonight, we planned to go to the Palace of Versailles. Not the real one in France, of course. It’s a luxurious restaurant by the same name that opened up not long ago a few blocks away from where we stayed.

“Shall we?” he held out his hand and I took it.

“Can’t you tell me already? I’m dying to know.”

“Patience, my little kitty.” he teased and I scrunched my nose at him.

He really wasn’t going to divulge what he had planned. Which made me all the more hot and bothered. The last time I had my birthday, he took me to a hotel, tied me to the balcony, and fucked me senseless over the rails. It was extremely hot and I still kind of missed the cold wind blowing through my naked body while being fucked.

And before that, he had taken me to his office during the night and made me ride his cock at the middle of the fucking meeting table. I vaguely remembered that the next day was the board meeting with the directors. It’s a kind of kink for me and he knew it since the day we dated each other. Every time I had my birthday, he would plan something kinky for me. I knew it. That’s why I was hot and bothered not knowing what’s to come.

But I couldn’t blame him for not telling. Anticipation was half the fun, after all. I had done the same to him during his last birthday. I paid an unannounced visit to him during office hour and blew his cock while he was having a webcam meeting with some investors from Japan. Granted, it was very awkward to suck a cock under the table but it was still hot as hell.He came all over my face during the final drafting of the contract with the investors.

And two years back, when the business he created was finally listed and publicly traded, I did something for him to commemorate his success. I hired Sam, an eighteen year old college student trying to earn a quick buck over Craig’s list, to double team my husband with me. I remembered how much he had liked it when the girl and I both lapped his hot throbbing cock like it was some cold summer snack. I even liked it myself watching the young girl riding my husband’s cock as if her life depended on it. There’s something hot about watching another woman enjoying my husband’s advances and I still hadn’t really got over it. It was a shame that she had a boyfriend and wished to stay faithful to him or else I would have hired her again.

Our lives had always been kinky. That’s what we loved about each other. We never let any moral obligations to get in the way of our darkest desires. We would do whatever it takes to satisfy every sexual tropes that we so desired. That’s how we showed our appreciation for one another. Call me weird but I would never want to have it any other way.

We finally reached the restaurant. My husband opened the door for me and then passed the keys to the valet. The restaurant was packed as expected. It was the weekends and it was almost impossible to get a seat here without prior bookings.

A concierge approached us as soon as we stepped into the establishment. My husband gave his name and the impeccably dressed man clicked away into his tablet. He nodded when he found my husband’s name on the list and professionally guided us to a small room that could comfortably sit four people. My husband, gentleman as ever, pulled out the chair for me before taking his seat.

He then fired off a quick succession of items, including a very fancy sounding wine, at the waiter. The waiter nodded mindfully, as if he remembered everything that had been said, and I was quite surprised that he actually caught what my husband said. I was already lost at the fifth word. The waiter, after receiving the orders, left the room.

“So, Mr. Crick. ” I licked my lips playfully while rubbing my shin against his leg. “Care to spill the secret now.”

“Why Mrs. Crick, aren’t you as impatient as ever.” he teased.

“If I blow you here, will you tell me?” I offered with a coy smile.

“I won’t tell even if you ride me.” he countered.

“Such secrecy.” I sighed.

The waiter came back in with a bottle of wine. He uncorked the bottle and poured a little into a wine glass for my husband to taste. My husband nodded and the waiter placed the bottle into a bucket of ice. As he was about to leave, I asked the waiter how long would it take for the first item to be served. He didn’t seem too happy that I had asked as he probably thought we were rushing.

“Ten minutes, madame.” he reluctantly said.

“Can you make it to fifteen minutes?” I asked and the waiter looked at me funny. “I have matter to discuss with my husband and we don’t wish to be disturbed then.”

“Very well madame.” the waiter nodded and then left the room.

“Matter to discuss?” my husband raised a brow.

“Yes. I’m just wondering if you really won’t tell me even if I blow you.” I said and then moved under the table.

“Are you testing my resilience, Mrs. Crick?” he chuckled.

“Yes I am.” I reached out to his pants and undid his zipper.

He was already rock hard when I pulled his briefs down. His cock sprang out and stood at attention. I looked at the meat in front of me. My meat. Without any hesitation, I planted a big wet kiss onto the tip of his cock. My tongue slid out and tasted the bead of pre-cum leaking out of him.

“Emm. Mr. Crick, you sure you don’t want to tell me?” I asked breathily while stroking his length.

“Mrs. Crick, you need to do better than that to get the words out of me.” he taunted.

I chuckled at his playfulness. Not wanting to lose, I angled his cock to my lips and I eased it slowly into my mouth. The friction of my soft lips against his hard cock caused him to shiver. When I pulled out, he let out a satisfied moan.

“Want to tell me now?” I asked again, my hand still stroking his now slick cock.

“Why Mrs. Crick? Tired already?”

“Stubborn boy.” I scolded and slid his cock back inside my mouth. My tongue slithered around him, tasting and feeling every inch of his skin. My hand, still grabbing the base of his cock, continued to stroke. Then, I bobbed my head up and down, up and down until I felt his thigh tensed up. I pulled it out and proceeded with licking his balls. My fingers remained diligent with the strokes.

“Want to come?” I asked. His cock was obviously troubled and in need of a quick release. “Just tell me and I’ll let you come.”

“Not in a million years, sweetheart.” he said confidently. But still, I hadn’t missed the regret in his tone.

“You really aren’t going to tell me?” I pouted as I stroked harder and faster along his shaft.

“No.” he growled, obviously close to a release.

“Really really?” I asked. My hand moved even faster. The sound of wet skin rubbing wet skin permeated the otherwise quiet room.

“Ugh…No.” he exhaled shakily.

“Fine then.” my hand stopped abruptly. His cock twitched violently at the sudden lost of stimulation. He let out a low unsatisfied groan. His hand urgently came to resume the stimulation but I secured his cock with both hands.

“Oh no you don’t.” I teased. “You don’t get to come without telling me.”

“Oh God, Mrs. Crick. You sure drive a hard bargain.” he protested.

“Tell me now and I will let you come.” I tested him once more. His twitching cock still hard and hot in my grasp.

“I’d rather not tell you.” he laughed.

“Fine then. Suit yourself.” I grumbled and tucked his hard cock back into his briefs. I pulled up his zipper and then came back out of the table. There’s a smug smile on his face. Obviously, he had won this round and I had lost my bargaining chip. I sat down on my seat in defeat and I was still a little pissed at not getting him to talk. I wiped my lips with a kleenex and then put on a new layer of lipstick.

“Having fun?” he teased.

“Not really.” I folded my arms and glared at him.

“I suppose not.” he laughed. “Oh, and by the way, you are going to pay for this tonight.” he pointed at his cock.

Right on time, the waiter came in with the first item. It was some light appetizer consisted of scallops, cheese, and vegetables. Then came the soup of the day, which was chicken mushroom with truffle toppings. The main course was duck breast bathed in sweet sauce.

As we ate, we talked about his work and about my day at home. There’s not much to talk, actually. But it was moments like these that really allowed me to understand what his work. I did casually ask loaded questions from time to time so that he might accidentally say out what he had planned. But he was too smart to fall for that and by the time we had taken our dessert, I still had no clue of what my present would be. I knew it was something kinky. It had to be. But I had no idea what.

“So, are you going to tell me or what?” I grumbled when we walked out of the restaurant. I had already given up in trying to make him talk.

“Your present?” he waggled his eyes.

“Yes. I want to know.” I demanded.

“You will know very soon my dear.” he grinned. “I’m taking you there now.”

Chapter 2

The house was unremarkable. Just like every other houses in the neighborhood. It reminded me of my parents house. Picket fences and lawns, paved curb and well trimmed shrubs. It was just your average neighborhood residence and a colossal difference compared to the penthouse that we stayed in.

“A house?” I cocked my head. “My present is a house?” I was shocked to say the least. Why would my husband buy me a house? We were already staying together in the penthouse. Was he trying to kick me out? Or something had gone terribly wrong with his business and that our once high class loft was to be downgraded to this. Not that I cared about the money but a downgrade like this was sure to be a huge blow on his pride as a man, especially on the day of my birthday.

“I love watching you getting all worried.” he pressed a finger on my forehead. “Your present isn’t the house, my dear. Your present is inside the house.”

He brought me up to the door and then unlocked it with a physical key. All we used at the penthouse was our thumbprints or the password that only we knew. I hadn’t seen a key like this for a very long time.

“What’s in the house?” I couldn’t help but to ask.

“You will soon find out.” he opened the door and then ushered me in.

As soon as I stepped in, I saw a flight of stairs in front of me. Obviously, if my parents house were of any guide, the upstairs would be the bedrooms. I walked along the hallway, not bothering to go up the stairs, and turned around the corner to find the living room.

My jaw dropped when I saw what was before my eyes. There’s a large bed at the center with black rails. I didn’t missed the leather cuffs and metal chains at each bedpost. There’s also a black bench at one end with metal shackles built onto it. On one of the wall, there’s a large tool panel, but instead of hammers and drills, it was covered with whips and cans and other sadistic implementations.

“What’s this?” I asked nervously.

“Your present.”

A shiver went down my spine. A flash of memory came back to me. I had told my husband that I would like to try out roleplay and that I would want to be forced to do something really kinky. Actually, I had told my husband pretty much a lot of kinky stuff that I would like to try out.

But still, I really hadn’t expected this. I stepped back in a little fear, and slammed my back onto my husband. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my head.

“What do you think?” he whispered into my ear with a salacious tone.

“Um…” I swallowed. I was at a lost for words. My stomach clenched at the lewd thought of being restrained, yet a big part of me didn’t want to try it out. It would have been too much.

“Strip.” I heard my husband growled.

“What?” I shivered in fear at his blatant command.

“Strip now or I’m going to tear your clothes off.”

My knees weakened and my pussy stirred. Something with his voice made me shivered with needs. But still, I had never taken a command from my husband. The rebellious part of me began to take hold and I started to struggle.

“Why Mrs. Crick, you want to play?” his voice was cold. There’s no sweet warmth that usually accompanied the words that left his lips.

“Let me go you prick.” I blurted before I realized I had just called him a prick.

“You sure are a feisty one.” he growled and began unzipping my dress.

“Stop it.” I protested while trying to get away from him. His arm held tightly around my waist and kept me in place.

When he finally had the zip all the way down, he shoved the parted garment over my shoulders and arms. That was when I managed to turn around and gave him a slap. A slap that came so naturally that it shocked me.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly said only to realize my husband hadn’t minded the slap at all. In fact, he seemed to like it as a sinister grin formed on his lips.

My heart began to race. My blood pumped in my ears. Was it fear? Or was it excitement? I couldn’t tell. But what I did know was that I needed to get away from my husband.

But my petite frame of 5’5″ was no match to him. He grabbed the bunched up dress by my waist and slid it down to my ankles. In the chaos of things, I had tried to step back only to be tripped over by my dress. My ass landed on the solid floor with a sickening thud.

“Ouch.” I groaned whilst rubbing at the ache. I thought my husband would have been concerned but instead he remained cold and distant. He stepped forward with a sick grin on his face. I scuttled backward trying to get away from him. He took yet another step and I moved further back.

Then, I found myself trapped at the corner of the living room. My husband was looming over me, his huge body shadowed my small stature. A drip of wetness slipped out of my pussy. It wasn’t pee. I knew that much.

“Your cunt’s wet.” he observed the wetspot on my panties.

“I’m not.” I denied.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” he remarked pointedly.

He bent down and lifted me off onto his shoulders as if I was a lightly packed duffel bag.

“Let me go.” I yelled while pounding my fists onto his back. He simply laughed and swatted my ass. I jerked at the harsh abuse and slammed my fists harder in retaliation.

He dropped me onto the bench with my back facing down. I tried to push him away but he was simply too strong. He straddled me by my waist to keep me in place. My hand went in for another slap only to be caught. I tried to slap him with my other hand, only to have it met with the same fate. He moved my hands and positioned them between the opened cuffs. With a little nudged, the cuffs snapped shut around my wrists, locking my hands above my head.

He removed himself from me and then went on to shackle my legs as well. I had kicked but on both attempts, he caught my ankle one after another and locked both of them into place. Once he had done that, he stood back to marvel at his handy work.

“Let me go!” I shouted defiantly as I struggled against the restraints.

“You sure are noisy.” the planted a wet kiss onto my cheek. I immediately leaned towards his face and hoped to chomp out that smug smile off. He jerked backwards, narrowly avoiding my teeth. “Feisty.”

He went towards the tool panel and grabbed something of it. When he came back, he held up a large ring with a strip of leather belt on each side. “Open your mouth.” he ordered.

“Fuck you.” I spat angrily. Not that I was actually angry but it seemed to be the right thing to do at that moment.

He smiled and then grabbed me by my cheeks. His fingers dug painfully into my flesh and reluctantly, I opened up. He slipped the ring in to the back of my teeth and then fastened the belt to hold it in place. When he was done, my mouth couldn’t close anymore, giving my face a permanently gaping hole. I tried to say something only to have the words poured out of my mouth in an incoherent slur.

“Now, where were we?” he rubbed his fingers on his chin. “Ah, yes. Let’s see how wet you’ve been.”

He slid his hand into my panties. His finger curled up and plunged knuckle deep into my moist crevice. He let out an appreciative moan.

“You are really wet, my dear.” he remarked.

I blushed into a crimson. Despite putting up a furious fight, I hadn’t noticed that my body had reacted lewdly towards the whole ordeal. I tried to clamp my legs shut only to be stopped by the bench between my legs.

His finger continued to explore further down, drawing out more juice from me. While he fingered me, his eyes scanned every inch of my exposed skin as if it was the first time he saw me half-naked. It had made me feel incredibly hot and disturbed.

He pulled the finger out of my pussy and showed the slickness that clung onto his digit. Gradually, he placed the finger into my mouth and rubbed it against my tongue. I had tried to avoid it, but his finger followed where my tongue go. Reluctantly, I began licking my own arousal off his finger.

“Good girl.” he praised. “Now, let’s start.”

My heart fluttered as anticipation fell upon me. What had he planned? Whipping? Caning? Clit torture? I hadn’t had any idea until he suddenly called out to someone by the name Samantha.

I frowned. Who the hell is Samantha?

“What took you so long, Mr. Crick?” a familiar voice protested. I bent my head forward and there she was, the eighteen year old girl that I once hired for sex, walked down the stairs and came into the living room. She was way more beautiful than I remebered. Not to mention that she was wearing only a loose t-shirt and a skimpily short denim pants.

“My wife wasn’t as willing as I had expected.” my husband said as he held out his arm. The girl sauntered into his embraced and then planted a deep long kiss on his lips as if they had been in love for a very long time.

A pang of jealousy hit me and my heart cringed. I bit onto the ring furiously as I glared at the adulteress with a murderous glare. I struggled with the restraints once again, hoping to break loose so that I could strangle that bitch. Who the hell was she, kissing my husband in such intimate ways. The girl looked at me with a smug grin and then turned back to my husband.

“I’ve been waiting so long upstairs.” she sulked. “And if you hadn’t called out, I would be touching myself right now.”

“Sorry about the wait. You must be really wet now.”

“Well.” the girl blushed a little. “Not as wet as this slut.”

Something violent broke loose inside me. I wished I hadn’t been tied up so that I could scratch that bitch’s face. I turned to my husband and gave him the look. The look that conveyed ‘What the fuck’. It was my birthday, how could he tie me up and cheat on my birthday. The bastard’s lips curled to a grin.

“Maybe I can make you as wet as her.” my husband said before kissing the girl right before my eyes. Jealousy rippled through my body and every inch of my skin prickled with fury. My muscles tensed, aching to punch the two in the face. But yet, deep down, something carnal began to stir. I looked away, not wanting the sickening feeling to bubble up. I couldn’t be aroused by watching my husband kissing another woman.

“I think I’m already as wet as her.” I heard the girl moaned. “I need your cock right in my pussy now.”

My pussy clenched deliciously at those words. My heart began to flutter as my stomach felt weighted by a more familiar, more welcomed sensation. I shook my head furiously and hoped to drive out the ludicrous feeling out of my system. There’s no way I could be aroused.

“Take off your pants, Sam.” I heard my husband said. I turned to him with disbelief. Was he really going to fuck her in front of me? Not that I hadn’t already seen that before but still, I wasn’t tied that time and I didn’t want to miss out on the action as well.

I watched in horror as Samantha slid her pants down and revealed a very pink and very young cunt. Her cunt was already wet and I noticed a trail of wetness going along her thigh. She wasn’t lying when she said she was wet.

“Which hole do you want to fuck first, Mr. Crick?” she asked coyly.

“Which hole needs my cock more?” my husband went to the young girl and gave her a light kiss.

“I think both of my holes want your cock as much as the other.”

“Well, I’m sure we have time for both.” he looked at his watch momentarily. “But first, I need to get my cock wet.”

With that said, he turned around and grabbed a fistful of my auburn hair. With a jerk, he pulled my face to his groin, his cock sliding in effortlessly into my mouth. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. He usually would pull back when he heard me gag, but this time, he held his cock in place.

My tongue slithered on the underside of his cock. I wasn’t trying to lick him. I was trying to push him out of me. But without much of a choice, my mouth was repeatedly plundered by my husband’s hard cock. After a while, he pulled back. A thick layer of my saliva now covered his entire length.

I was so engrossed by the forceful fellatio that I hadn’t noticed the young girl had already assumed a lewd position over my face. She had straddled the bench, her moist pussy hovering only a few inches from my face. She placed her hands onto her ass cheeks and parted the voluptuous flesh apart. Her pussy gaped, revealing a very wet, very slick opening, ready to receive a cock. My husband cock.

My eyes widened at the sight of my husband’s cock pressing against those young nubile lips. The lips parted, and then enveloped the huge tip of the cock. Inch by inch, I watched his throbbing cock sank deeper and deeper into Samantha.

“Emm…Mr. Crick. Your cock feels so good.” The young girl moaned pleasurably.

I sucked in a breath. A flame burned intensely between my parted legs. The subtle wetness of my panties told me just how wet I had been just by watching this unfold. I was aroused by the sight of my husband fucking another woman.

“Mr. Crick. Fuck me please.” the girl pleaded.

My husband obliged by pulling his cock out and then rammed it back in hard and fast. The shaft of his manhood slid in between the lips like hot knife through butter. I watched with amazement at the young cunt taking my husband’s fully length. Her lips were even drawn out at each pull, as if her cunt hadn’t wanted to let go of my husband’s cock.

Glistening beads of her cunt juice mixed with my saliva clung onto her pussy lips. At each hard thrust, the beads lengthened, getting closer to the opening beneath it. My gaping mouth. I watched in both horror and excitement as one was jolted loose and fell onto the tip of my tongue. It had tasted salty and a little sweet. Suddenly, I wished more of it would drop in.

And indeed it had. The sloppy action above drew more and more juice out of the young girl’s pussy and each bead landed inside my mouth without a single miss. I had savored the taste, despite I knew I shouldn’t. My pussy felt like it was as wet, if not wetter, than the leaky hole above me.

Suddenly, the cock retreated entirely out of the pussy. It happened so quickly the pussy hadn’t had enough time to close back. Then, without missing a beat, the cock plundered balls deep into Samantha’s asshole.

It was hard and fast and dirty. Creamy white mess began to accumulate around the base of my husband’s cock. Samantha squealed and panted with delight at each hard thrust and it made me very jealous that the cock was in her and not me. But it also made me really really wet that I couldn’t help but wanting to touch myself.

“Sit on her face, Sam.” my husband commanded. The cunt above me immediately came down onto my face. The wet lips gave way and my nose snuggled firmly inside her still wet, still musky hole. I didn’t know why, but I stuck out my tongue and tasted the young girl’s clit while taking a deep whiff of her gaping cunt. At each hard thrust, the young pussy slid back and forth along my face.

“Do you like it, Mrs. Crick?” the girl teased and suddenly, I felt a finger running along the crevice of my sex. I quivered at the sudden contact, as if my body had just been given an electric shock. The girl pulled my panties to the side, no doubt seeing the wetness that had formed there, plunged two fingers inside me.

I groaned and my eyes rolled back at the heavenly stimulation. Her fingers even curled periodically, creating sweet sweet friction on my g-spot. Then, I felt my pussy parted, and a warm breath caressed over my clit. As if being thrown out of a plane, my body jolted with pleasure. Samantha was suckling on my clit.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum.” I heard my husband growled.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Cum inside me Mr. Crick.” Samantha pleaded.

The pace became quickly. The cock above me slid in and out of the girl’s ass faster and harder. My husband’s balls quivered a little and after a series of powerful thrust, I watched his length twitched.

“Oh yes. Come inside me. Give it to me.” Samantha sighed. Her fingers moved furiously between my legs and before I knew it, a huge wave of orgasm crashed over my body and I shuddered relentlessly against the restraints. A gush of liquid coursed through my urethra and then sputtered out of my fingered cunt explosively.

“That feels so good.” I heard Samantha cooed. Her fingers still sliding in and out of me sedately, as if she had forgotten what she’s doing.

“I’m glad you liked it.” my husband said. “Let’s dress up now, we hadn’t got much time.”

“But I’m tired.” Samantha sulked.

“Sam. Get up now or I’ll tie you up as well.” my husband warned softly.

“You are such a sadist.” the young girl bounced up from my face, leaving a large wet stain all over me. Her musky scent still lingered as I took in a lung full of fresh air. The epic orgasm had left me breathy and jittery all over and I would really like to be let out now. I looked at my husband expectantly, signalling him that I needed to be released, that I knew it was just a ruse, that this was indeed a very kinky birthday present that I had hoped for. I even wanted to give him a kiss to have given me such a convincing setup.

“Oh darling.” he smiled at me. It was still the same cold smile, devoid of warmth. “It’s not over yet. This is only the beginning.” he planted a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

What’s he talking about? I asked inwardly.

He seemed to know what I was thinking. He pulled up his pants and tucked his already limp cock away. Then, he chuckled. “I know how much you love me and I want you to indulge in your fantasy as much as possible.”

“I know you secretly wanted to be a cuckqueen. Those stories that you’ve read, those porn sites you’ve visited, the domination, the gangbangs, the humiliation. I know everything about them.”

A shiver ran down my spine. How could he know? I had made sure every last history of the debauch website I visited was deleted. He smirked, as if he read my mind.

“Our house computer was wired to my office computer, darling. I can see what you see. And you’ve been seeing a lot of it, haven’t you?” he tenderly ran his hand along my scalp.

I blushed. My cover had been blown.

“Mr. Crick, they are here.” Samantha announced chirpily. She looked at me with a sense of envy, as if what I was about to experience was the greatest thing of my life.

“Good. Tell them we’ll be out soon.”


Who the hell are ‘them’?

“Don’t worry. They are very professional.” he said cryptically as if it had made total sense.

Samantha bounced back in to the living room with a big smile plastered on her face. “I told them to wait.”

“Good. Put on your pants. We are going now.” he told Samantha.

“Wait. I need to do one more thing.” the young girl sauntered her way to me. Then, she straddled my face. She parted her ass cheek like she had done before. I watched with unexplained excitement when the white seed of my husband oozed out of her puckered asshole. The creamy sludge fell straight into my still opened mouth. A burst of weird flavors filled my mouth. My stomach quivered delightedly at the helpless state of my body as I was forced to eat the jizz out of another woman’s ass. Is this how it feels to be a submissive?

I swallowed the warm goop down and then sighed with a strange satisfaction. Is this really me, I asked myself. The woman who felt sexually aroused watching her husband fornicating with another woman.

I watched my husband’s receding back, the girl was walking along side of him, and then the two disappeared into the corner. The door opened.

“Mr. Crick. Good day.” I heard a man said.

“Good day Jonathan. I hope you have everything covered?” my husband asked. “I don’t want my wife to be disappointed.”

“Not to worry, Mr. Crick. We aren’t charging you a million dollar if we can’t pull it off.”

“I shall put her in your capable hands then. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” my husband said. There’s some shuffling sound, then heavy footsteps, the sound of boots thumping hard on the floor.

My eyes widened in horror as I watched a throng of men, some half a dozen of them, walked in to the living room. All of them were very well-built, very muscular and bulky. All of them were wearing military boots, cargo pants and a tight t-shirt that did little to cover the bulges of their muscular form. Each of them had a duffel bag with them. Two of them were carrying a large metal box as well.

“That’s the slut?” one of them asked. I felt a sense of thrill at the rude moniker. I had never been called a slut, at least not directly face to face, but for some reason I didn’t hate hearing that word.

“Yeah. That’s her.” Another said.

“She’s a little small than she was in the picture. Can she take all of us?” said the bald black man.

“She ain’t going anywhere till she does.” the one with the golden hair smirked. He dropped his duffel bag and came up to me as he unbuckled his belt. As soon as his pants dropped away, he positioned himself between my legs. With a finger, he pulled my panties to the side, revealing my very eager hole. “Happy birthday, cupcakes.” His hips propelled forward. My wet pussy parted, stretched and inhaled the massive cock all the way in.

My hair was yanked and my head tilted backwards. My eyes fell onto a throbbing cock right in front of me. Within a blink of an eye, the cock disappeared into my gaping mouth and began fucking my throat. My bra shredded away by brute strength and the cold air bit the swell of my breasts. A mouth quickly cupped over my nipple while my other breast was being kneaded. I closed my eyes shut as I savored the welcoming sensation, the rough pounding of my cunt, the relentless plundering of my mouth and the abused done to my nipples and breasts. Soon, the promise of release came rushing back to me and not long, I quivered into a very messy, very wet and explosive orgasm.


My blurry vision fell onto a figure standing poise in front of me. As I blinked, the image became crisper and clearer. Then, the figure slowly took the form of my husband. He was watching me with an amused look on his face.

“Hello, sweetheart.” He whispered as he leaned down to kiss my head. “How are you feeling?”

“Used.” I groaned at the ache between my legs. I leaned up and saw that I was no longer on the bench. Instead, I was on the king size bed with my legs tied to the opposite bedpost. My hands were bound to the upper bedposts, forcing my body into a spread eagle. “When did you come?”

“Just a while ago. It’s eight in the morning now.” He said while looking at his watch.

“I see.” I felt a pang of disappointment looming over me. I wished he wouldn’t be here so early and spare me another couple of hours to fill up my fantasy. “Is it over?”

“Do you want it to be over?” he cocked an eye questioningly.

“No. Not really.” I said honestly. Being bounded and fucked by six men was terrifying, that much was certain, but it was also invigoratingly exciting, as if it had filled up a part of my life that I didn’t know existed.

“Good.” My husband climbed onto the bed and lied on top of me. His trapped cock pressed against the mount of my sex, causing me to yelp in discomfort. “I’m glad you really enjoyed it.”

“I did. Thanks.”

“You are welcome, darling.” He rocked his hips and the hard form of his cock molded onto me. “I need to get to the airport now.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“Japan. Samantha has just agreed to marry me. And we are going for our honeymoon.”

“What?” I snapped and tried to sit up only to realize that my limbs were still bound.

“Oh darling, why are you so shocked? Last I know, you are into being a cuckqueen, aren’t you?” The way he said out my secret fetish sent a thrill down my spine as I contemplated with the situation. “And by the way, this is as close as my cock will ever get to your dirty whore cunt.”

I watched him in utter shock as he removed himself from my naked body. He straightened out his shirt and then put on his jacket. “Samantha will be moving into our penthouse. We plan to make a few babies too. You can stay with us if you want but you will have to sleep in the maid’s room.”

My heart began to flutter and my body grew warmer. I had thought it was anger of being betrayed that was creeping into my being. But it wasn’t. It was something else. Something more carnal. Something that had turned my pussy into a leaking hole eager to be filled. I writhed on the bed as I struggled to wrap everything around my confused head.

“I will see you in two weeks.”

“T-two weeks?” I stammered.

“Yes, darling. Don’t worry, the men will take good care of you while I’m fucking Samantha bare in Japan.” He said. As he turned and was about to leave, Tim, one of the men who fucked me hard yesterday, came down the stairs.

“Morning Mr. Crick.” Tim said.

“Morning. Where’s Jonathan?”

“Out to find more hire. Your wife’s really something. Boss plans to get three more in to keep her well fucked.”

“Good. Tell him I said hi.” My husband nodded and then left the house.

Tim then climbed up onto the bed and straddled my waist. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive hard-on. He spat on his cock to lube it up. “Are you ready cupcake?”

I looked at Tim’s handsome face, his young features and tight form of his abs. My lips dried with excitement. My heart pounded in the ribcage at the sudden and new development. My husband was going to marry Samantha. They were having honeymoon in Japan. My husband’s planning to knock her up. Samantha’s going to live in my penthouse and sleep in my side of bed.

I cracked a lazy smile at Tim and raised my hips towards him. My wet eager cunt parted, ready to receive his cock. Tim rocked forward and my cuckhold pussy took the first of many cocks in with sweet delight. This was perhaps the greatest present of all time.

Epilogue 2

Dear Mr. Crick,

We are pleased to inform you that your order has been processed. We have assigned contractors to come and take a look of the room you wish to refurbish. The design of the room, as suggested by you, will be BDSM themed and all necessary equipment and furniture will be tailored to the exact specifications as stated in our previous agreement.

Thank you.

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Revenge on The Abusive Husband


Brenda, sporting a bruised eye, disheveled hair, and a cracked lip sat on the couch in morbid silence. Her body was trembling, the aches on her limbs and chest were grim reminders of the abuse she had endured barely an hour ago. The barely healed lacerations scattered over her otherwise pale smooth skin was a testament of the beating she suffered for months.

The warmly lit contemporaneously decorated living room, in another time, perhaps would have been a lovely place for a long overdue reunion with her best friend, Clara mused. She walked back to her best friend and settled a tray containing a filled teapot and two matching cups.

“Here you go.” Clara settled the filled cup onto a small plate before serving it to her friend.

“Th-thanks.” the woman choked. Clara watched the elegant China rattled unnervingly in her friend’s hands.

Questions flooded her mind immediately. What had happened to her friend? Why was she covered in bruises and lacerations? Clara recalled meeting up with her friend just half a year ago and she looked stunningly vibrant. A study of complete contrast with the current form sitting beside her.

“I don’t mean to pry or anything, but what happened to you?” Clara asked.

“I…uh…I just…” Brenda clammed up as if Clara’s question had brought back some nightmares. She noticed the tear forming at the corner of her friend’s eyes.

“Did your husband…did this?” she said grimly. When she saw the disheveled woman standing at her doorstep looking imploringly at her, Clara already had some guesses. Her best friend was married and the incriminating fact that she was here instead being at home could only mean one thing. Domestic violence.

“Emm…” Her friend hesitated for a moment and then nodded her head in defeat.

“We have to report this.” Clara hissed angrily and stood up.

“No!” her friend snapped and clutched at her hand.

“Brenda, your husband has just beaten you into a pulp.” she remarked with disgust.

“No. Please don’t go to the authority.”

“Why not?” Clara snapped in disbelief.

“Just don’t. Please. I beg you.” The last three words made Clara sick to the pit of her stomach. Why would she need to beg? What really happened? Questions that Clara knew her friend wouldn’t be answering, at least not when she’s looking like she’s about to cry. Reluctantly, Clara sat back down and sipped her warm tea to quench a burning fire in her heart.

“Thanks.” her friend sighed and then stared into her own tea cup. “C-can I st…”

“Of course you can.” Clara interjected before the question was even finished. “You can stay as long as you want.”

“You are the bestest friend.” two rivulet ran down her friend’s cheek. Clara felt her heart clenched at the solemn sight, settled both her friend’s cup and her own onto the coffee table, and pulled her friend into a hug. The woman began to sob and her body shuddered sporadically. Oh, what really happened to have cause such dismay to this woman…Clara itched to know.

A month later, a call came from the hospital informing Clara that her best friend was admitted. She drove across two states in her Lamborghini corvette as fast as she could, bordering the interstate highway speed limit. Once she reached, she searched for someone to explain things to her.

The doctor in charge of Brenda was reluctant to divulge any information at first, due to the non-existent blood relationship, but when Clara explained that she was listed in the patient’s emergency contact, the doctor relented. The attending doctor informed her that her friend was in a coma. Apparently, as described by the local police that responded to the emergency call and an eye witness testimony, Brenda had just jumped from the third floor of her house. The concussion from the fall had ruptured a blood vessel in her brain, which led to a stroke-induced coma.

“What about the husband? Is he here?” Clara asked through gritting teeth.

“He was here a moment ago. He informed us that her wife has been acting strange and always have bruises all over her body. We believe it may be a serious case of schizophrenia and persistent self-harm, but we’ll never know for sure until she wakes up. We’ve also found that she was a meth user.” the doctor informed impassively. Clara’s fists were clenched. Whatever the husband had told the doctor, Clara knew it wasn’t true. There’s no way Brenda was schizophrenic. Or a meth user.

After the doctor left the room, Clara was finally alone with her best friend. She found a chair by the bedside and took a spot that was not occupied by the various medical instrument vital for her friend’s survival. She grabbed her hand and held onto her forehead.

“Why would you do such a thing?” she sobbed. Tears trickled down from her eyes.

There was no response. Of course there’s none. Her friend was in a coma. Perhaps, as the doctor informed, she might even be brain dead in another few days if she doesn’t wake up. A month ago, she had come to stay with Clara for a few days. She almost seemed happier staying with her. She shouldn’t have let her go back. Anger surged into her like raging fiery chariot. Her red and swollen eyes were brimming with vendetta.

Although she had vouched to herself to never look into the mind of her best friend, she knew it was the only choice to find out the answers to the questions she had. Questions such as why had her friend tried to kill herself and why did she not report her abusive husband. Questions, if answered, that would give verdict to the vengeance her husband so deserved.

The room temperature began to drop. If anyone was in the room, he or she would notice the sudden chill and the skin-crawling eeriness reverberating within the four walls. Clara’s eyes began to glow into a brilliant blue. Clutching her friend’s hand tighter, the blue-eyed witch spout out several lines of what sounded like old Latin. The ancient script linked the two souls together and as soon as the connection was made, the memory of her friend came flooding through. Visions flashed over the witch’s eyes. The obscure became clear. The unknown became knowledge. Questions were given their answers. She finally knew why.

The verdict was decided and vengeance shall be delivered.

Chapter 1

George sniggered as he sipped at the glass of fine whiskey he had saved for this day. It was a shame that a nosy jogger saw her jumping off and the bitch did not die as planned. But the doctor’s skepticism of her ever waking up was enough for him to pull out the celebratory drink prematurely. After all, all he had to do now was to wait for a couple of weeks. When the doctor finally come to him with a agreement of termination of the patient, he would be more than willing to sign.

With her parents killed in a skydiving ‘accident’ three years ago, the only obstacle between him and the four hundred million dollar worth of stock asset and land properties was his fucking wife. With her out of the picture, the money would go to the next of kin, yours truly. It was a well thought out plan. Hell, he had been planning this ever since the first day he flirted with her. The bitch thought it was love at first sight. How pathetic.

He let out a low growl of excitement as he looked around him. The large house and its luxurious content, the fine arts and original paintings, the Victorian furnishing…  all of these, he said to himself, would soon be his. He could already imagine himself swimming in a pile of cash once he sold all of these rubbish.

A chime of the doorbell distracted his shameless gloating and he rolled his eyes. Fucking cops, he thought. How many questions must they be asking? Well, he couldn’t stop being the distraught husband who would do anything to help his wife now, could he? After all, he certainly didn’t need any suspicion from the cops. It would be disastrous to him if the cops decided that foul-play was involved and raised the case for a possible homicide. Disgruntled, he climbed out of the couch and lumbered to the door. Putting up a sad stricken face, he opened the door. When he saw who was on the other side, his veneer of sadness almost fell apart. It was Brenda’s hot blonde friend.

“George Black.” she sounded angry. Of course she would. Her best friend had just tried to kill herself. Any good friend would blame the husband for not doing anything to stop it. If only she knew half the things he had planned. He mused inwardly.

“Hi, Clara. Long time no see.” he used his best distraught husband voice. God, he should be winning an Oscar for this.

“May I come in? I want to talk to you.” the woman snapped.

With a sunken head, he let out a convincing sigh of helplessness and nodded. After five years of putting on the acts, he was really good at this. To any observer, he was the saddest son of the bitch on earth.

Once they were inside the confines of the large house, George did the courtesy of pouring Clara a drink. The idea of Clara getting drunk and then out of the grief for her best friend fucked him on his couch were certainly not foreign to him. This woman was sex on legs. Her face was more beautiful than average, more than the stupid wife of his. Her curves, well, those filled out her blouse and pencil skirt really nicely. He could imagine having his hands on her tits while she bounced her sweet ass onto him as she rode his cock.

“No drink?” he cocked his head. The woman shook her head. A little disappointment crept in but his facade remained impervious. “Okay. So what do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk about you trying to kill Brenda.” her words cut through him like hot knife through a beating heart. How did she figure out?

“You are losing it, Clara. You are letting grief getting into your head. I love Brenda. We both know it.” he retorted, even to the extent of looking utterly hurt by her words.

“Stop pretending.” she scoffed. “You’ve been trying to get the wealth her parents left for her, haven’t you?”

“Stop it Clara. You are making me really sad. I think of you as a sister, and so do Brenda, how could you ever say such a thing.” he had long known how to pull on heartstrings. She would cave and apologize soon. He knew it. Perhaps, she might even fuck him to make up for it.

“You are really good at acting, aren’t you?” she shook her head with impatience. “I know everything, George. I know you drugged Brenda and let in a two random guys to take her six months ago. I know you took pictures of that and later accused her for adultery. She didn’t even know it was you that drugged her. She thought it was her own mistake. And I know how you used that reason to beat up on her, reinforcing the notion that it was her fault that the marriage was falling apart. After losing her parents, you were the only person she could trust. And you misused that trust. You even secretly drugged her for months so that she could be more susceptible to your assertion. You are fucking disgusting.”

Word after word, George’s sad facade slowly melted away and a sickening grin formed on his lips. “That’s a very good guess.” he nodded agreeably. “But there’s no proof to all that you’ve said, Clara. It’s just your words against mine. What are you going to do? Test her for meth use? And even if the doctors did found drug in her system, she was schizophrenic, Clara. Who’s to say she wouldn’t do drugs to rid herself off those terrible hallucination of hers? You know how easy it is to get drugs from the streets these days.”

“So it is true then? You did all those simply because of the money?” the woman shrieked.

“No. I’m not saying anything. I’m not stupid Clara. I know you have a recorder in your bag somewhere.” he growled.

“So. It is true then? And here I thought you will perhaps repent.” she shook her head in disappointment.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, Clara. Why should I repent?” he began to chuckle and then the chuckle turned to laughter. Hell, the woman was truly a smart one. But she wasn’t going to get anything out of him. He’s not that stupid.

“I really wish I didn’t need to do this.” she hissed and the laughter stopped abruptly.

George frowned. Something was clogging his throat. He forced out a few coughs to clear the blockage but it didn’t work. He emptied the glass of whiskey and tried to swallow but the golden liquid merely flowed back out. When he looked at the woman, trying to understand what was going on, his back stiffened with fear. Clara’s eyes were glowing with a sinister blue. He tried to step back but found that his legs couldn’t move.

“Emmmfffff….” he moaned helplessly.

“You left me no choice, George.” the woman smiled a wicked smile.

The living room began to quake. The lighting blinked at the tremor. The chandelier jingled precariously above him. The walls seemed to be melting. No, they were being distorted. George could only watch in horror as the space around him began to stretched, like a painting being stretched apart. A sudden flash blinded him and he floor beneath him crumpled away. That’s the last thing he remembered before passing out.

Chapter 2

George woke up with a throbbing headache. He wondered if he had consumed a glass too much of that whiskey when he felt something around his wrists. His eyes snapped open and turned to his right where he saw a thick metal cuff shackling his wrist to some kind of wooden board. He turned to the other side and saw the same thing as well. He began to struggle, mildly at first and his struggle grew increasingly more strenuous until he simply didn’t have the energy left.

Okay, he told himself. This might be some sick prank. Someone would be here soon to release him. Despite the words of comfort, his heart never stopped pounding madly inside his chest.

Then, he felt the same solid cuffs around his ankles and calves. Looking down, his face blanched with fear. There were two large bulges on his hairless chest. The nipples were dark and large, poking out blatantly into the arid air. The chasm between the mounts allowed him to see down to a very flat stomach and at the horizon was a triangle shaped pubic hair. A shudder coursed through his body as the realization settled in. This can’t be true, he told himself.  But yet the emptiness between his legs were profoundly compelling. Nothing was hanging there.

He’s a woman now! And he’s really naked.

“Emphhhhhh…” he tried to scream for help but the ballgag in his mouth rendered any speech unintelligible. Not only that, his voice was several note higher than usual, another evident sign of his unbelievable transformation.

The struggle continued but yield to no fruition other than tiring himself out. After awhile, he would regain his strength, much quickly than he had anticipated, and he began the struggling once more. But there’s no use. He could have strained a muscle and the restraints wouldn’t even bulge. After several failed attempts, he finally gave up and stayed still. Not knowing what else to do, and with the initial shock somewhat simmered down, he looked around the room.

There were large glowing shards of crystals floating above him. The orange brilliance was rather bright and it was obvious that the room was lit by it. The walls were made square slabs of rock and mortar. There’s a very old looking armoire with what seemed to be exceptional craftsmanship just a few feet from him. Other than that, the room was pretty much empty. Of course there’s the furniture he’s on. It felt like he was lying down on some sort of wooden dentist chair. Floating crystals, wooden dentist chair, and old armoire, he thought to himself. This must be a dream. It felt real, sure. But there’s no such things as floating glowing crystal.  Somehow, that thought made him feel slightly relieved. He was trapped in a nightmare, so it would seem. And like any nightmare, he would wake up and it would be forgotten.

“It seems like you are awake.” a familiar voice echoed in the solid room. It was Clara.

“Hahhahhh….” he called out her name in gibberish. He wanted to asked her to untie him, but verbal communication wasn’t working too well for him at the moment. So, he struggled on his restraints hoping she would understand.

“There’s no point struggling. You will never break through those cuffs.” she informed with a cool tone.

“Emmmmhhfffff….” he screamed in frustration.

“You must be confused. I don’t blame you.” Clara walked into his sight. When he saw the skin tight latex she was wearing and the glowing blue eyes, he tensed up with fear. God, he suddenly remembered everything. He had fell through the floor before being here. Clara must be the one responsible.

“You see, before bringing you here, I was hoping that perhaps you have a good reason why you treated Brenda that way. Maybe someone was blackmailing you, though that would be a stretch. I don’t know. But I digress. When I read your mind, I felt the greed you have inside you. You’ve tried to kill your wife because of the money.” and a slap came hard across his face. He cried a high pitched shriek, like how a teenage girl would. Like a teenage girl, tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

“Now you are crying?” she chuckled in disbelief. “Is it guilt? Or is it pain?” her hand reached for his head and he felt his mind being pried open and he shivered. “Huh…it’s neither. You just didn’t like being helpless.”

“But it doesn’t matter now. The verdict has been made. You are to be punished accordingly. And when I’m done with you, you will wish that I should have turned you over to the cops instead. ” a smile formed on her lips. “With that said, you must be wondering why you are in a body of an eighteen year old girl. Should I explain? I think I should. With all that respect the rights of fellow prisoners and stuff. So, where should I begin?”

“I am a member of the Witchery Law and Order Commission, a group of powerful witches that make sure all other witches in the world act lawfully. You can think of us as the judiciary system that governed the world of witchery. But witches are very smart at slipping away by casting powerful spells even when under tremendous pain. We have a rather high pain tolerance, you see. So, in order to punish those that break our laws, pain alone cannot do it. We have to go for pleasure as well. Not just any pleasure, but mind breaking pure continuous waves of pleasure.” She leered at George’s crotch and he squirmed in fear.

“But as you can see, only female can be witches. So, our punishment methods are designed for that one gender only.” She smirked and gave George’s nipple a painful pinch.

“Emmmffppppp…” he whimpered in agony.

“That’s why I cast a gender bending spell on you. You are now undeniably female, physical and biological. You have a size C breasts with extra large nipples. I made them that way because some devices are much easier to install on large breasts. Your cunt is tighter than most girls but I’ve also made it much deeper. So that when I violate your little hole, I can make sure the extra long dildos can go in all the way.” she gave the other nipple the same treatment as the one before and George squealed. Something electrifying shot through his body and his feminine sex grew warmer.

“But don’t worry. The spell has a lifespan of seventy two hours. You’ve been asleep for about two hours. So in another seventy hours or so, you will turn back to a guy.” she said with a flat tone. “That is only if you don’t cum during then. And I will make sure every second of that seventy hours is well spent on punishing you.” her flat lips lifted at the corner.

George stilled at the condition. Without cumming in seventy hours? His heart began to pound harder. Of course he wanted to turn back, that was out of the question. But looking at Clara’s determined eyes, he somehow knew that she wouldn’t allow that to happen. His only hope that this wasn’t real. That nothing of this is real. That he would be waking up with his seven inch cock back and his chest hairy and flat.

“Emmmfffffff….” he pleaded and struggled. Damn, he was even tempted to apologize right away, whether it’s a dream or reality, he wanted to tell Clara that he knew he was wrong. This whole thing was terrifying him beyond anything he had faced in his arduous career as a swindler.

“Let’s not waste time.” she growled. Her eyes grew ominously cold. The blueness returned and she began chanting. The furniture he’s bound to begin to move.

“Emmmmm….Emmppphhhhh…” George struggled hard as his legs began to part. They were also being lifted up slightly higher than his body, a ninety degrees bent at the knees and the motion stopped. The furniture returned to its once rigid form, unmovable and inescapable no matter how hard George pulled. Now, he truly felt exposed. He had seen extreme bondage in some hardcore porn site and knew exactly where this was going.

“Oh, and by the way, I think you should be called Georgia.” Clara said. She moved to the ancient armoire and pulled the double door open. Georgia whimpered at the sight of the daunting implements arranged within its compartment. There’s a row of canes of different thickness. And then there’s whip, wound and hung neatly on the hanger. Riding crops and spank paddles, things that Georgia had only seen in the screen of his computer, were merely feet away. There’s a whole matrix of drawers and she shuddered at the thought of all sorts of terrible devices hidden inside.

“Now.” Clara came back, holding what appeared to be the thickest cane she had ever seen in her life. It was at least as thick as her thumb.

“Emmmfffff…” she shook her head and pleaded through the gag profusely. But Clara would hear none of it as the cane was lifted high up before descending down onto her stomach.

Pain erupted and Georgia groaned loudly. A red welt began to form across her exposed stomach, the fiery heat of the pain lingered around until the next stroke came down thunderously. Georgia shook her head and tears of pain began to flood her eyes. Then again, the cane came down, over and over and over…until Georgia’s ears began ringing.

“Usually we don’t start with the caning because like I said, witches have high tolerance to pain.” she remarked nonchalantly, as if she hadn’t hit Georgia on her stomach a dozen times. “But you aren’t a witch, are you?”

Georgia stared dagger at her tormentor. Whatever fear in her eyes were burned away by the profound anger she suddenly had for Clara. She suppressed the seemingly unending flow of tears. This was unfair, she thought inwardly. She was tied down and helpless. Put them on a fair ground and she would see to it that that fucking smirk gets wiped off Clara’s face.

“So, you are angry at me?” she leered at Georgia.

“Emmffffff….eeewwww….” Fuck you!

Clara straightened her back and shook her head. With a light flicker, the tip of the cane tapped between Georgia’s spread legs. It was only a light flicker. Georgia could see that. But holy shit did that hurt! Her body tensed up like it’s having an epilepsy. Had woman’s genital always been that sensitive?

“You. Better. Watch. Your. Mouth.” the cane came down, however lightly, onto her exposed cunt one word and a time. Georgia winced at each enunciation of the words. “I can really do worse than this.” Clara then moved the cane away from the battered crotch and began caning Georgia’s breasts.

“Emmmmfffffppp….” she cried, her body shivered at the stinging crack against her skin. Her skin felt like it was being ripped apart. She expected to see bruises and welts, even blood, when she opened her eyes. Instead, her skin was still the same pale complexion with barely any scratch on it. And like all the other strokes, none of them felt painful for more than a couple of seconds. Which was very weird.

“You know one thing good about being here?” she said cryptically and then looked upwards. Georgia followed her eyes and saw the same orange illuminating crystals above them. “Those are healing crystals. They aren’t just for display. They have a function. They heal any injury where the light touches. Very useful when torturing witches. It means no matter how hard the punishment was, the injury is healed so quickly the witches can’t die.” she landed one solidly hard stroke onto the midsection of Georgia’s stomach. A long line of angry welt formed and just a few seconds later, it faded away, leaving no trace of the previous caning at all. “See.”

“Emmfppppp…” that’s just pure torture! Georgia surmised inwardly.

“Exactly.” Clara said, knowing exactly what she was thinking. “In older times, our ancestors dispensed much harsher punishment. Do you know I can cast a spell on that chair you are sitting to fold over your body, breaking at least twenty bones as it goes? And then when you are healed, I can do it again.”

Georgia trembled. She had seen how futile she was when the chair parted her legs. It’s like fighting with some kind of hydraulic powered machine. She would be crushed!

“But it no longer meets the standard of contemporary times so we don’t prescribe such punishment anymore. And really, it’s not my style anyways. So, let’s resume, shall we?”

Chapter 3

Georgia couldn’t understand the reaction of her new feminine body. As she watched in horror at the cane landing one stroke after another on her, and suffered the subsequent pain that followed, she felt the opening between her legs widened. And there’s some kind of fluid coming out of it as it was evident from the rivulet of coolness streaking across her asshole.

She no longer screamed at the pain anymore. Instead, she moaned. It still felt painful, really, and she had no doubt about that. But instead of just pain, oh the irony, she felt pleasure too. Pleasure derived from the helplessness of her state, from having every inch of her skin kissed by the merciless cane.

“You are getting wet from all of this.” Clara observed as she stared between her spread legs. Georgia felt absolutely exposed, if she had felt it before, it was more so now. But no amount of strength could get her legs closed to conceal the leaking orifice. God, the humiliation she felt was utterly profound when the woman looking at her newly acquired snatch smiled.

“It seems you enjoyed the caning.” Clara quipped. “An hour of caning turns you on, huh? Now, let’s move on.”

Georgia watched the woman held out her hand and chanted something. Immediately, one of the many armoire’s drawers slid open. A pink dildo of at least a good eight inches flew out and then landed unceremoniously on the witch’s hand. The dildo seemed mechanical in nature and had a tiny protruding section at the base. Clara waved the menacing device for the viewing pleasure of Georgia and the bound girl shuddered at the thought of that thing going inside her.

“Em…em…” Georgia shook her head. Her eyes no longer carried any hint of anger as she remembered Clara’s words. If she come, she’d stay like this forever. And though her body had reacted rather sweetly to the caning, she wanted her old body back. Her torment apparently had seen that fear in her eyes for she smiled mockingly at her.

“Afraid that you might cum?” Clara asked and Georgia swallowed. She knew if she said no, her tormentor would jam that thing far into her cunt until she climaxed all the way through some sixty nine hours. If she said yes, she would be submitting herself in defeat. Both option seemed unsavory.

“No?” Clara raised an eye brow and clicked a tiny switch at the bottom of the device. The dildo whirled to life and began twisting and turning, like a large and thick autonomous corkscrew. The smaller protruding tip of the dildo vibrated violently.  Georgia whimpered at the daunting sight and her cunt clenched involuntarily. She didn’t know if it was fear or anticipation. She felt repulsed and intrigued by it at the same time.

“Let’s see how fast you can come.” Clara hissed and the whizzing dildo floated out of her hand and moved between Georgia’s legs. The corkscrewing tip aligned with Georgia’s still moist cunt, poised for penetration. With a snap of Clara’s fingers, the dildo thrust forward and Georgia shrieked at the forceful intrusion of her feminine opening. She snapped her head back against the chair and her eyes rolled back. She could feel it. She could feel all eight inches of it slithering inside like a live snake. The vibrating tip teasing her exposed clit was as unforgiving. It was insane. Shit! There’s no way she could last sixty nine hours with this thing. She couldn’t even last two minutes. Then, as soon as it went in, it came back out, leaving an aching emptiness between her legs that she wished was filled.

“You like that? Don’t you.” Clara growled. “The gender bending spell really did turn you into a girl. You know, if you come, you can stay like this forever.”

“Emm…emm…” Georgia, with all the might she still had, shook her head in defiant.

“I see.” the words faded into the background as Georgia felt the moving tip again. It did not thrust into her like before. Instead, it snailed it’s way one slow inch at a time. She felt her pussy quivered helplessly to expel the intruder, only to be stretched harder and wider as the tip drilled deeper into her. Her clit soon became the victim of the vibrating tip and she jerked against her restraint. As if teasing her, the dildo moved out equally slow, allowing Georgia to feel the growing emptiness once more.

“Ehpmmmm…” Georgia moaned. Her eyes fluttered as the gyrating dildo inched forward again, forcing her cunt to open and accommodate all its virile length.  Once it’s all the way it, it inched back out. The whole gradual process repeated again and again. It wasn’t as pleasurable as the sharp thrust. But it was enough to make her trembled weakly against the restraints. It was like a sweet dull ache that warranted a more forceful solution.

“Hmm…It’s only the beginning. Georgia.” Clara laughed and snapped her finger again. This time, a black dildo, slightly smaller in girth than the previous one, but equally long, flew out from the armoire and landed on Clara’s opened hand. With a knowing smile, she cast another spell and the black dildo floated towards Georgia’s nether region. “Now it’s your asshole.”

Georgia felt the tip of the dildo pushing against her asshole. She yelped as her body stiffened at the attempt of intrusion. Her asshole clinched shut, denying access for the dildo, despite the hole half an inch away put up not even the slightest of resistance against the twisting length.

“Stubborn asshole.” Clara quipped. “And it’s dry too.”

With another cast of spell, Georgia felt her anus turn numb. Weak, even. The gyrating dildo slipped out away from her drenched pussy, giving way to the slimmer black dildo to fill up her cunt in its stead. After a few light thrust, which not only Georgia could feel but also could hear, the dildo slipped out.

“Now for the real punishment.”

Georgia’s eyes widened in shock as both phallic device slipped into her holes simultaneously, filling her up entirely. The two devices immediately assumed their rhythm and began fucking her two openings at once.

“Emfphhh…Emfphhh…” she rolled her eyes back at the intense pleasure. She had remembered her former self cumming inside the pussy of a supermodel. It was pleasurable but the pleasure she had felt during the prime sexual moments while still having a cock was no where near the pleasure she felt right now. She couldn’t hear anything. She couldn’t see anything. It almost felt like the entire universe existed within the two holes of hers.

As the phalli moved substantially faster, Georgia could really feel it. The alternating fullness and emptiness…the sudden wave of rising pleasure crashing over her. She felt like a bottle being filled to the brink. And she was about to explode! God, her back began arching itself, as if it was trying to get her into a better angle for penetration.

“Emmhhh….Emmhhh…Emmmhhhhhh!” she’s coming! She knew that feeling. The feeling was almost similar to that of men’s. But only a thousand times stronger. Oh God, she couldn’t think anymore. The warning of losing her manhood should she come no longer being registered in her mind.

Then, as though someone had just poured cold water all over her, the dildos moved all the way out without going back in. Georgia let out a frustrated moan and shivered at the sudden loss.

“Making you cum like this is too easy.” Clara’s voice was once again no longer in the background. “I want you to suffer for what you did to Brenda.”

Georgia could only pant breathlessly as she watched the woman turned to the armoire. From it, she withdrew an elegant platinum collar adorned with half a dozen white crystals equally distributed along its circumference. She came back to Georgia, opened the clasp, and fastened the collar around her neck.

“There. All done. That’s a Denial Collar. Those crystals are imbued with powerful magic that will keep you from ever reaching orgasm so long is the collar’s there.” Clara sneered. “After all, what’s the fun in you coming in the first one hour and a half of your torture.”

Georgia couldn’t believe what Clara had said. A collar that denied orgasm? But the pleasure she felt and the orgasm she knew she would have was undeniable. It was too strong even she couldn’t stop it even if she wanted. Not even thinking of dead puppies or imagining an old lady’s wrinkled crotch could deny what her body needed. But this was Clara talking! What ever Clara had said had been true. That meant…

“Enjoy!” Clara snapped her fingers and as if commanded, the dildos darted forward and resumed their violation of her damped holes. They didn’t just go in and out, they pounded into her hard and fast. The previously subsided orgasm soon peaked over the horizon. It began to come closer…and closer…and closer. Georgia didn’t fucking care of loosing his manhood permanently anymore. She just wanted to cum. Hard!

But there it was, lurking every so closely. The orgasm was very near yet never close enough to tip her over into an orgasmic release. Her eyes widened in horror at Clara’s words about the collar. It couldn’t be true! She hissed and tried her very best to focus. To feel every thick inch of the dildos sliding in and out against the folds of her insides. To feel the gyration that stretched her pussy deliciously. Anything!

Yet no orgasm!

“Emmmm!!!…” she protested and struggled against the restraints. No doubt, she wanted to pull the collar off her neck.

“That’s what you get for trying to kill my best friend.” Clara spat angrily before heading to the door. “I’m going to see your wife now. Sorry, ex-wife. I’ll be back maybe five hours later.”

“Emmphhhfffffffffff….” Georgia let out a low guttural groan. There’s no way she could survive something like this for five hours.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Those crystals are going to keep your heart pumping and your lungs breathing. In fact, you won’t sleep or faint or go hungry or thirsty. They practically keep you as healthy as possible. Your pussy and asshole can’t even get sore fast enough before the healing takes place. So there will be no pain. Only pleasure.” there’s a scoff akin to ‘you deserve that’. “Five hours of continuous pleasure.”

Georgia heard the door opened behind her and she squealed in desperation. No! She can’t leave her with those two pumping in and out of her without ever getting an orgasm! She will die.

“You best behave now. I’ll see you soon.” the door clicked shut and Georgia shook against the restraints in shock. Her heart could fail with this much pleasure. Her lungs could tear apart from the rapid breathing. But with the healing of the crystal, she would be very healthy and very alive for as long as she’s under them. Healthy and alive to feel all sixteen inches worth of rubbery pleasure penetrating her profusely. Shit!

Chapter 4

When Clara visited Brenda in the hospital, she brought with her a life preserving charm that contained the very magic that’s keeping her husband…correction…ex-husband alive right now. She surreptitiously slipped it underneath her friend and hoped for the best. The crystal couldn’t raise the dead but it could certainly heal the living. If her friend is still alive somewhere in there, she will be healed by the crystal’s power.

Next, she went to Brenda’s house. The place was a mess after she cast a teleportation spell right in the middle of the living room. The chandelier was hanging precariously on its wiring instead of the more robust chains. Paintings and arts were tilted and some fell to the ground. Furniture were flipped and glassware a shattered mess on the destroyed carpet. This was expected. The ripple of magical power that was released once the teleportation gate shut was equivalent of a giant earthquake happening right in the middle of the room.

But nothing was ever difficult to a witch if one knew what spell to cast. She knew every spell there’s to know and with a quick chant, the mess began to clear up all by themselves. She stood there and watched the content of the house move back to its previous position. Once the house was clean and tidy, where not even one speck of dirt could be found anywhere, Clara headed out to the masters bedroom. She had, during the sweet revenge, read Georgia’s mind on several occasions. From there, she knew where all the incriminating pictures of Brenda’s violation were and sought them out to be destroyed. Once every piece of evidence, including the footage of her visit to take George away, was completely wiped off the face of the earth, she gave a call to Brenda’s attorney.

She needed to make sure Brenda’s properties remained hers after the divorce, which she would also help filed. Clara’s making sure her friend come out unscathed at the other end. After a quick drive to the attorney’s office, she made several contracts and using a small spell, she was able to forged all the required party’s signature. Then, she cast a charm onto the executive manager of the company and watched her newly drafted contract sped through the paperwork process.

Clara finally gave her watch a glance and noticed that she had been away for almost four hours. With a knowing smile, she gunned her car to a start and drove back home. She could have teleported, but what’s the point anyway. She still had quite some time to spare. Perhaps she should drop by at a cafe to have a hearty lunch first. The few hours away from the crystals’ healing light had her body consuming her own internal energy instead and she’s beginning to feel the slight hunger grumbling in her stomach.

Once she went back to her house, after spending almost an hour eating a turkey sandwich at a local cafe, she went to her room. It’s been five hours and fifteen minutes since she had left Georgia there. But she wanted a shower to get rid of the dried sweat clinging onto her skin. Oh what’s the difference of one hour extra? She shrugged. Nothing. Georgia’s going to endure all seventy hours of punishment anyways.

Granting herself a warm little reprieve in the bathtub, she soaked away the ache she had gotten from the morning errands. The feeling was superb as the warm water blanketed her delicate skin with soothing warmth. On the edge of the bathtub was a glass of champagne she took from the wine rack. It was a champagne of victory.

After the warm bath and getting a little tipsy from the champagne, Clara threw on a translucent navy blue negligee. There’s no point putting on any actual underwear that conceal ones modesty since she stayed alone and there’s no one else around. No one else except Georgia. But Georgia wouldn’t be noticing her much considering the amount of pleasure she must be experiencing right now. Clara remembered her own experience of a similar punishment for some forty hours for ignoring the commands of the higherups. It really wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It didn’t even break her. But it was sure damn hell frustrating not being able to reach climax. A punishment Georgia certainly deserved. Well, it’s time to meet her.

After moving through heavily charmed hallway and down a flight of staircase, where those who were not trained in the art of witchcraft would never be able to pass, she finally reached the metal door. There’s a glyph of silence marked on the door, effectively isolating even the most disruptive of noises from ever leaving this room. When she opened the door, loud moans mixed with wet slapping sound exploded out of the entrance. She quickly moved herself in and shut the door behind her.

The air smelt of sex. Really heavy sex. Musky, tangy and salty. Clara could see why even from here. At the ground, the part right beneath Georgia’s pussy, was a large pool of transparent liquid. Despite the ample ventilation in this room, it seemed that the vast amount of cunt juice simply overwhelmed the system. To be honest, Clara didn’t expect Georgia would be producing this much fluid. Perhaps because the body of hers was that of an eighteen year old. Young and full of sexuality.

She walked up to the bound woman and grinned appreciatively at her very red, very swollen pussy that was still being penetrated diligently by the corkscrewing dildo. Her asshole received a similar fate although the darker color of the anus masked away the otherwise obvious pinkness. And just as expected, Georgia’s clit had grew considerably about an inch long, and a quarter inch wide. Although the crystals healed the injury she suffered, they couldn’t reduce the blood flow that’s going into a specific part of the patient’s anatomy. The blood could go into her clit but never out. Such tormented nub. Clara pressed the pad of her thumb hard onto the engorged button and Georgia produced the most animalistic sound she had ever heard.

Shakily, she moved away from Georgia and leaned her back onto the wall. The scent of sex in the air was making her slightly aroused than she should have. Being a member of the commission meant the highest form of self-control. Yet, she couldn’t help but to get wet between her legs. With a shuddered swallow and a quick justification for herself that this wasn’t a witch but a murderer, she finally came to a resolve. Opening the armoire, she opened up the drawer labeled potions and took out a small green vial labeled enlargement potion. She knew where exactly the potion should be used.

She moved between Georgia’s legs, careful not to disturb the magically driven dildos, and moved the dropper containing the green liquid right above Georgia’s clit. One drop and there’s an immediate effect. The clit doubled its size in just seconds. With a playful smile, she dropped more onto it. The green liquid quickly seeped through the skin and the clit once again began to grow. When the clit was about the size of large cock, with length of seven inches and girth of five, Clara sent the vial back into the drawer from where she took. Then, with a wry grin, she climbed over the furniture and found a stable footing. Lowering herself, she guided the hot throbbing flesh into the entrance of her pussy. Without so much of a hesitation, she slammed her hips down, eliciting a cry of pleasure from Georgia.

“That’s it, you asshole. Scream for me.” Clara hissed angrily. The impalement of her nemesis’s engorged clit into her own pussy sent a shivering thrill down her spine. The heat coming from the tortured flesh was almost burning the inside of Clara’s and she clinched down onto the protruding flesh.

“Emmmfffppppp!!!” Georgia rolled her eyes.

Feeling a sense to dominate Georgia, Clara yanked down the gag and kissed the woman ferociously on her lips. Their tongue met and danced, and the two exchanged moans. When Clara pulled away, Georgia was wide-eyed with lust…well, more lust than before.

“Make… me… come…” Georgia groaned.

“If you think you can…” Clara lifted her ass. The smooth flesh slipped almost all the way out of her tight pussy. She could feel the slipperiness of the clit…and she began bouncing on Georgia’s clit, riding it as hard as her body could allow.

God, it felt so goddamn good inside her pussy. It was way more better than a cock! With the added benefit that no matter how rough she rode, how hard she slammed onto it, or how fast she humped, this thing would never ejaculate. She wouldn’t even have to bother about contraceptives. It was like an actual dildo made of flesh, destined to be the object of pleasures for Clara’s pussy. Perhaps, even her asshole if she’s playful.

“Oh God!…” Georgia squealed. “It feels too good…”

“Yes. That’s it. Feel my pussy milking your pathetic clit.” Clara moaned.

“Emmmm…please…harder…harder…I want to come.”she begged.

“If you can come, go ahead.” Clara leered. She knew the collar wouldn’t allow Georgia to come. Not now. Not ever. Not a million years, as long as those white crystals were there. No matter how much Clara rode her, how hard the two dildos were ravaging her two fuck holes, Georgia was not going to come. But Clara would and she would do so very soon too. Perhaps, it was too soon.

With deliberation, she grabbed Georgia’s neck. Immediately, the crystal’s power surged through her arms, body and down to her hips.

“Oh God…” Clara murmured. The threat of an early orgasm was prevented. She could feel the orgasm retreating…but never too far. She knew that if she released Georgia’s neck, she would definitely come. But with her orgasm thwarted and the healing crystals keeping her muscle from ever burning out, she continued the ride.

Chapter 5

Clara’s pussy felt heavenly. If Georgia was still George and with an actual cock, she would be cumming in the first five minutes. But this wasn’t a cock. It was a clit with all its glorious nerve endings covering every inch of its skin. And Clara’s pussy was engulfing the whole thing in and then milked it hard when she pulled out. Georgia felt like she could faint. The double penetration of the dildos were already a pleasuring overdrive. With Clara’s pussy using her enlarged clit like some cheap fuck toy, the pleasure was consuming! Like a fucking blackhole pulling her deeper into inescapable bliss of edging.

“Emmmmffffuuuucckkkkk….” she groaned and rolled her eyes.

“That’s it…feel my pussy fucking your stupid clit.” Clara growled lustfully and then planted her lips onto one of Georgia’s nipples.

Georgia felt the suckling. She felt the rough wet tongue running over her areola and the intense sensation of her nipple being pressed and rubbed against the ceiling of the mouth. She didn’t know what else to think. Every fiber of her being burnt violently with no immediate end in sight. Shit! She really couldn’t cum!

“Pleaseeee…take…off…the…collar.” she begged, the same plea she had been making for the last five hours.

“No! You are not coming.” Clara said with absolute resolve.

“Emmmm…it’s…it’sssss…too…unfair. Ahhh…” Georgia shuddered from the pleasure overload as Clara began riding her clit really hard while the two instruments pounded mercilessly onto her drenched holes. Wet slapping sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed through the room, like it was some kind of exotic music.

“I’m gonna cum.” Clara breathed and removed her hands from Georgia’s neck. The power of the crystals was disconnected from her body and the woman began convulsing sporadically as orgasm tore through her body.

Georgia could only watch with great envy and feel the glorious satisfaction of her tormentor’s pussy clenching hard onto her yet unsatisfied clit. She struggled again, pulling against her restraints. This was really not fair!

When Clara moved herself up, Georgia could finally see the swollen flesh of hers slicked with the milky cream of Clara’s feminine excretion. It was twitching in need as it continued to stood erected, poised for a number of more violent actions should her tormentor so desired.

“That was so much fun.” Clara gloated breathlessly.

“It’s…not…fair!” Georgia cried and squirmed in heat.

“It’s your punishment, asshole! When you drugged your wife every night, have you ever thought that being unfair and unjust?”

“I…” Georgia clamped shut. She didn’t know what else to say. Was it ever unfair? Yes! But it’s a dog eat dog world and only the strong and wicked would ever survive. If she hadn’t drugged her incredibly naive wife and tried to take away her money, someone else would come in and do it.

“Hmm…you are incorrigible.” Clara sighed disappointingly and Georgia’s face pales, knowing exactly that her thoughts had just been read.

“Wait-” she was cut short when Clara eased the ballgag into her mouth once more.

“Now. For your next punishment.” Clara mused.

The two dildos stopped and slid out of her thoroughly fucked flesh. Georgia winced at the sudden emptiness. At the same time, a relief came to her as the long denied orgasm gradually dissipated and the once perpetual heat between her legs cooled, leaving only a numbly tingly feeling behind. In fact, she was too focused on the novel sensation, she didn’t notice Clara’s retreat to the armoire until she walked back to her.

“I think a little piercing shouldn’t harm you too much.” Clara grinned and set three large rings on Georgia’s stomach. The rings seemed to be made of jade as the greenish hue suggested. A chill went down the terrified girl’s spine. She tried to struggle away only to remember that she was restrained. “It’s only going to hurt a little while. The crystals will heal you.”

Georgia watched with teary eyes as Clara picked one ring and then hooked in the sharp tip through her still erected nipples. Pain shot through her body and her pussy for some reason quivered in heat. The pain came as quickly as it went and when Clara prepared to pierce her next nipple, the one before was already forgotten. After getting her nipples pierced, she watched Clara took the last ring and went between her legs. She swallowed nervously when Clara grabbed hold of her still erected, still large, still engorged clit.

“This one will hurt a lot.” Clara warned with a flat tone. And snapped, the ring cut through the smooth flesh like hot knife through butter. A searing heat of agonizing pain stung her clit and Georgia tensed up. She couldn’t even groan at the pain as it was simply too much. It felt she had just touched a high voltage wire with her clit! “There. All done.”

Georgia shuddered at the impassiveness of her tormentor. She eyed her with reddened eyes. The pain had certainly made her dropped a few more stray tears than she would like. She looked at her own body. Each of her poor nipple was now sporting a green ring. Between her legs were his large, cock-sized, clit with the ring right on the tip.

“These rings are carved from a very special stone.” Clara informed. “When I cast a spell…like this…” a string of old Latin poured out of her lips.

Georgia jerked hard against her restraints involuntarily. It felt like she had just been shocked. It came and went so fast, she didn’t know what had hit her. Clueless as to what had happened, she could only look at Clara for answers.

“It’s electric shock. When I cast a spell, these rings will produce a current. And depends on what spell I cast, I can make all three rings to shock you at different time and interval. You will soon know how frustrating it will be not knowing when and where the shock’s coming from.” Clara scoffed and went back to the armoire.

Then, from the myriad of drawers, she held out a small glass container. Inside the container was a single shard scarlet red crystal the size of a mini sausage. Clara took the glass container and went between Georgia’s spread legs. Georgia swallowed a nervous bile and could only wonder what the shard was for. As if knowing what she was thinking, Clara told her. “It’s a crystal derived from the Stone of Lust.”

“Emmhhpp?” Georgia frowned. The explanation did not explain anything at all.

“It is kind of like an egg vibrator.” Clara elaborated flatly. “When I put this inside your cunt, it will make you come like nothing you’ve ever felt. We use this to make witches come for however long we want. There’s nothing in the world that can withstand the lustful effect it has on the female body.”

“Well…” she mused with a lopsided grin. “nothing except that collar.”

Georgia’s eyes widened with fear. A tear of desperation rolled down her cheek. It sounded like the five hour torment from before all over again. She yelped as the cork was yanked out of the glass container. She then eyed the shard dreadfully as it slowly floated out and moved towards her nether region.

“Emmmhhhpppp…Emmph…Emmph…” Georgia shook her head profusely. No, she couldn’t stand being teased and not coming for hours again.

Her entire body tensed. A shudder rippled through her body and her skin peppered with goosebumps. Oh my God! She cried inwardly. She could feel it. She could feel the shard penetrating her. She could feel the burning sensation forming at the opening of her pussy. Oh, the lust…the tingling pleasure it had brought with it.

“Emmmpfffhhhh…” she snapped her head back in frustration as her pussy helplessly took in the crystal. It had tried to expel the offending object by involuntarily clenching but the crystal did not retreat. It had only moved further in. Suddenly, as though some unseen force had gone away, Georgia shuddered hard and the crystal was ejected from the confines of her sex. The shard dropped onto the floor with a distinct clink.

“Hmm…it seems like your cunt really doesn’t want that thing inside.” Clara chuckled. “Just like all the other witches that I have punished.”

The shard floated back up from the ground and once again sought entrance into Georgia’s bound pussy. She rolled her eyes and arched her back. The intense pleasure was too much and she could almost taste the power of lust seeping into her being. Her pussy clenched profusely, gnawing at the crystal, trying to push it out once more.

“Oh no you don’t.” Clara said and chanted a spell. Immediately, Georgia felt her pussy clenched hard around the ungodly crystal and it remained clenched. “That should keep your pussy closed.”

“Emmmppphhhh….” the poor girl groaned at the intense pleasure. She rocked her hips hoping to dislodge the shard but to no avail. Her pussy just couldn’t let go of it. Oh god, she wanted to come again. The fleeted orgasm from before once again came back, lurking at the boundary but coming no closer. Her body shook at the clashing forces of the unrelenting lust from the crystal and the irrevocable denial from the collar. Her mind swarmed with all sorts of feeling, throwing her head into a spinning descent into oblivion.

A shock stung her clit and snapped her out of her trance, forcing her to once more be very aware of the crystal inside her. She stared murderously at the woman in front of her. God, she so wanted to strangle her to death. No. She would fucking gut her up! If only she could find a way to escape!

“You want to kill me?” Clara smiled smugly. “Don’t even think about escaping. These bonds are designed hold several tons of force each. You won’t be getting out of there unless I allow it.”

“Now, enjoy while I go to work. I will be back in eight hours or so.” Clara whispered into Georgia’s ear and went out of the room.

“Emmpphhh…” Georgia bit onto the ballgag hard. Oh god, this was too much, she told herself. How long had it been? How long would she be teased and edged? Clara surely couldn’t be serious when she said she would use all that seventy hours to make a living hell of her. She could barely withstand six. She would fucking die!

Suddenly, the door opened and Clara came back. Perhaps she had heard her thoughts and took pity on her, Georgia thought with relief. As Clara stood by her side looking into her eyes, Georgia had her hopes held high. that Clara might really let her go. Then, the eyes of her tormentor wandered down to the large clit.

“All of these are making me really wet.” Clara exhaled. “I think I can go in an hour late today.” she shrugged and climbed on top of Georgia. Grabbing the base of her enlarged clit roughly, causing her to shriek in pleasure, Clara guided the ringed tip into her pussy.

“Oh yes.” She exclaimed at the smooth penetration. “I think I’m beginning to like your clitty a little too much.”

Georgia could only whimpered as the pleasuring pussy of Clara’s began to stroke her clit. Tears of utter desperation began to flow. She really really needed to come!






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Fucking My Sister’s Best Friend

Molly was the devil. Period.

She’s a vicious little Satan that existed in this world only to torment me. I felt like if there’s a God up there, Molly was the personification of God’s-Fucking-Me-Over-in-The-Asshole-with-a-Studded-Dildo.

Not only was she my little sister’s best friend, which means she was constantly here in our house, she’s also unfairly gorgeous. I mean, how often do you see a red head with round blue eyes that shine brighter than any stars throughout the cosmos and a body that attracts men like UV light attracts flies. And that analogy was quite fitting for describing her because every time some guy got close to her, he was singed into a crisp with the constant barrage of negative criticisms. And as ill-fortune seemed to hang around me, I was one of those guys. The only difference was that I was trapped, kind of like how a fly gets trapped in the wire net by their own melted limbs and eventually gets fried until it literally turned into ash. The only way to I could avoid turning into a pile of carbonaceous dust was to ignore her, pretending that she’s invisible in my eyes.

Ironically, I was constantly being reminded of her exquisite beauty all the time. If I could forget her, I would. But I couldn’t. At almost every weekend, she came to my house and had dinner with my family. My attempts to forget her, as well as the harsh comments she had said to me over the time, was constantly shattered by the periodic visitation. Though I was not proud of it, I did masturbate to her, like all the time. Her round symmetrical face opposite of the dining table, with her mouth opening and closing as she chewed, was better than any porn that I’d ever seen in my life.

Of course, my parents loved her and treated her like their daughter. My sister, who obviously knew about my distaste(and admiration, which I don’t like to admit) for her, once coyly suggested that we two should get marry some years later to truly make her a part of our family. In front of my parents, Molly only smiled demurely at the insipid suggestion. In the confines of their little haven, aka, my sister’s room, the rather thin walls between my sister’s room and mine spared me no mercy at the disgust and hatred she had for me that very night.

“Seriously, Jess. I would rather sleep with a dirty old beggar than with your brother.” my cock twitched in shame at the comment. “I mean, look at him. He’s such a nerd I have to stop myself from cringing every time I see him.”

“He’s not that bad.” my sister said and I found my hopes being lifted.

“Look at his clothes. It’s like he’s wearing something from the seventies. It’s lame.” Molly exasperated. I tugged on my t-shirt and looked at the close-up picture of Bryan Adams face. What could be wrong with it?

“He likes oldies.” my sister remarked and I couldn’t have agreed with her more. I preferred old music over the new ones because old music sounded real. Like the singers actually put effort into making the song. Contemporary songs, on the other hand, sounded like someone simply plugged in words into a ready-made template of chords, matched it up with some HD footage of a scenic backdrop with the singer emotionally singing in it, and called them originals.

“But seriously, can’t he just wear something from this century.” I heard the bed frame squeaked and the image of Molly molding her round ass onto the soft mattress formed inside my head. Admittedly, I was dirty minded, mind you.

“I’m kind of okay with it though.” a second squeak reverberated through the walls. “I don’t understand why you always get your panties in a bunch in front of my brother. It’s not like he wears it to piss you off.” my sister sounded like she was teasing Molly.

“I just…I just don’t like it.” Molly said softly. I had to press my ears on the wall to even be able to listen to what she said. Yes, I was eavesdropping. Bite me!

“Why does it matter if you like it or not? The only thing that matters is that he likes it.” my sister remarked teasingly. Her question had my interest piqued. It’s a question that I had never thought of asking myself before. Why does she hate me so much?

“I didn’t say it matters to me.” Molly retorted and I could almost hear her blushing, if that’s even possible.

“Is that so?” my sister giggled. “I think the reason you hate him is because he’s ignoring you.”

“That is so not true.” Molly denied with a voice a pitch too high. “Stop laughing. That’s not true.” I could hear her slap my sister’s shoulder. Interesting. I felt my stomach rolled in my stomach at the revelation. My cock lifted his sorry head in with new found hope.

“Shhh…keep it down. He might be able to hear you.” my sister warned.

“He can?” Molly snapped nervously.  “Why didn’t you tell me early?” she reduced her volume to a light whisper. Still, I could still make out what she said. “What if he heard all of those?”

“Why does it matter? It’s not like you’ve declared your undying love for my brother.”

“Shut up!” Molly hissed and my sister burst into laughter.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Each time I closed my eyes, the image of Molly’s bright blue eyes appeared in front of me. Her face was pleading, her mouth partially opened, and her warm breath caressed my lips. I’d tried countless of time to wash out the image of her beautiful face from my head but each attempt only met with ‘stiffer’ resistance. Yes, pun intended.

There’s no way Molly, a girl that a guy would kill for, had a crush on me. That’s impossible. That’s just not Molly, the devious little devil that had me locked in a little hell of my own. Molly didn’t do nerd like me, that’s painfully obvious. She’s the kind of girl that would only date quarterbacks, not Java-loving, C#-obsessed, weak and pathetic nerd like me.

“Fuck!” I shot up from my bed. I needed a wash on my face lest I wouldn’t be able to purge out the distracting, gorgeous, face of my nemesis.

When I got to the bathroom door, I noticed the light coming from the gap below. Some shuffling sound permeated from behind the door. Someone must be inside. Not wanting to go back to my bed, I leaned over the banister and waited for whomever was inside the bathroom to finish.

Then my head was beginning to fuck with me. Molly’s velvety moan cut through the silence of the night. I shook my head in disbelief and slapped my head to get myself together. Thinking of her sucking my cock while jacking off was one thing, hallucinating her moaning in the dead of night while waiting to use the bathroom was a completely different thing. I must be losing it, really.

“Oh, yes, I want you inside me Roger.” I frowned at the call of my name. The words were very vivid, almost as if Molly was really saying them out loud. I turned around and stared at the bathroom door. It couldn’t be, could it?

“Yes, I want you deep inside my pussy.” my cock hardened at the soft lustful voice. It was definitely coming from the bathroom. And it was definitely Molly speaking from inside.

“I want your cock, Roger.” Holy fucking Christ! My face flamed into bright red. Molly was masturbating to me. The rational part of my brain screamed at me to respect her privacy, to run back to my room as quietly as possible and pretend I didn’t just hear that. But the primal part of me wanted me to stay and listen to her masturbate to me.

The latter won as I planted my ear on the door. Damn it, I couldn’t believe I was eavesdropping again. It’s a habit that I really should avoid doing it too much. But this was special. This was Molly touching herself and calling out to me. This was Molly, the devil of my life…”Yes, fuck me harder.” My train of thought shatter by the high pitch squeal.

The panting behind the door grew more intense. The rate increased. There was some sloshing sound as if something was sliding in and out of a wet surface. The image of Molly’s pussy lips wrapping around my cock materialized in my head. It took every ounce of energy not to wrap my fingers around my throbbing cock and rub one out right that moment. I was in the hallway and it would be the dead of me if any of my family members saw me masturbating to Molly masturbating to me. Okay, that sounded really confusing. But you know what I meant.

“Yes. Come inside me. I want you to fuck a baby into me.” she moaned.

In the name of Gandalf the White, I almost came into my pants. Shit, this was getting wronger by the second. I shouldn’t stay here. I should have walked back into my room. But I couldn’t. The knowledge of Molly touching herself with me inside her head was profoundly compelling that I wanted to stay here so badly.

“Yes…yes…yes…faster…faster…Roger…give it to me.” I swallowed a shudder. My hand trembled in desperation and my cock twitched excitedly in my pants. The harden flesh between my legs ached to be milked.

A soft lengthy squeal reverberated through the wooden door, sending a shiver down my spine. Molly was coming, that much was obvious. What I didn’t know was how much that sweet innocent squeal made me wanted to go in to the room and fuck her. My cock obviously agreed to that idea fervently. It was even drooling precum right then.

My hard throbbing cock inside the wet welcoming warmth of Molly’s pussy was certainly a thought not alien to me. Ever since I saw her the first day she came to my house, I had always wanted to plant my cock deep inside her. But I wouldn’t do that because, first, I would have to rape her to get that fantasy to turn into a reality, second, I didn’t want to make my family hate me forever as a result of that. So, I always took things into my own hand, so to speak. Never in my wildest imagination that Molly too shared a similar interest…

The door was swung open and I fell forward onto a very surprised Molly. We both landed on the floor with me pressing on top of her. A still wet incriminatory dildo clattered on the floor before rolling towards the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Molly hissed in shock. Her blue eyes darted to the dildo on the edge of the bathroom. When our eyes met once more, her face boiled to a crimson red.

“It’s not what it looks like.” she said quickly. Her beautiful face, to be honest, looked so better up close. My cock, which was pressing against the mound of her sex, grew harder by the second and I tried to calm it down. The widening of Molly’s eyes told me that my attempt had obviously failed.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” I pushed up, lifting my engorged member from her. My member screamed bloody murder at my attempt at civility. No, stupid cock, I’m not raping my sister’s best friend in the family bathroom.

I pulled Molly onto her feet. As I did so, I didn’t fail to notice the curve of her body accentuated by the short tight blue pants and low cut t-shirt she was wearing.The girl was still redder than a beet and shocked like a doe caught in the headlights. She was looking at me like how characters in movies looked at aliens. Dutifully, I bent down and grabbed the dildo.

“Here you go.” I croaked nervously. God, this was fucking awkward.

Molly took the rubbery tool from me in silence. Then, I decided to turn and walk out of the bathroom. As I walked back to my room, I knew just how much I had just fucked up. The only piece of good thing out of this incident was that my cock’s definitely bigger than her dildo.

I didn’t know how long I had laid on my bed with my eyes wide open while trying my best to suppress the images of Molly prodding her pussy with the tip of the dildo from forming in my head. As I rolled on my bed for what must be the umpteenth time, there’s a soft knock on my door. I swallowed nervously as I prepared myself for the repercussion of tonight’s incident. Perhaps Molly wanted me to apologize to her. Or she told my sister how I had eavesdropped on her masturbating and my sister’s behind that door with a very thick piece of book to club me with. Or even worse, my parents! Shit shit shit…

I walked to the door and I felt like a prisoner on death row walking to the gallows. If I ever happened to be a prisoner on death row, this feeling I felt right now would probably be it. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. My heart almost arrested before I realized it was only Molly that was standing there.

“I’m sorry.” I said embarrassingly with my head hung low. It’s true, I really was not proud of what I had done.

Molly didn’t say a word. Instead, she stepped towards me. Her soft hands pressed against my chest and she pushed me back into my room. When we cleared the door, she shut it behind her. I heard the distinct click of the door being locked.

“How long have you been standing there?” she asked softly. Her voice calm and cold.

I didn’t know how to answer that question. What should I say? Since that moment you said you wanted my cock inside you? There’s no way I could say that in front of Molly. Instead, I opted for a vaguer answer. “A couple of minutes.”

Even in the dark, I could still she her frown, as though she was doing some mental calculation. “Then you know.” her blue eyes gazed up into mine. She was standing so close to me, I had to bend my head down so that I could see her face. See the emotion in trapped behind those eyes.

“Yes.” I admitted dejectedly.

“Then…” she muttered uncertainly. Out of the blue, she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her lovely breasts glowed under the pale moonlight filtered through the curtains. My cock throbbed at the graceful sight but like an intimidated virgin with no sexual experiences I was, I took a few steps back. I watched her tossed the t-shirt to the floor before flipping her hair over her shoulder with finesse.

“Fuck me, Roger.” she whispered.

God, those dirty words coming out of those pure lips was unbelievable. In fact, this whole thing was unbelievable. Molly coming to me for sex? “Stop joking, Molly. It’s not funny.” my voice cracked pathetically.

Molly looked at me for a moment. I could see her eyes running over my body. After what felt like eons of tense silence, Molly slid her fingers into her waistband and in one fluid movement, the short pants fell to the ground, leaving only a thin piece of lacy fabric covering her nether region.

She walked up to me and I involuntarily stepped back. When the back of my knees hit the edge of my bed, I stumbled and landed on the mattress. With my eyes still locked in an apparent staring contest with Molly, my cock throbbed painfully under the tight fit of my briefs. It wanted to be let out.

When Molly reached me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her soft lips was pressed against mine. Fireworks lit up in my stomach and my cock turned into granite. She climbed onto me, her legs on each side of my body, and pressed her sex onto my solid bulge. Her warm breasts pressed against my chest, rubbing fervently on me. I parted my lips and welcomed her tongue and as we slowly lost in the carnal trance of our new found connection, I gradually relaxed onto my bed.

“That’s not a joke, is it?” I asked when we broke off the kiss to breathe.

“No, Roger.” she whispered and then pressed her lips onto mine once again.

I tasted her mouth, I worshiped her tongue. Her feminine scent was invigorating, each inch of her precious skin felt like the best silk in the world. My hands pressed against her smooth back before sliding down over her round ass. I had always wondered how it would feel to touch her ass. Let’s just say none of my imagination even come close to how good it felt under the palm of my hands.

“Take off your clothes, Roger.” She ground her sex against my hard bulge. How could I say no?

With her help, my Bryan Adams t-shirt was tossed over the bed haphazardly. My pants soon joined the discarded fabric below. When Molly pulled my briefs over, her eyes widened in surprise as my fully engorged cock sprang free from its confinement. “I always know you are big.” Molly sucked in a sharp breath. “Just not this big.”

“I think it’s going to hurt having this thing inside me.” she added lustfully. Something told me that she was not put off by the size of my cock, not one bit.

Grabbing the base of it, she pointed the tip to her soft puckered lips. Her tongue tasted the head of my cock, and then the base of the shaft, before she mouthed over my ball. Then, she giggled playfully. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“I’m glad you are having fun.” I said coyly.

“Do you want to know one thing about me, Roger?” she exhaled. Her warmth breath caressed my skin. Her hand began stroking my cock in a gentle rate.

“Yes.” I hissed in pure pleasure.

“I’ve been fantasizing about you fucking me ever since I’ve met you the first time.” she hastened the strokes. My legs jerked and my thighs stiffened. “I’ve always wanted you. But you always ignored me. Roger.”

“I only ignore you because…” I swallowed when I felt her mouth enveloping the head of my cock. “It’s because you always insult me.”

Her head lowered and my cock slid further into her mouth. I let out a groan that sounded so foreign to me, for a moment I didn’t know it was my own. Her head bobbed up and down, her sweet lips gloriously dragging along the shaft of my cock. When she surfaced to breath, tucking her messy red mane behind her ears, she looked me in the eyes. “That’s because I didn’t know how else to talk to you.”

“So you decided to insult me to start a conversation.” I cocked my eye.

“I…I’m sorry. I get all bitchy when I’m nervous.” she turned her eyes to my cock once more and gazed longingly at the engorge flesh like it mesmerized her. “And you make me nervous.” her lips parted and my cock once again found refuge deep inside her mouth. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, not tight but firm, and guided her head up and down on my member.

“Is this you apologizing to me then?” I let out a shuddering breath.

She nodded with my cock still deep in her mouth. It’s so adorable I almost wanted to bring her up to kiss her. But with the commitment she’s putting for my throbbing cock, I didn’t want to interrupt her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft lips caressing along the length of my cock, her tongue tasting the precum leaking out of the head.

“I’m going to come, Molly.” I warned and nudged her a little to get her to stop just in case she didn’t hear me. Despite my warning, Molly kept going. In fact, her movement became quicker.

“Molly.” I warned once again. My orgasm looming just over the corner, ready for a grand release.

Molly ignored my second warning. Her lips continued to work magic on my cock. Her head bobbed relentlessly with no end in sight.

“I’m coming, Molly.” a final desperate cry escaped my trembling throat. Then, I felt it. The floodgate opened. A surge of cum coursed through my throbbing cock and with Molly’s lips tightly sealed around the base of it, there’s only one place the surge of cum was going.

Molly moaned in delight as the warm wad of semen exploded into her mouth. I felt the tightening of her throat on the tip of my cock as she swallowed. Religiously, she continued to stroke my cock, drawing every last drop of cum up into her mouth. When she pulled away, she gave the tip of my cock one last lick.

“Am I forgiven?” she asked coyly.

I pulled her up and held her by her neck as I tasted her lips. My tongue slid between her lips, tasting my own orgasm inside her mouth. I didn’t know how long we’d kissed, but it did feel like eternity and when we pulled away from each other, I realized just how eternity could feel so brief.

“Yes, Molly. You are forgiven.” I said. Running my fingers over her silky hair, I studied the face in front of me. God, Molly was really beautiful. Her eyes spoke volumes. Despite coming only recently, my cock soon found its former glory and erected back to its full form. I flipped her over, pulled her lacy panties away and then straddled her. My thick member rested against her puckered pussy. I felt the warmth, no, the heat, coming off of her pussy and that’s when I finally understood the term ‘in heat’.

“Slowly.” Molly muttered. “You are big.”

“I will.” I hissed and began undulating my hips. The tip of my cock glided along her wet crevice and settled at her moist opening. Poise to penetrate, I carefully eased myself into her. She tensed up almost immediately, her fingers dug into my back. But other than that, she didn’t not stop me.

“Are you okay?” I asked worryingly, fearing that I might have hurt her.

“It’s okay. Keep going.” she smiled lazily, her eyes fluttered with lust.

I proceeded, feeling more of her wrapping around my cock as I inched into her slick folds. When her soft pussy lips finally kissed the base of my cock, I let out a satisfying moan. Her pussy felt like heaven.

“You want to know one thing about me? Molly.” I asked in the exact same way she asked me.

“Yes.” she mewled.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck the shit out of your sweet pussy.” I whispered into her ears. Her pussy immediately clenched around my cock.

“Then fuck the shit out of my sweet pussy. Roger.” she moaned. Enough was said. I pulled back before I slammed my hips onto her, my cock rammed into her slick girly opening. “Yes. Roger.” she cried.

The softness enveloping my cock, the sweet friction along my shaft was electrifying. I eased myself out of her again before slamming my cock back inside her. Each violent motion sent electricity throughout my body. Each hard thrust drew me closer to another release.

“Your pussy feels so good.” I couldn’t help but to compliment.

“Then use it, Roger.” her fingers dug into my skin. “Use my pussy to come. I’m yours to use.”

The words were like fuel to a raging fire. My hips pummeled harder and my cock hammered into her soft flesh faster. God, I was going to come too soon if this went on. And then it would be over too quickly. But I couldn’t stop myself. I needed her. My cock needed her pussy.

“I’m coming. Molly.” I cried softly.

“I’m not protected.” she remarked urgently.

“Okay.” I moaned into her as I reminded myself to pull out.

“Roger.” she cried my name. “I will get pregnant.” she warned albeit not resolutely. It’s almost as if she wanted me to come inside her.

“I know.” I nodded, while my hips never stopped undulating, my cock never stopped sliding in and out of her. “I will pull out.”

“Okay.” she sighed. “I wish I could let you finish inside me.” she added and I almost came at the words.

“Next time.” I managed to utter without losing my control. I was so close to the edge, so near to an eventual end that would leave my seeds deep inside her fertile womb if I weren’t too careful. “I’m almost there.”

“Roger. Use my pussy. Come for me.” she moaned and I hastened at those words.

“Then milk my cock, Molly.” I needed to have a come back on her. “Milk…My…Cock…” I hissed one word at a time, each separated with a hard thrust into her pussy. And boy did she milk me. Her hips jerked forward. Oh God I was really near right now. I could feel the swell of my cum, building up at the base of my cock, ready to be unloaded. When my climax was just seconds away, I yanked my cock out, my hand quickly wrapped around it to keep the momentum going. And I stroke. I stroke hard and fast. My seeds surged through my cock, each long spurt of white warm cum shot into the air before landing on Molly’s chest.

“Roger. Yes. Roger.” Molly squealed in an erotic trance as she convulsed into an orgasm forged by her own fingers rubbing on her pussy.

As every drop of seed had been dispensed onto Molly’s chest, I collapsed onto her. Our body joined intimately, my cum smeared on her soft breasts and over her tight hard nipples. After a while, I decidedly asked.

“Do you like that?” I whispered tiredly into her ear.

“Yes. Roger. I love that.” she crooned into my neck, her lips nuzzled onto my skin. “I think I fell in love with you, Roger.”

“I think I already know that.” I replied and then took her lips once more.

When morning came, despite what little sleep I had, I felt lively. Hell, I felt rejuvenated. As Molly and I sat at the dining table, looking at each other with knowing smile, my parents went on about their business as usual, obviously unaware of the little escapade we’d pulled off yesterday.

“Molly, have some sausages.” my dad pushed the plate towards her.

“It’s okay, Mr. Angles. I’ve already had plenty.” then she cast me a knowing smile and I couldn’t say I didn’t understand her. She did get quite the ‘sausage’ last night.

“Morning.” My sister came to the kitchen rubbing a sore shoulder.

“Morning dear. What’s wrong with you? You looked terrible.” my mom observed. When I looked at my sister, I could see two very obvious eye bags under her lifeless eyes.

“For some strange reason…” she slumped onto the dining chair while staring pointedly at Molly and me, “I couldn’t sleep last night.”


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Forced Breeding

I didn’t know where I was when I woke up. Or how I ended up naked on a chair with my legs spread and tied over the armrests and wrists  shackled firmly to the backrest. My head felt heavy and my vision was blurry. My memory didn’t seem to be cooperative and I only vaguely remembered drinking a glass of wine offered by a gentleman at the dinner party.

I looked around hoping to find someone to help me out. When I saw no one, I attempted to call out but quickly realized my mouth was gagged. Without losing hope, I struggled with the restraints. I tried to free my wrists but to no avail. I tried to free my legs but the results were equally depressing. I was completely immobilized and helplessly exposed.

As I stayed there unable to move, I took in my surrounding. A pang of fear began to spread through my being as the gravity of the situation set in. The room, which looked more like an emptied storage, was scarcely furnished. The ceiling was bare and coated only with a layer of white paint. A single dim orange light bulb hung precariously above me, casting a moving shadow on the cement flooring as the bulb slowly swung back and forth.

In front of me was some form of mechanical implementation that I had never seen before. It looked like some kind of medical device, sleek and white, with a long shaft  jutting out from the side. A computer screen was mounted to the left upper corner of the implement and a panel with multiple electronic ports on the right corner. On the top of the implementation was a long glass tube with a digital display reading 95 degrees mounted at the base.

The door opened with a sickening screech. A woman dressed impeccably in a black cocktail dress walked in carrying a briefcase. I called out through the gag for her in hopes that she was here to get me out. She placed the briefcase on the floor and began operating the machine. I was becoming more suspicious when she consistently ignored my cries of distress. It hadn’t occurred to me that this woman might have something to do with me being here in the first place. My suspicion was soon confirmed when she turned to me with a sickening smile plastered on her face.

A spark of memory flashed back and I remembered her. She was the woman I’d been socializing most of the time during the party. The smile she was wearing then was warm and friendly. Now, she was sneering.

In her hand now were a bunch of wires, each with a white sticky pad at the end. She plugged one wire out from the bundle and gently adhered the pad onto my chest. I scowled at her, desperately seeking some answers as to why I was here and naked and bound. Scowling turned to glaring when two pads found refuge on my inner thighs and another two right above my bare sex.

I trailed my eyes along the wires and my eyes soon landed on the panel on the implementation in front of me. The woman, who I soon remembered as Terry, installed the last pad and turned on the machine. The computer screen lit up and after the loading was completed, the screen displayed a detailed information of my vitals. Multiple graphs zigzagged up and down as the value of my vital fluctuated.

“Please try to stay calm.” Terry advised snidely. “This is not even the worst yet.”

My heart rate soared through the roof. I struggled violently in hopes to escape but I was unable to. The chair was as sturdy as the restraints and I didn’t even budged an inch despite the enormous effort I put it.

Terry picked up the briefcase from the ground and placed it on my stomach. She opened the briefcase and showed me its content. There were three items. A thermos, a tiny bottle of clear liquid, and a very thick acrylic cylinder with a narrow tube along the shaft. One end of the cylinder was blunt and polished.

She picked up the thermos and went to the machine. She opened the cap at the tip of the glass tube and emptied the content of the thermos into it. White viscous liquid gradually filled up the glass tube to the brink. She came back with the empty thermos and placed it back into the briefcase before taking the tiny bottle.

“This will keep them healthy and alive for a long time.” she said cryptically as she poured the liquid into the glass tube. She came back to me and tossed the empty bottle into the briefcase. She grabbed the final item and dipped it into the white slurry before stirring the mixture. Once she was satisfied, she capped back the glass tube and came to me with the slurry-covered acrylic cylinder.

Without giving me any warning, she pressed the cylinder into my pussy. I tried to back away from the thing but I couldn’t. Even as I trashed, Terry continued to push. The slippery tip gradually slipped into me and the rest of it went in easily.

“Stubborn pussy.” she cooed.

She pulled the cylinder out of me and mounted it on to the extruding shaft. When she flipped a switch, a whirring sound permeated through the still air. The shaft moved, driving the acrylic cylinder back and forth at a sedated pace before stopping at the flip of the switch again. Grabbing the machine by the corner, she maneuvered it until the acrylic cylinder was poise at my pussy. She then flipped the switch, resuming the periodic motion of the shaft.

I could only watched in horror as the cylinder pried its way into me and softly fucking my pussy. I tried to ignore the pleasure it gave as I focused on the humiliation of this depraved situation. I jerked against the restraints and cursed through the gag at the woman standing in front of me.

“Safe your strength. You will need it.” she remarked. When she’s done marveling at the degrading state I was in, she leaned forward and looked me into my eye. “Each time you come, that machine over there is going to squeeze some of that white stuff through this dildo and into your pussy.”

Goosebump plagued my skin as I eyed the suspicious white liquid on the clear tube. Looking at the digital display again, I made a startling connection. I swallowed in horror and looked at the woman in disbelief. There’s just now way she could get that much of it, could she?

“A little present from the gentlemen at the party.” she planted a little smile on my head. “You did say you want to have a baby.”

She headed to the machine and turned a knob. The dildo moved way faster than before, stimulating my pussy beyond what I could ignore. I pleaded at the woman as she walked towards the door.

“I’ll see you later.” she said before turning the light off.

I struggled once more, putting every last breath into it to no avail. In the end, I couldn’t do anything but to await for my orgasm to be ripped from me. At each forceful orgasm, a volley of fresh warm spunk was injected right into my fertile pussy, filling up my ripe womb.

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Mistress in the Making 8

The recurring alarm I set on my phone for the weekdays woke me up. I swore this ringtone  was never this annoying before. I grabbed the parading device and ended the nuisance it made with a thumb slide on the screen. Then, I dropped the phone onto the ground.

I had school today. Figures. But my body simply didn’t have the will to rise from the bed. It wasn’t the lack of sleep that gravitated me to the solace of my mattress. It was the debilitating guilt that weighted me down as if a massive piece of concrete was sitting on my chest.

A stray tear rolled down my cheek. Then, another tear followed. And another.

Memories of what I did to Laura came back to haunt me like a wronged poltergeist. It was relentless as it was suffocating. I placed my arm over my eyes as the guilt-induced sorrow ripped through my body in gasping sobs.

Why didn’t I notice it earlier? The question plagued my conscience and strangled my morality.

I remembered Laura’s bellowing cries. I remembered how those cries excited me more that I would admit. I remembered how the cries made me wanted to rip more out of her. The cries of delight, as I first thought. Nothing sounded better than the shrill voice of my sister punctuated the secret room. Only after a minute did I register the distress reverberating in those cries. By the time I had removed her gag, half suspecting she was joking with me, it was already too late.

“My leg! My leg!” the words came back to me. “Ahhhh…my leg! Cramp! Ahhh…”

I shuddered and curled tighter under the sheet. My heart cringed at the memory of the spasm on Laura’s right thigh. I almost thought her leg would simply snap under all those strain. I must have looked like a clueless idiot then, gawking in fear with no bearing of what to do.

When I wanted to untie her leg, I only made the rope tighter by pulling on the wrong end. More precious time was wasted. When I wanted to cut the rope, there wasn’t any tool in the room that would do the trick. Another wasted minutes there. Out of option, I ran back up to the kitchen, grabbed a kitchen knife, and went back to Laura. Even that took a few seconds. When I wanted to cut the rope, the pathetically blunt knife barely able to tear out a few meager strands.

“Hurry! Layla!” Laura screamed in pain.

“Fuck!” I threw the knife to the ground and went back up to my room where I kept a pair of scissors in the drawer.

By the time I came back down to the secret room, Laura’s face was as pale as moonlight. She was no longer screaming, or thrashing…she was no longer doing anything.

“Laura?” I rushed to her with the scissors. I quickly cut the ropes tying her limbs, starting with the rope around her right ankle. The ropes were more robust than I expected and took me quite a bit of strength to cut them.

“Laura?” I asked again, my voice thick with desperation and fear, hoping against all odds that she was fine.

There was no response. Laura’s eyes were half closed, her pupil rolling around as if she couldn’t focus her sight. Her lips were quivering and her body trembling. Cold sweat beaded her forehead.

“Laura?” I called to her again.

No response.

And that was when I knew something terrible had happened to Laura. Without a choice, I called aunt Mary. The following event was a blur, a mangled mess of memories. I vaguely remembered it didn’t take long for aunt Mary to come back home. She made a few phone calls. She dressed up Laura with loose pajamas she brought down to the basement. Then, she carried her out to her car. I simply followed behind as I didn’t know what to do.

Thinking back what happened yesterday eradicated any hope for me to resume my sleep. I simply lied on bed, hoping that aunt Mary would soon come in and tell me to go to school. She always did that when I slept through my alarm. Perhaps using that opportunity to apologize to everything that had happened.

The morning sun rose above the horizon, casting its very first glimmer of light through the window blinds. I turned to the digital clock and it was already nine forty. My heart sank. Aunt Mary didn’t not come.

Reluctantly, I crawled out of my bed and went down stairs. I went straight to the kitchen since that’s where aunt Mary would in the morning. But instead of finding her, I found a plate containing a piece of toast and a fried sunny side up. I went to check for her car and it was not at the curb.

I dropped onto the couch and I let out a sigh. Pulling up my knees, I hugged them tightly against my chest. I felt my heart cracked, for my aunt to ignore me to this extend. I had never been in so much trouble that aunt Mary shunted herself from me.

I tipped over and stretched my body out along the couch. I eyed at the walls absentmindedly. There’s nothing I could do now, is there? The damage in the family’s relationship. It was like a fracture in our family that could never be repaired. Will we ever be the same again?




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